5 Types of Shrubs and Bushes for Your Rockery

Rockeries are beautiful garden creations that can produce a stunning focal point for any landscape. They’re built up against the sides of retaining walls or on slopes with terraces and pathways, but they’ll also need some love in the form of regular watering and trimming to keep them looking their best. It’s not always easy to know which shrubs and bushes will work best for your rockery, so here are five different types you might want to consider when designing yours!


5 Types of Shrubs and Bushes for Your Rockery

Tall Boxwood shrubs have a characteristic pyramid shape that makes them look great in a formal garden. They’re evergreen with small, dark green leaves and white flowers, and they can grow up to 3 metres tall depending on the variety! They’ll need to be cut back before winter in colder climates, but if grown in warmer regions, they can be grown to any height you desire.


The leaves on birch shrubs turn golden yellow in autumn, and it has perfect branching that makes it ideal for suited to rockeries. It’s versatile when it comes to soil conditions, but the best results will come from well-draining soil, and during winter, it can be pruned to keep a tidy shape.

Japanese Maple

5 Types of Shrubs and Bushes for Your Rockery

The Japanese maple is a popular choice for rockeries because of its beautiful foliage that goes from green in spring to red or burgundy in autumn. In warmer climates, it’ll produce white flowers, as well as berries for the birds to enjoy. It can become quite large, so make sure you have the space for it.


Daphne shrubs are easy to care for and will thrive in dry soil conditions. They have a long flowering season from December through to February and come in various colours, including pink, white and yellow blooms. They tend to get quite large, so be sure to leave lots of room for them to grow.


5 Types of Shrubs and Bushes for Your Rockery

The lovely blooms on hebes are great for attracting bees and butterflies into your garden, but they also have interesting stems that make them look good in rockeries. There are 17 different varieties of hebe, all with beautiful flowers in summer and autumn, but they can be pruned to keep them tidy if needed.


Rockeries are a great way to add some defined structure and colour to your garden, but it’s not always easy to know which shrubs or bushes will work best for them. We hope this article has helped you out with that! Now that we’ve looked over all five types of vegetation in detail have any thoughts? Which do you think would be best suited as part of an ornamental landscape like yours?

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