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Best Artificial Grass

Best Composition
Quickgrass Harvington Luxury Artificial Grass

Best for Durability
Tuda Grass Direct Lisbon 26mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

Best for Balconies
Windsor 20mm Pile Height Realistic Artificial Grass

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Athletic fields have been using artificial turf to replace natural grass for years now. Having a consistent surface and texture is important in playing fields. But mainly, the reason for it is the fact that artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. Commercial establishments have also been encouraged to do the same by installing artificial turf on their alfresco spaces, outdoor garden area, and indoor activity centers. By doing so, corporations have saved money and resources in maintenance.

Artificial grass is now also becoming the best option for household residents to cover their outdoor and indoor garden lawn. If you’re a busy person who can’t tend to your vast garden land, getting an artificial lawn is something you may really want to consider. Natural grass needs to be nurtured with the right amount of water, heat from the sun, fertilizers, good soil, and occasional weeding. Artificial grass needs none of that and can even last 7 to 15 years, providing you a green lawn safe for your pets and children to play at, minus the marshy soil, and without exerting too much effort in maintenance.

If you’re convinced to get artificial turf installed on your lawn – whatever size it may be, these are the following best artificial grass options.

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    Quickgrass Harvington Luxury Artificial Grass

The Quickgrass brand has been very meticulous in manufacturing artificial grass. Inspired by nature, Quickgrass produce high-quality artificial grass by sourcing the yarn materials from manufacturers in Belgium and Holland. The fibres are made of “Soft Touch” grass yarns with mixed colours of light green, dark green, and curled light brown to emphasize a natural grass effect. The materials are made of 70% Polyethylene, 30%pp. Other fake grass in the market is made of recycled plastic bottles which will reach a point of discolouration and disintegration in a short span of time. The Quickgrass make sure that all the fibres are intact years after years as they have a heavy dense stitch and extremely dense stitches. This is an artificial turf that can withstand all weather conditions with no breaking apart and no fading because it is UV resistant and built with drainage holes for rainwater to pass through.

This grass product is child and pet friendly, lead-free and cadmium-free, tested with EN71-3 norm and obtained a certification implicating that there are no harmful chemicals released even when accidentally chewed on.

The Harvington luxury artificial grass is a tufted synthetic grass type with black latex backing. One of the best artificial grass products you can install for your garden lawns without tedious maintenance.


"Soft Touch" fibres

Consistent colour with other rolls

Mixed colours of green and brown for a natural look

Easy to cut and easy to install

Realistic look and feel


A little bit pricey

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    Tuda Grass Direct Lisbon 26mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

The Tuda Grass Direct artificial grass is designed to bring your lawn a natural look and a natural feel. This artificial grass is manufactured by the leading industrialist in Belgium and Netherlands using state-of-the-art machinery and production techniques to produce high-quality artificial grass and high-quality backing to ensure durability and long-lasting pleasant appearance. Exposure to outdoor elements like rain and UV rays from the sun will not affect the looks of the artificial grass. The Tuda Grass Direct is built with UV protection to secure the green colour of the artificial grass all year round.

Your pets and children will enjoy running around the Tuda artificial grass on your lawn without feeling the difference, it looks and feels like natural grass. This grass doesn’t have harmful chemicals that can affect your children and pets. And because artificial grass is not required to be placed on soil, getting mud all over the place after walking or playing in the grass will be a thing of the past.

The Tuda Grass Direct artificial grass is easy to lay on the surface, and easy to cut with a Stanley knife to adapt to the size of your lawn.


Easy to cut to tailor-fit your garden lawn

Made from the best materials and produced by leading manufacturers in Europe

A grass that is easy to brush and clean

Comfortable to walk on

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    Windsor 20mm Pile Height Realistic Artificial Grass

If you don’t have a garden lawn, and you live in flat several floors up but still want to have soft grass at your balcony, the Windsor realistic artificial grass will make your mini outdoor space look like a small garden lawn right outside your balcony. This artificial grass is also the best material for a flooring make-over to cover the dodgy and unpleasant-looking tiles or footboard flooring.

Aside from looking great, the Windsor artificial grass also feels great, living up to its name of being realistic. It is creatively produced with a mix of 4 different colours including a light brown curled base for a real grass effect. The grass fibres are designed to be stain proof and UV resistant, the changing weather will not diminish the colour and quality of the artificial grass even if it is exposed outside. With built-in drainage holes to let the rain water slide through.

The artificial grass material of Windsor does not contain any environmentally harmful chemicals such as lead or cadmium, making it child and pet friendly. Made from 100% Polypropylene and perfect for any household areas such as lawns, gardens, rooftop gardens, balconies, and terraces.


Realistic features

Stain and UV resistant

Easy to clean

Good value


A bit thin

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    Green 19mm Pile Height Thick Artificial Grass

Garden lawns are pleasing to look at especially when a grass turf appears perfectly mowed. The Green artificial offers an impression of a freshly mowed natural grass with its bright, light pile. The straight and curled fibres of the mixed colour of green and brown provide a realistic appearance of the grass. Lay it on soil, deck, concrete, or tiles and get the garden lawn you want without the hassle of watering and trimming.

This artificial turf is manufactured in Europe, built with a hard latex backing and drainage holes to allow the rainwater to flow through. It’s easy to fix on ground surfaces, you just need to roll it out, cut the excess to fit sides, and enjoy your artificial grass with your family and pets.


Latex backing and drainage holes

Hassle-free artificial turf installation

Reasonable price

Edges don't curl up


Grass fibres are really short like freshly mowed

  • 5

    Simpa Quality 20mm Pile Height Non Fade Artificial Grass Pile Roll

The Simpa artificial grass is tried and tested for extreme weather conditions. This astroturf – type of artificial grass comes in 4 meters by 1-meter size per roll, and 20mm thick. You will surely appreciate the lush green lawn of yours in any season. Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. It’s easy to cut, and easy to lay on any surface. Best for your garden, balcony, deck, and play area. It’s easy to clean with a brush or vacuum. Rainwater will go through the built-in drainage holes.


Easy to maintain

Easy to cut and install

Comes in roll


Varying colours, shades of green are not consistent for each artificial grass roll.

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    GardenKraft 26070 Roll

The artificial turf from GardenKraft has the best blend of lime green and emerald green to achieve the bi-colour effect of real grass. Made with UV protection to ensure that the grass colour will remain vivid even when exposed to sunlight, guaranteed to last up to 5 years. This AstroTurf is constructed with heavy-duty double stitching to ensure that you will enjoy looking and feeling this artificial grass for a long time.

The grass roll measures 4m x 1m with a 15mm pile height, its high density makes it best to transform your dull and plain flooring or lawn into a luscious green colour. This turf is versatile that it can be laid on any flat or sloped surfaces. It’s great to be part of your garden lawn, terraces, balconies, and deck. It’s a great addition to your children’s and pets’ play area. It can be put over soil, concrete, paving slabs, and tarmac.


Realistic look and feel

Easy to clean

With UV protection



A bit thin

  • 7

    Oypla 17mm Artificial Grass Mat

The artificial lawns from Oypla are designed to be child and pet friendly, with its double-layer backing with drainage holes, it’s easy to clean with a garden hose or even by a downpour of rain without the messy mud spreading all over the place. And even when the season change, the colour will remain all year round.

The Oypla is one of the affordable artificial grass you can purchase for your indoor and outdoor space that needs a make-over.



Perfect for pets and children's play area

Easy to cut


The fibres fray immediately

  • 8

    Artificial Grass Duxbury

If you want that green look on your living space but don’t want to spend too much on it, the Duxbury artificial grass flooring is one of your best options. It’s water-resistant, built with latex backing with drainage holes.

The grass fibres are 40mm pile height, with a colour mixture of dark and light green, accented with light brown thatch. The grass yarns are UV stabilised, guaranteed to maintain vivid colours up to 10 years. This artificial turf is suitable for any household or commercial space such as terraces and balconies. It’s easy to cut to conform to the size and shape of the desired space to be filled. Pet-friendly fake grass that can be used to toilet train puppies.


Easy to install and cut

Soft texture


  • 9

    247 Realistic 30mm Thick Artificial Grass

The Realistic artificial turf features a combination of green, brown, and yellow colour fibres to give it a freshly mowed real grass look. At a reasonable price, you can transform any space, indoor or outdoor. This artificial grass is pet and child friendly, no harmful chemicals such as cadmium and lead are used to manufacture this product. Water-resistant, built with drainage holes to make sure that water will not stay on the fake grass surface, it can take any heavy downpour. It’s a good quality grass for a small price.

For interior and exterior upgrade, you can install artificial grass on your vast spaces like garden lawns, concrete slabs, and rooftops. It can also bring life to small spaces like balconies, terraces, and even pets’ pen. The Realistic artificial grass features 30mm in thickness, with a pile height of 28mm and weighing 1655g per square meter.


Realistic grass look

Great quality for the price


Pet friendly and child friendly

  • 10

    Petgrow Artificial Faux Grass Synthetic Lawn

Pets can be a handful at home, finding them an area for them to settle down, play, or relieve themselves is a huge advantage for you to keep them content and comfortable. Installing artificial grass in your outdoor and indoor space is one of the best ways to engage your pets to be happy and trained. The Petgrow synthetic lawn is high-density fake grass that features green grass blades and yellow curled ones, attached to the synthetic latex bottom. Grass pile height is 20mm, with a size of 1m x 2m.

Artificial grass reviews of this product reveal that pet owners use this fake grass product to toilet-train puppies. Cleaning is easy because it’s water-resistant and built with drainage holes, it’s easy to wash with a garden hose and quickly dries. Others use this grass in furnishing pet pens and cages. Grass textures attract pets to come and check it out.


Pet friendly

Easy to clean

Low maintenance


A bit thin and small

  • 11

    Zaragoza Artificial Turf

Zaragosa is another product of Tuda Grass Direct. This type is 30mm in pile height, 1.5m long, and 4 meters wide. This is an entry-level artificial turf that still possesses a realistic appearance and best features. The production technique and types of machinery used in constructing this turf are state of the art and sourced from the leading industrialist in the Netherlands and Belgium. The fibre is composed of 1 shade of green and brown curly thatch. The base is made of high-quality backing that holds the grass yarns. It is water-resistant, designed with holes at the bottom to let water drain. Developed to be UV resistant, the colours will not easily fade after years of exposure to the sun even when soaked in the rain.

This artificial turf is perfect for homes with pets and children. It is safe for them to play around the grass because it is free from harmful chemicals such as lead. The texture is soft enough to step on and there will be no mud traces and prints after leaving the grass. It’s low maintenance and easy to clean with a brush, or with a hoover. This artificial grass doesn’t require sand filling so you can lay it out anywhere in your home. Great for gardens, lawns, balconies, deck, playpens, and terraces.


Pet and child friendly

High quality


Realistic appearance


How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass

Switching to artificial grass has its advantages. Compared to natural grass, taking care of an artificial lawn is less tedious. It’s good for water reservation and maximizing resources. Though synthetically made, artificial grasses also have the best qualities that you can appreciate. And these features what makes the artificial grass worth the try, and worth the switch.


Sizes may vary on the space you plan to be installed with the artificial grass. There are products that are sold by long rolls to cover vast lawns. There are also sold by short rolls just enough to cover small spaces such as balconies and pet houses. Other than the width and length, artificial grass fibres are also measured by pile height. This determines the thickness of the grass.


As much as possible, you would want your turf to be as realistic as it could be. The best artificial grass would possess colours that resemble the real thing. Green obviously is the colour of healthy and thriving grass, but there are other colours surrounding the fibres that will make it look as realistic like a touch of brown and yellow curls to make the green stand out. Curled fibres of the colours brown and yellow just right below the grass blades adds a realistic effect on the artificial turf. One must be mindful though in ordering individually because there are some products with different color shades that might not be consistent with the first purchase.

UV Protection

One of the best features to look out for in artificial grass is UV-resistant. UV protection ensures that the colour and texture of the fibres will remain intact despite being exposed to the sun. Some materials tend to go brittle when exposed to high heat. Since artificial grass installed outdoors like gardens, lawns, and balconies with no roofing, they’re more exposed to changing weather including heat. Having a UV resistant turf guarantee a long life span of the product.


Since synthetic grass is manufactured, there are production procedures that go through a chemical process to reach the final product. This could be worrisome if there are harmful chemicals are to be mixed with the turf especially if there are pets and children that will be using the product. The best artificial grass does not contain chemicals that can bring danger to the users such as lead and cadmium. There are certifications and tests for child safety like EN71-3 to ensure that it is safe to be around children and animals.


The best artificial turf doesn’t just look real, it also must feel real. The soft texture is most appreciated by humans and pets alike. There are some fake grasses that are made of recycled materials that are rough on the skin. Always choose high-quality soft grass yarns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to put under artificial grass?

Some artificial grass requires sand fillings to make the layers even. It is also advised to put an equivalent amount of sand to the topsoil, remove all vegetable materials to prevent rotting under the artificial grass. The soil must be compacted to ensure a flat surface. There is an artificial turf that does not require sand fillings and can be laid as it is. There are also some products that will need adhesive to stick.

What is the best thickness for artificial grass?

For a freshly-mowed look, one can choose 15mm to 30mm thickness. For a more natural-looking synthetic grass, one can choose 30mm to 38mm. Anything longer than that, the fibres will no longer be upright.

How long does fake grass last?

Fake grass can last up to 20 years especially if it is UV stabilised, it won’t fade.

Does artificial grass go mouldy?

Artificial turf with drain holes is not likely to get molds and mildew compared to natural grass in the garden. One must ensure proper installation of the artificial lawn to check if the water is draining properly.

Final Thoughts

Getting artificial grass may be your best solution to get beautiful green scenery at home without the heavy maintenance of gardening. It conserves water, it lasts years after years, and it's not difficult to clean. If you have pets you wish to toilet train, this could also be an instrument to train them how to go on with their business. And with a splash of water from a garden hose, you can easily get rid of the excrements together with the other dirt. Having an artificial lawn on your home can be an advantage if you have children who like to run around the grass, synthetic turf is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and placed on an even surface so the children will be safe from humps and dips that may cause injuries. It may be fake, but it's a good artificial substitute for the real thing.