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Best Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best Overall
Black + Decker 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer

Best 9mm Trimmer
Black+Decker 18V

Best Affordable Cordless Grass Trimmer
Worx WG163E.9 GT3

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If you have a small lawn that needs to look perfect, the best cordless grass trimmer is the best tool for the job. You might be looking at all types of grass trimmers and even at lawnmowers. But if you only have patches of grass or small lawns to deal with, cordless grass trimmers are the most practical to use. Fun to use, they usually run on gas or batteries. Once you get started with them, you will always look forward to trimming the grass as they are some of the easiest to use garden power tools.

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    VonHaus Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This ergonomic cordless hedge trimmer is one of the best for home use. It runs on typical rechargeable VonHaus batteries which means you can easily swap these Li-Ion performers to other power tools from the manufacturer.

Charge time is short. Its fully charged within 1 hour. The average user is going to get around 50 minutes runtime on a single charge with these. With teeth spacing of 14mm, this hedge trimmer can be one of the top tools to use when you add hedge to make your lawn look better.


50 minutes runtime

Low 2.6kg weight

20V battery operation


Best for hedges

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    Black + Decker 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer

This tool might be handheld but it comes with impressive performance. Its motor delivers up to 8500 rotations per minute which makes it highly efficient for medium and large lawns. Its 30cm cutting swathe makes it one of the fastest options for large lawns.

In terms of power, this uses the manufacturer’s E-drive technology that is one of the best in terms of quick charging capacity. The batteries also last long. If you were to trim on a single linear line, you would get more than 3,500 linear meters of battery power. With an included turbo mode, you can also go into thicker grass easily. But the best part is this trimmer is a bit quieter than lawnmowers as it has a noise level of 80db.


It runs on 36V power systems

3.5kg weight

Made with an ergonomic handle


It doesn’t come with a spare line

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    BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless 28 cm String Grass Trimmer

If you want a similar performer but with a smaller form factor, this grass trimmer is the right solution for you. It features the same smart E-drive system when it comes to Li-Ion battery power. It also comes with a lower weight of just 2.6kg making it one of the lightest in its class. You can consider it for smaller lawns or patches of grass around the house.

Its cutting swathe of 28cm makes it perfect for small lawns. Furthermore, you also get one of the best solutions for an automatic line feed system when getting the grass trimmer. All you need to do is replace the line when it runs out.


High torque motor

It runs with 7500RPM power output

Included 9mm trimming line


5-hours charge time

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    Worx WG163E.9 GT3 Command Feed

This affordable cordless grass trimmer is one of the cheapest you can find. It services on genuine Worx batteries which are shared with all other Worx tools. You can consider it for its practicality as it comes with a fast and unique line feeding system.

But many users also consider it for its wheeled trimming alternative. Without using any tools, you can easily turn it into a wheeled trimmer for a bit more cutting precision. You can even use its wheels to deal with the grass in the entire yard.


Wheeled trimming

Patented line feed design

Cordless design


Batteries sold separately

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    Greenworks Battery Lawn Trimmer G40LT

If you already use cordless Greenworks gardening machines, you will need to look at the G40LT. It gets its name from the 40V Lithium Ion battery 2.0Ah it comes with or which it’s compatible with. You can use the same batteries on all of your Greenworks products as it doesn’t require power cables.

As far as performance goes, it comes with an automatic line feeder that ensures you can use it without a break until its 40V kit run out or until your grass is finally cut. With a weight of just 3kg and a motor that runs at 7,000RPM, this lawn trimmer is going to be very practical even for those coming from other similar handheld string trimmers.


Compatible with Greenworks 40V systems

Includes 1.6mm nylon wire

Based on the automatic line feeding


Not compatible with a brush cutter

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    Black + Decker GL9035GB Electric Strimmer

If you have areas that are very hard to reach such as underneath natural fences or hedges, this versatile strimmer can be the best solution. It comes with an arched construction that allows it to run smoothly for a long period even from the most difficult cutting angles.

This is also the reason why it comes with 2 handles. The second handle is added on top so that you can grip it with ease. But then, you can use it with both hands to get underneath hedges easily. With a cutting width of 35cm, it’s to make your lawn look good in a matter of minutes.


Made with a unique design

900W motor

Made with 2 handles


Short 1-year warranty

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    Bosch Grass Strimmer

If you’re interested in a strimmer with a versatile head with hands-free head tilt, this Bosch trimmer is going to be your only solution. It can also be used on the flat lawn or on grass that is hard to reach. You might even easily cut grass under your garden furniture without moving it due to the versatility of its head.

This trimmer works on standard Bosch 18V power. It has a cutting diameter of 26cm which primarily recommends it for small lawns. But you will be able to cut all types of grass patches or lawns around your home before the battery runs out. It has the power capacity for the equivalent of 8 tennis courts.


Runs on Li-Ion 18V power

Best for back posture

Designed with a V-shape handle


Not best for large lawns

How to choose the best cordless grass trimmer

It can take some time to master a handheld cordless trimmer. But you will be happy to know this is one of the tasks that can be relaxing when you use the right tool. This is why the strimmers seen above enjoy so much popularity as they have been reviewed positively thousands of times. When you buy your first trimmer that comes with a cordless design, this is what you need to consider.

Cutting swathe

The cutting swathe or the cutting diameter of the trimmer is important. It generally varies from a small 24cm size to a large 34cm diameter. You can even look at the products that are a bit more suitable for your garden. This means considering things such as overall capabilities to cover your lawn with a certain grass swathe on a single battery charge.

If you have a large lawn of over 300 square feet, you can easily choose strimmers with a cutting swathe of more than 30cm. This will allow you the ultimate practicality without your batteries running out before you finish trimming the grass.

Battery life

Battery capacity is important. But the cheaper grass trimmers don’t come with advanced battery technologies such as fast charging. These are the most important aspects to consider when it comes to the overall usability of a trimmer. You should know that your lawn should be trimmed on a single battery charge with these systems as you won’t have time to recharge the batteries and go back to finish the job on the same day.


The last thing you want from a handheld tool is for it to be heavy. This is why you need to choose the strimmers which are of high-quality but which are also very lightweight according to the manufacturer-provided information. For some, this can be easier said than done. But we’ve selected some of the lightest strimmers above so that you don’t have to suffer from stiff hands or back pain when trimming grass.


How comfortable is the strimmer in your hand? This is answered with ergonomics. An ergonomic handle or multiple ergonomic handles on your trimmer should be designed in an angle that doesn’t cause any hand pain due to difficult grip positions. You should also look at the trimmers that come with anti-slip handles so that you can continue working even in the summer when your hands tend to sweat a lot.


Some of the best cordless grass trimmers are made from durable materials. Brushless motors, durable nylon cord, and metal shafts make these very durable. Most of them are also efficient. But the finest results are usually obtained by the trimmers that come with the highest rotations per minute for clean cuts. With the right scarifier, these cordless trimmers can make your lawn look pristine.

But their biggest advantage remains the high versatility given by the rechargeable batteries. These allow you to run around the law with the trimmer without needing to add petrol. Gas or petrol models are still popular in some categories with powerful speed delivery, but it’s just easier to charge than to always stop at the gas station to fuel your cordless strimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cordless grass trimmer?

The Black + Decker 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer is the best cordless grass trimmer. It comes with a solid warranty and with a look which relies on some of the most powerful 36V Li-Ion power. You can use it for years just by replacing the line and doing no other maintenance on the tool.

Is straight or curved shaft trimmer better?

A straight shaft trimmer is best for most garden jobs and most lawns. It handles all outdoor trimming perfectly. But there’s the curved shaft which is superior in areas that are hard to reach. If you want to trim the grass under the hedge or trees, these curved designs prove a bit better, even if only by a small margin.

How do I choose a grass trimmer?

You need to look at cutting width, weight, and rotations per minute to determine the right type of grass trimmer to use at home. This gets you products that impress in terms of reliability and which don’t even need to be too expensive.

Why do straight shaft trimmers turn counterclockwise?

The grass is ejected to your left side as you move the trimmer to the right side. This is why the straight shaft trimmer turns counterclockwise.

What's better 2 cycles or 4 cycle trimmer?

4 cycle trimmers brands are known for higher speed or more rotations per minute. 2 cycle trimmers are known for higher torque and they can be a bit better for thick grass and thistle.