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Best Garden Furniture and Outdoor Lounge Sets

Best Overall
Abreo Grey 4 Seater Garden Rattan Furniture Sofa Armchair Set

Best for 4 People
Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set

Best for Long Hours of Sitting
Poker Euro Pallet Seating Set

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The best garden furniture has to be comfortable and durable. If you’ve already invested in garden furniture that falls apart after a summer spent outdoors, you need to invest in the best alternatives to save money in the long term.

Unlike the furniture in your house, garden furniture needs to resist direct sun exposure and possible adverse weather conditions. It needs to be made with solid materials and today, the garden furniture also needs to look good. Most of those buying garden furniture online on sites like Amazon might also get inspired by Pinterest garden furniture setups. This is why this list only recommends high-quality durable garden furniture that also looks good.

  • 1

    Abreo Grey 4 Seater Garden Rattan Furniture Sofa Armchair Set

Some of the best garden furniture is made with Rattan weave. This is why the Abreo garden furniture set is among the best both in looks and in durability. Highly versatile, it features 2 armchairs and a small sofa. The sofa fits 2 people so you can sit up to 4 persons in the garden.

Users also appreciate the small table that comes with the set. It has a slightly more elevated design with a glass top, that is suitable for those who want to serve a quick cup of coffee or a few snacks right in their garden.

Cushions are added both to the sofa and the armchairs. It can be one of the most prominent solutions for those who want maximum comfort. Since these cushions are removable, you can keep them inside the house, away from dust and rain. These cushions come in dark grey or pure white, depending on the look you’re going for.

Given the combination of Rattan and high-quality tempered glass, the table is the cherry on the cake with this garden set. You can use it for various purpose but we strongly recommend you to consider the set on flat surfaces such as cement or wooden patios instead of using directly on your lawn for better stability.


Available in 2 colours

Made with a Rattan weave

Includes a tempered glass coffee table


No cushion storage space

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    Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set

This garden furniture set comes with high backrests which makes it the top option for those who need extra back support. Both the 2-person sofa and the armchairs come with a high back, which is certainly a good option for anyone looking to sit up straight rather than lay back on the furniture. This sitting position favours drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

The Rattan PE materials of the garden set are made to last. They feature UV-resistance, waterproof construction, and colour fade resistance. These are its main strengths when it comes to outdoor durability.

3 seat cushions are also included in the set. One is for the double seater sofa while the other cushions are for the armchairs. We like these cushions as they come with a removable water-resistant polyester cover which you can wash in the washing machine.

A tempered glass piece of premium quality is used on the small table that comes with the set. Easily cleaned, the glass surface also ensures there’s no dust or even sand particles on the table when you’re serving food and drinks to your guests.

Made for groups of up to 4 people, the set is one of the standard options when it comes to ease of assembly. You need to put the set together but the entire assembly process can usually take up to an hour.


Made with waterproof materials

Features removable seat cushions

Included 71cm coffee table


Only available in one colour

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    New Rattan Garden Furniture Patio Conservatory 2 or 3 Seater sofa Sets

This set is available in 4 pieces and 3 pieces. It represents one of the most practical best garden furniture sets that is made for bad weather. Designed with waterproof materials, the set is an excellent choice for areas with a lot of rain. Even the cushions are showerproof so that you can rest assured they won’t be ruined by rain.

We also feel the large cushions offered by the manufacturer are an excellent addition to the set. There are cushions for the seat pan and cushions for the backrest so that you feel comfortable regardless of how you sit on the furniture. At the same time, the small glass coffee table is a nice addition to the set up so that you can serve food right on the patio or in your garden.


Available in multiple colours

Made with waterproof materials

Includes large cushions


No cushion storage space

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    EBS My Furniture Rattan Garden Furniture Sofa Set Patio

As one of the largest setups on our list, the EBS My Furniture set is one that’s made for large users. It features a long loveseat that measures 108cm. This is more than enough for 2 people and one that impresses even those who’d like to sit by themselves in an armchair.

But even the armchairs are wide. With a width of 60cm, these armchairs are the perfect companion for all-day comfort. You can sit in them for hours and admire your garden or simply enjoy some fresh air outside of the house.

All of its 4 pieces require assembly. Upon unboxing, you’ll notice how these pieces of furniture come shipped. But assembly is easy and you don’t need to be a furniture expert to put all of the pieces together.


Based on steel structures

Long 108cm loveseat

Includes a long 71cm coffee table


Assembly is required

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    Pokar Euro Pallet Seating Set

This set is one of the most robust options on our list. We’ve seen euro-pallets used creatively across the gardening industry and Pinterest shows them in their thousands in home garden decoration ideas. Pokar combined rugged euro-pallets with soft cushions to offer a distinct garden furniture set.

Made with some of the most durable materials such as hardwood, this set is one you can use for years. 8 pieces need to be put together with this set and you will notice just how many cushioning it comes with. Polypropylene is used on these cushions as the materials are some of the most durable in their class. There’s even an included decorative pillow you can add to the set.

Made for up to 3 people, this garden set is one of the most obvious options when you don’t like to invest in fancy alternatives. Simple and efficient, it can easily be combined with small tables or any other piece of wooden garden furniture.


Made with actual euro-pallets

Suitable for all-season use

Included polypropylene cushions


Low sitting position

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    Jooli Garden Furniture Set

Made with unique textilene materials, this furniture set for the garden is one that’s first characterized as elegant. If the previous set was a bit rugged, the garden set form Jooli is elegant and primarily made for patio use.

The garden set is one of the most comfortable options you can sit on for hours. The textile materials are breathable and even if you love to drink your cup of coffee outdoors in the summer, you will still benefit from a comfortable sitting experience in the high heat.

There’s a small coffee table included with the set as well. It’s not meant to replace a large table as those for dining, but it can be the place where you leave your smartphone, coffer, or beer. Lightweight inbuilt, this set is also easy to move. You won’t need any helping hands to get it out of storage at the beginning of the summer.


Ideal for the patio and the conservatory

Made with breathable materials

It includes a loveseat


Long assembly process

  • 7

    Stream Garden Furniture Set 4 Seater

This set comes with 4 pieces that include a loveseat or a bench, 2 armchairs, and 1 coffee table. Most of its users appreciate its practical design but its materials and simplicity make it a must-have for users who’re not interested in spending hours assembling garden furniture.

Each set sits on a steel frame. This gives each piece of furniture stability and durability. But smaller details are also important. For example, the glass top of the coffee table is removable. This can be important if you want to prevent the glass from shattering when storing the table vertically. Otherwise, the glass top sits properly on suction cups which keep it together a bit better than expected.


Includes 2 decorative cushions

Made with a removable glass top

UV-resistant materials


The chairs sit lower than a standard dining table

  • 8

    Garden Mile 2-Seater With Table

If you like to sit outdoors with your partner, the wooden garden furniture set from Garden Mile is ideal. It’s made from real wood which gives it a premium look and feels. Since classic wooden garden furniture is hard to find, this can be the right option for you and anyone seeking a durable setup.

The 2 seats of the furniture are joined by a small table. You can use this small table as support for your coffee or other drinks. It comes with 2 shelves which also means you can easily store cans of beers for the evenings you might have planned outdoors with your partner.

Easy to assemble, this wooden garden furniture set is one that might also be a bit more complicated to lift. Our recommendation is to assemble it on the spot where you plan to use it the most in the garden to avoid heavy lifting.


Made with ladderback chair designs

Made to lasts for years

Ships with assembly instructions


No cushions

  • 9

    Evre Outdoor Rattan Garden Love Bed

Made with a love seat expanded with an Ottoman seat, this garden furniture set is one of the most reliable options for the ultimate comfort. You can put your feet up easily while on the garden furniture set and you can rest assured this is the type of seat that allows you to sit outdoors for hours.

Backed by plenty of cushions, the garden set is comfortable and soft. Its main structural materials are steel and plastic Rattan which makes it perfect for the whole summer as it doesn’t easily get damaged by the sun.


UV-resistant materials

Included soft cushions

Perfect for resting feet


It takes up more space than other sets

  • 10

    Wicker Rattan Garden Chairs

This low back rattan garden chairs setup is one that works for small spaces. It goes to show that even those with small gardens can feel happy and confident about staying outdoors for hours enjoying a good cup of tea.

The low back design of these chairs is one that favours short breaks instead of hours of sitting. But with the added Rattan table with a glass countertop, this garden furniture set is one that adds a touch of style to any garden even if it comes with very lightweight materials.


Ideal for small gardens and porches

Includes 2 comfortable armchairs

Entirely handmade


Not made for long hours of sitting

How to choose the best garden furniture

If you want some of the best garden furniture sets to consider for your outdoor space, you need to know not all of them are made to the same high-quality standard. Some of these furniture pieces are made with low-quality materials. You can even see their colours fading within months. Others still look good after a few years out in the sun. Here’s a buying guide on what you need to look out for if you don’t want to be wasting your money.

Number of furniture pieces

Some of the best furniture sets of the moment are made with multiple pieces. This means they include either 3 or 4 furniture pieces. One of these tends to be some of a small coffee table. But how many pieces does your garden furniture set need?

The answer is simple, as many as your family needs. If you have a large family, you can easily consider a 4-piece garden set which often seats 4 people. But you might even need to purchase extra armchairs if you plant to have friends or relatives coming over to spend some time with you outdoors.

Ideally, you want a set that comes with at least 1 coffee table. This is the only method that truly ensures you make the most of your time spent outdoors, especially since summers are so short in the UK.


Loveseats or the outdoor furniture bench are made for at least 2 people. We’ve seen that most sets come with these types of seating solutions as reviewed above. It also means that you get to choose one of the most responsive solutions for couples. You might even consider these for your kids if you have 1 or 2 children. They are as comfortable as armchairs as many also come with good cushioning.


Armchairs are the ultimate furniture piece for your garden. These armchairs are usually the most important piece of outdoor furniture you need to consider when it comes to the ultimate relaxation. With armrests, they offer a relaxed sitting position and a high backrest which means you’ll be able to sit back and relax just as you would on your indoor armchair.

Coffee tables

Some of the best coffee tables of the moment are those that are made to last. As seen with the recommended garden furniture sets above, these small tables tend to be made from different materials. But many prefer them with a glass top which is one of the main reasons they are so easy to clean. At the same time, these coffee tables tend to be made with materials that offer a degree of sophistication because this can’t be said about most pieces of outdoor furniture.


The materials of the garden furniture pieces are also important. Amazon tends to sell high-quality products that are normally made with UV resistant materials such as PE. But you need to avoid materials which tend to suffer when left out in direct sunlight.

We’ve also seen several wooden garden furniture sets which allow you to elevate the look of your garden. You might even have the ability to choose these to a different design as the classic 4-piece garden furniture setup. This is where you get to choose a design that comes with 2 seats connected by a small table which allows you to move the entire set as one unit. Made for high durability, wooden pieces of furniture are certainly great for small DIY projects with a bit of paint and plenty of fun with the kids.


How large does your garden furniture set have to be? This is one of the most important questions you have to answer. But the crucial aspect here is to only look at the size of these furniture pieces according to what you prefer. Small garden furniture is perfect for small places, but it might not be the most comfortable. As a result, you need to invest in the products that also fit your garden well. If you have space, why not get large pieces of furniture which allow you to relax in a laid back position?


The look of the garden furniture set is also important. The pieces should resemble each other. One of the easiest ways to make your garden furniture look weird is by selecting different designs and different colours. You should save up until you can buy all of the furniture pieces together as this is what is going to guarantee a pleasant set up in your garden.

Some of these garden sets resemble foldable dining sets, but they come with smaller tables. Al Fresco makes them with higher tables. But these weather-resistant sun loungers can also look like bistro set, especially when you add a parasol with a Rattan effect design.

The weatherproof garden furniture sets can also be matched with your garden hammock, at least in colours such as brown, acacia wood, or teak. The chairs set and the corner sofa you plan to use outdoor might even be matched with your aluminium frame BBQ (found on Amazon and Argos Home). These cosy chairs or garden benches and garden tables might simply be used for garden parties, where matching colours might not be as important.

Natural rattan used on hardwearing lounging furniture or outdoor dining is perfect for a durable setup that looks good, even if it’s not stackable most of the time.With various colours in back cushions and in the bench set, the garden sofa set can be matched with almost any garden furniture or Ikea patio furniture easily. A lounge set for outdoor use can be personalised if it’s made from wood by painting or staining. A typical recliner Rattan chair can’t be personalised. Synthetic Rattan is coloured from the factory. Glass tabletops on coffee tables of two-seater sets can’t be personalised either, no matter what vibe you try to implement.

Final words

Some of the best garden furniture pieces of the moment are made to be durable. They represent one of the best options to those who seek to improve their well-being by offering a sitting area in the fresh air. Specifically designed to last even when left outside in high heat, garden furniture is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

At the moment, garden furniture purchases are the easiest to make as prices drop considerably at the end of the summer. You can consider your next summer relaxation plans with a qualified purchase today and you may even end up saving a bit on your acquisition. But regardless of the price, it seems unlikely to even imagine a garden that doesn’t have a furniture set. One of the perks of living in a house and not in an apartment is having access to a garden which makes your life better by offering a simple relaxation space after a long day at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose garden furniture?

You need to consider durability, assembly, and comfort when choosing garden furniture. Some of the best products of the moment are made with both looks and practicality and you shouldn’t overlook them as they last for years.

Is garden furniture waterproof?

Only waterproof garden furniture can be considered for durability. You need to check the manufacturer’s description to find out if the furniture set for gardens you want to purchase is indeed resistant to water and rustproof.

Can you leave rattan furniture outside all year?

Yes, you can leave Rattan furniture outside all year. We only recommend getting the cushions inside when the weather turns bad in autumn but the furniture pieces can stay outside every season.

What is the best outdoor furniture brand?

This article shows Abreo is one of the outdoor furniture brands that offer high-quality products at a very good price. Its value for money is hard to match.