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Best Garden Hammocks With (and Without) Stand

Best Overall
Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Best Durable Garden Hammock
Best durable garden hammock

Best Lightweight Garden Hammock
Unigear Camping Hammock

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When you want to relax outdoors, the best garden hammocks are the top choice. You get one of the best products you can set up almost anywhere that is low cost and that helps you relax and even take a nap with a garden hammock.

Unlike camping hammocks, you don’t necessarily need trees to hang a garden hammock. You can use hammock stands to set up your favorite hammock almost anywhere in the garden. But since you’re using the hammock at home, you may even improvise by hanging your hammock from the fence.

  • 1

    Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

This large hammock stand set is the leading option for most gardens. It ships with a large metal stand with zinc-coated legs so that you don’t need trees to hang it. This stand can be moved around your garden as well.

Made from thick woven cotton, the hammock is available in different colours. You can match it with the colours of your flowers or with the colours of your fence easily. At the same time, the hammock is also very sturdy. Its 450 pounds weight capacity makes it a durable setup that you’ll certainly use to relax in. Used as a double hammock, it even provides a safety net for you and your partner.


Made with a steel frame

Based on soft cotton

It supports large weights


Not waterproof

  • 2

    Anyoo Outdoor Cotton Hammock

Made with wear-resistant materials, this cotton hammock is practical and made for easy assembly. Carabiners are also included so that you can easily hang it in safety. These carabiners look small but they have a large weight capacity. This is why they easily hold weights of up to 200kg.

Portable and lightweight, the hammock is among the leading products for those who love to protect trees as well. Together with wide straps, they don’t negatively impact the trees in your garden. But you may also alternatively hang it off a hammock stand.

Made with durable woven cotton and polyester, the hammock is also machine-washable. Whenever you need to refresh it, you can add it to the washing machine for it to smell fresh again. You may even take it to the park since it comes with a small carry bag afterwards.


It holds 1 or 2 people

Based on soft cotton

Washable materials


Not entirely made out of cotton

  • 3

    Easy Eagle Outdoor Cotton Hammock

Distinguishable due to its durable handcrafted know design, this hammock is recommended both for the garden and for the patio. It comes with an elevated design that is different from the ones you see in camping hammocks that certainly has a premium feel about it.

Some of those with an eye for detail can certainly notice aspects such as metal knots which are among the best when it comes to durability. Reinforced straps and steel carabiners are also shipped with this best garden hammock to complete its durable setup.

Added wooden rods make the new version of the hammock a bit better for the hot summer days as well. They help flare out the hammock so that you don’t overheat even when the temperature is high.


Made with high quality materials

Sturdy metal attachments

Designed with flare out wooden rods


Not the best for sleeping comfortably

  • 4

    Redstone Hammock

With a hammock size of 210 x 80cm, the natural cotton hammock is another great choice if you’re struggling to find space for your hammock in your garden. A large steel hammock stand is included with it and it might just be a durable setup that you can keep for life only updating the hammock when needed.

With a weight capacity of 100kg, this single hammock is made for one person only. While it does come with a reliable metal stand, the hammock doesn’t hold 2 people. It’s only made to help you relax and enjoy the fresh air in your garden.

Assembly is quick with this setup. You only need to slot and lock the steel pieces together. It takes just a few minutes to put together and you don’t need to worry about complicated knots to hang it yourself.


Large design for 1 person

Suitable for sleeping

Includes a metal stand


Low weight capacity

  • 5

    HJZ Double Cotton Hammock

This high-quality heavy-duty hammock comes with a lightweight stand, perfect for outdoor and patio use. You can find it on red or on blue and you can have it assembled in minutes using carabiners.

Its portable design is very convenient and gives you set it up on your lawn, you can even push it around with the stand easily. This hammock is made for one person only as it comes with a 150kg weight capacity.

The cotton fabrics are thick and they last well in time even when machine washed. But you should also know the materials stretch and in time, you’ll need to readjust the hammock and tighten it up so that you sit in comfort all day.


Heavy-duty construction

Made with soft cotton

Portable design


Not waterproofed

  • 6

    Mosfiata 285 x 155 cm Camping Hammock

This breathable hammock is made for camping but you can use it in the garden due to its large size. The 2 person hammock is one of the best options for couples and since it comes with 320G canvas, it’s also lightweight and durable.

With 550lbs maximum weight capacity, it’s among the hammocks which impress the most in terms of weight support. You wouldn’t guess it’s so durable by seeing it in its storage bag. This is also based on its braided 18 strands rope which makes it hard to match even by hammocks made by premium brands. It’s a rope hammock that lasts and that also looks good, similar to the style of Vonhaus, Sunbrella, and Amazonas alternatives.

With the help of 2 strong ropes and a sturdy metal knot with reinforced tree straps, the hammock certainly holds you and your partner on a romantic evening spent outdoors. There’s even a small backpack-style carrying bag included for the weekends away when you want to sway all day in comfort with portability. As a plus you can also use the hammock with its cocoon design on your next camping trip not only in your home’s outdoor space as a sun lounger.


Made from strong canvas

Quick-dry waterproof materials

Includes safe tree straps


No thermal insulation

  • 7

    Unigear Camping Hammock

Made from 210T nylon material, this style hammock is another camping-style option you can use at home with an adventure vibe with or without its own stand. If cotton is uncomfortable for you, nylon hammocks are the best alternative. Some even say nylon is more durable and since its rip-tested, it might as well be the hammock material you choose when you want a durable setup without a stainless steel stand.

Triple stitching and high-density polyester webbing are also used on the hammock to keep it in top condition. These materials work together with the 210T parachute nylon so that they hold 2 people easily.

This Unigear hammock is available in a 1-person design as well. But we highly recommend the 320 x 200cm 2-person design for couples. Even if it has to hold 2 people, it uses tree straps instead of nylon ropes which makes it one of the more sustainable two-person garden hammocks you can choose at the moment.


Large design for 2 people

Made from parachute materials

Included carry bag


Low in the metal stand

  • 8

    Gocan Brazilian Double Hammock

Made from high-density cotton, the Brazilian Double Hammock is one that resembles old-school bed lined. Its durable weave makes it our recommended option when you want a premium product that has a certain royal charm to it. Some users even say it feels completely different to nylon hammocks which give you the feeling of being rushed since they’re made for camping.

The double hammock is available in multiple colours and we see it as one of the options you look for when you already have a garden hammock stand. All of its versions come with 9.8 feet tree ropes so that you can be ready to relax in a couple of minutes.


Durable weave fabrics

Made with long tree ropes

Nylon insertions


It needs wider tree straps

  • 9

    Potenza Premium Hammock

A blend of cotton and polyester characterizes this Premium hammock. As far as premium products go, you know they can make you feel special and they can also elevate the look of your garden. This is certainly the case of the Potenze hammock.

It also comes with a high-quality freestanding design stand. This stand is finished to a high degree so that it resists mechanical wear. The stand is even resistant to water. This means you don’t have to disassemble it whenever it rains outside. You only need to take your hammock inside when the weather gets bad if its not weather-resistant. Hooks, bolt, and wrenches are included in the pack so you won’t have to buy them separately for this premium product.


Freestanding design

Soft-touch fabrics

Assembles in minutes


Not waterproof

How to choose the best garden hammock

When it comes to choosing a hammock for your garden, the options available are a bit more elegant than those for camping. Cotton hammocks aren’t as popular for hiking but in the garden, they turn to the most comfortable option. Here’s what you need to consider when getting your best garden hammock.

Hammock material

Cotton is the most appreciated material in garden hammocks. It can offer the softness most need when they go out to relax in the garden. The material doesn’t rip easily and it can be out in the sun for months with no visible wear signs.

Polyester hammocks or nylon hammocks are the second-best options for gardens. The lightweight material is a bit more durable and it is also a bit lighter given its thinner. But you may also consider nylon hammocks for your garden easily.

The materials of the accessories are also important. You need to ensure the hammocks are weight-proven. This is why you need to check the maximum weight allowance as it indicates what your hammock is made to hold. Higher weights are going to rip your hammock for sure.

Hammocks made from multiple materials are also popular. Some of the best garden hammocks are made with nylon, polyester, and cotton. They are strategically placed so that your hammock looks better. This is why so many of the best garden hammocks reviewed above come in colour combinations as each colour represents a different material. In terms of durability, they all work together and even hammocks made with different materials can be machine-washed.

Hammock design

What type of hammock do you need? Most think hammocks are only made for one person. But we’ve seen hammocks are also made in 2-person designs. These are our recommendation for couples or kids. With higher weight capacity, these hammocks are also considerably wider. It can take a while for 2 people to get used to being in the same hammock, but it’s also a unique experience in a unique location such as the garden.

Hanging hammock vs hammock stand

Your hanging hammock can be installed on multiple locations around the garden. Ideally, you have 2 trees 9 or 10 feet apart to hang the hammock from. But if you have no tress in your garden, it might be best to simply choose a product that comes with a hammock stand. This is a type of metal structure, typically made from tubes, that holds your hammocks just as trees. You can move the stand easily as it doesn’t anchor into the ground.

Accessories you don’t need for a garden hammock

A garden hammock is simpler than camping hammocks. While they might come with spreader bars, some accessories aren’t needed. As a result, there are several accessories you don’t need to invest in.


A rainfly protects the hammock from the rain. In camping, it protects you from the rain as well. In the garden, this is not an accessory you need as you’re not likely to be out in the hammock while it’s raining since you can go inside the house. A rainfly might also block your view of your beautiful garden.

Mosquito and bug nets

The same principles apply to bug nets. While you’re still outdoors, you’re not likely to be sleeping in your best garden hammock which means you don’t need a mosquito net either. It’s important to note you can also bring a blanket with you while relaxing in the evening. But bug nets are primarily made for camping hammocks that are pitched next to water sources.


Since you aren’t spending the night in a hammock, you also don’t need to be using insulation. Even during the warm summer evenings, a woven cotton hammock provides sufficient thermal protection so that you don’t need extra insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best outdoor hammock?

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is the best outdoor hammock. With 450lbs weight capacity and an included metal stand, it can be the right choice for any garden. You can use this hammock with or without its stand and you can make the most of it simply by matching its multi-colours with the overall design of your garden.

Which type of hammock is best?

We see the hanging hammock with straps or the hanging chair as the best option for your garden. While all characteristics are important, we find straps are largely overlooked. Unlike handmade nylon ropes, straps protect your tree. This is why they’re often called tree-saving straps and they can represent the best solution for healthy trees in your garden. They don’t interact with tree sap and they can certainly be seen as long-term solutions.

Can hammocks stay outside?

All freestanding hammocks and hanging hammocks can stay outside. However, cotton hammocks take longer to air dry compared to nylon hammocks. If they’re left out in the rain, they might not be dry when you want to go back again and relax. As a result, we only recommend leading the hammock stand with a metal frame outside.

What is the most comfortable hammock?

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is comfortable for 1 or 2 persons. It sits low, closer to the ground given it comes with a stand represented by a steel frame. You can easily get in the hammock and out of the hammock as a result.

Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

You can use a hammock pillow if you’d like to sit higher. But a pillow isn’t a requirement as it’s a personal preference. For most users, it’s the pillow that helps them feel more like laying in a bed and this is why you can purchase an inflatable camping pillow to use in your hammock.

Why does my hammock sag?

If your hammock is sagging, you need to pitch the hammock bed higher. There’s a natural curve of the hammock that you can’t overlook but its lowest position should not be on the ground but at about knee level.

Can I sleep in my hammock?

You can sleep in your garden hammock if the weather is good. You might even spend the night in a hammock with a good blanket and pillow. However, garden hammocks are not as efficient as camping hammocks which are made with more wear-resistant materials.


Only the best garden hammocks can be considered for daily use. Many best hammocks available in supermarkets aren’t made up to a high-quality standard which means they rip easily. But the Amazon garden hammocks listed above all come with max weight testing which means you always know what you’re getting. Even 2-person best hammocks are made with some of the most durable materials so that you and your partner can take a break to relax and admire your garden with a distinct approach to garden furniture. Since many come with a hammock stand, you won’t even need to look for 2 viable trees to hang your hammock from. Since best hammocks are easy to install both on trees and metal stands, there’s no reason not to have at least one in your garden to enjoy fresh air and moments of relaxation.