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Best Garden Swings for Adults & Kids

Best Overall
Bargainsgalore 3-Seater Garden Swing Chair

Best for Comfort
Sorara Swing Chair

Best for Kids
vidaXL Kids Swing

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No matter how much technological advances are made in smart homes, the best garden swing remains the classic choice that can’t be replaced. After a long day at work, you might feel like getting on the swing and simply relaxing outdoors with a bit of fresh air. Kids love garden swings as well and most seek them out as soon as they have the opportunity to get outdoors.

The days when garden swings were too pricey for the average family are gone. You don’t even have to improvise simply to enjoy your garden swing. This is why this article recommends some of the best garden swings for you and your family and it also offers a few tips on how to buy one yourself.

  • 1

    Bargainsgalore 3-Seater Garden Swing Chair

Made from Oxford cloth, this garden swing chair is among the best options for the average family who only buys quality products. It features this durable material which has high potential when it comes to durability regardless of the weather conditions.

Most swing beds are simple and you can’t do much to adjust your position or how it looks. But Bargainsgalore added an adjustable canopy to its swing which makes it one of the leading options for those who love to sit in your outdoor space in the shade, not in direct sunlight. With easy assembly, this metal frame swing is also one of the few you can assemble within 20 minutes with no help.


Made with quality Oxford cloth and cotton

It holds up to 3 people

Designed with an adjustable canopy


Squeaky under heavy weight

  • 2

    Sumer 3-Seater Swing

As its name suggests, this garden swing is also made to hold up to 3 people. We think it’s one of the best for young families with a child as the entire family can sit in the swing and relax. But couples can also be interested in a large swing that proves to be comfortable.

Practical and sturdy, this swing set doesn’t require any maintenance apart from pressure washing. With removable canopy, it also ensures the sitting area is always clean without dirt as you can wash the canopies as often as needed. Apart from being detachable, the canopy is also waterproof. The swing bench  dries quickly after rain and it also comes with UV protection. This protection makes it one of the best solution to those who like to see their garden 3 seater swing set as durable and as sturdy as new a few years down the line.


Designed for 3 people

Made with a lightweight frame

Includes waterproof textile materials


Not a great range of colours to choose from

  • 3

    Zero Gravity UFO Kids Birds Nest Swing

This garden swing is one that drives innovation to the playground. If you have kids you know just how much they can fight over their turn on the swing. But Zero Gravity created this UFO-shaped swing for 2 kids to use at once. One child is facing forwards while the other child is facing backwards when on the swing so there’s no more arguing about who gets on the swing first.

Sitting on a sturdy metal frame, the swing is also durable. It has been tested for the maximum weight for the safety of your kids. It can hold a maximum combined weight of 90kgs, which means it’s one of the sturdiest products in its class.


Fun for kids

Suitable for 2 children

Shaped like an UFO


Doesn’t hold adults

  • 4

    Charles Bentley Patio Swing Set

Made from polyester and oxford fabrics, this comfortable swing set is among the softest on the list. It features a simple profile which recommends it for almost any family. It holds anywhere between 2 and 3 people, depending on their size.

With minimum self-assembly, this garden swing bench set is also easy to mount on the patio or anywhere else around the garden. Featuring rubberized feet, it stays in place even if you have a patio that’s been covered in tile. With a maximum 180kg weight capacity, the garden swing is among the best for those seeking a versatile product that is made to last.


Made with 300D and 600D Oxford fabrics

PVC coating

Includes assembly instructions


Only available in beige

  • 5

    Sorara Swing Chair

Made with a durable steel frame, the Sorara Swing Chair is made for those who value how a swing looks the most. It has a premium design which makes it compatible with homes that have modern décor. But most of its happy users are the happiest when it comes to its comfort.

With thick cushions, this garden swing is among the best when it comes to the proper support for long hours. Its brown steel frame and its brown cushions make this garden swing bench comfortable and a product that is easy to include in any garden space as it’s so modern. But with a length of 200cm, you should ensure you have sufficient space for it in your garden.


Very comfortable

Made with a premium design

Designed with anti-slip legs


Not the cheapest garden swing

  • 6

    Outsunny 3 Seater Canopy Swing Chair

Made with an A-shaped steel frame, this simple canopy swing chair offers a modern solution to those who need a garden 3 seater swing set that is always clean. The detachable canopy can be washed in the washing machine together with the laundry so that it’s always clean.

The durable Oxford canopy is also backed by a durable metal frame. The powder coat finish frame doesn’t need any repainting as most wooden garden swing seats need at some point. With easy installation and low maintenance, this garden hammock-style swing is perfect for anyone looking for a headache-free lounger to relax in.


It holds 2 or 3 people

Made with a steel ‘A’ frame

Includes an overhead canopy


Large for patio use

  • 7

    vidaXL Kids Swing Seat

Mad with a quirky cartoon-inspired design, this garden swing set for kids is one that impresses the little ones. You can buy it in addition to your full-size swing so that your kids have their little relaxation space as well.

With the help of a sunshade canopy, the swing also keeps your kids comfortable when relaxing in the garden on a sunny day. Made with polyester covers, it’s also a swing that is easy to use. Since it’s sitting on a heavy-duty steel frame, the swing is made to last for years.


Breathable back cushion

Breathable seat cushion

Available in multiple colours


It requires installation

How to buy the best garden swing

Buying a new swing is an exciting time. It creates an opportunity for you to relax outside or if you’re a fan of outdoor living. With the current situation of more people working from home, garden swings might just be the best low-cost investment to relax after a long day of working at the desk.

At the moment, all garden swings require installation. But you can assemble the garden swing yourself if you have patience. This is why it’s important to know you only need a screwdriver to install the average swing. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble.

Most swings sit on a metal frame. They can be used for years with one condition. You need to respect the maximum weight capacity of the garden seater swing seats which is the only requirement you need to worry about, especially if you have family members that like to swing together.

Consider the number of users

The maximum weight capacity of a 3-seater swing normally sits at 180 to 200kgs. This number is normally written on the box. You should always check this number and you should avoid adding too many people to the swing so that you don’t compromise its integrity.

Furthermore, we also recommend using the garden lounger on a flat surface. Flat ground, the patio, or a cemented surface tends to be the best. You should avoid installing tour garden swing on gravel or on other surfaces which tend to be unstable or which can become soft after rainfall such as directly on the ground.

The maximum number of users is usually 3 for a normal garden rattan swing. Kids’ swings have different designs and they have a weight which is correlated to the reduced weight of children, as seen with our excellent examples listed above.


Steel, wood, and canopy are some of the most durable materials used in the construction of garden swings. You should only consider the products that are highly suitable for your family from this range of materials.

All of the garden swings listed above sit on a steel frame. They represent durable construction which is also powder-coated so that you don’t have to paint them even after using the swing for a few years.

When it comes to the textile materials on the swing, you can use cushions from the house or the traditional canopy-covered cushions shipped with most swings. These are specifically made for the outdoors and their waterproof construction is what makes these cushions usable even a few hours after rainfall. Wooden swings are made by Rowlinson, Palermo, Trrimmers, Pergola or by manufacturers of greenhouses.


It normally takes some time to assemble a garden seater swing seat if you don’t know what you’re doing. But most of the products listed above come pre-assembled. They only require small tweaks for their assembly so they’re ready to be used within minutes. We still recommend reading the full instructions before assembly just to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.


As with all garden furniture, the design of the garden bench that swings is subjective. Some like the open design with no cushioning while others prefer the thickly-cushioned garden swing. We also recommend the garden swings among the products that can improve how your garden looks.

Finding a 2-person garden swing is now rare. Most of the swings listed above are made for 3 people. If you’re interested in the best swing for your family, you can consider one of these as they look great, even if most are as long as 2 meters.


The price you pay for the swing should be reflected in its quality. Some of the swings recommended above even come with a product warranty of a few years. As long as you don’t add too much weight to your garden swing, you should be able to use it for years and years. Our recommendation is to invest in a quality product at the beginning instead of dealing with swings that fall apart in a few months.

Garden swings for kids

As seen with the recommended swings above, those made for kids have their own rules. You should always consider the maximum weight capacity of the swings for kids even if it seems you can sit on them as well. These garden swings are among the most durable when it comes to daily use as long-only children sit on them.

If you have kids, we recommended getting a dedicated swing for them. Among the benefits of this purchase, it’s worth noting kids can climb and in and out of the garden chairs that swing themselves easier as they have lower climbing frames. Kids can also sit on the swing longer if its size fits their smaller bodies. If your kids don’t initially like to spend time outdoors, you can also consider a cartoon-inspired garden swing.

Metal vs wooden garden swings

Wooden garden swings tend to look a bit more rusting but they might require maintenance. You may need to refinish your wooden swing every 2 years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. At the same time, a wooden garden swing might fit your garden better, especially if you have wooden fences.

Steel or metal garden swings are made to be easy to assemble. Metal tends to be a bit easier to work with and this is why you might find intriguing designs when you choose steel swings. At the same time, metal swings might need to be greased from time to time to avoid squeaking. You might find that both metal and wooden garden swings look great. If you’re buying online from retailers such as Amazon, you might need to choose a metal swing.

These aren’t as heavy as their wooden counterparts and they can even be cheaper to ship to your door in case there’s no free delivery policy. At the same time, even if you manage to order a wooden garden swing, you might need a friend help you assemble it as its components tend to be a lot heavier than those of a metal swing.

Final words

Some of the most inspired acquisitions are those that help us relax. The best outdoor swings or sun lounger with swing is normally the one which helps us appreciate our garden and the outdoors the most. All of the swings listed above are durable and some of them even look apart. You can install them in your garden so that you can enjoy the fresh air at least during the warm summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach a garden swing to a tree?

A garden swing just as any other piece of outdoor furniture can be attached to the tree in a few conditions. First, you need to find a healthy brand which can support at least the weight of one person. Then, you need to connect the swing’s ropes properly so that they fold the swing in all positions from its most upfront position to its furthest backwards swinging position without it slipping from the tree branch.

How to replace a garden swing seat?

You can replace a garden swing seat if you can find spares at the manufacture or at the merchant where you got it from. This can typically be done by unscrewing the 2 screws a the end of the swing. Just to ensure the seat is not going to drop when you unscrew it, you need to add some supporting structure underneath We recommend 2 buckets to hold the seat if you don’t find any better solution. Once your new seat has arrived, you can grease the attaching screws and bolts without power tools and install the sit in its final position while ensuring everything is tightened properly

What is UV protection?

UV protection is a special treatment applied to the swing and especially to the canopy or other exterior furniture covers used on the swing. This protects the swing from UV radiation or from harsh sunlight which can potentially damage your swing in time. Since your swing sits outdoors for a long period, its crucial to find the product that is most suitable for the UK changing weather.

Can I leave my swing in the garden all year?

Only the UV-tested swings can be left outside all year long. But even then, you might need to add protection or cover your swing during the cold winter months. Frost can damage your metal swing in the winter. You might even be tempted to swing on a frozen swing during the winter months which can cause irremediable damage to your swing set otherwise.

How much weight can my garden swing hold?

Your garden swing typically holds around 180kg if it holds 3 people. It can be one of the best additions to your garden if you want to swing and relax with your partner. The garden swing can also hold much higher weight. But you need to check the manufacturer’s description just so you ensure you’re not damaging the swing yourself.

Should I use my garden swing on the patio?

You can easily use your garden swing and outdoor furniture on the patio. For the best results, it’s first important to ensure your patio can hold the swinging weight. Otherwise, most of the swings listed above already come with rubberized feet which means they don’t need any accessories to stay in place on potentially slippery patios.