Best Garden Vacuums with Adjustable Air Speed

If you need the best garden vacuums, you know just how difficult it is to keep your outdoor space tidy. It can take a few hours to clean if you’re only using manual tools. But garden vacuums are specifically made to get all of the leaves together so that you don’t have to lose hours trying to make your outdoor space good and to keep your lawn functional. This article explains which the best garden vacuums and why they are as good as many uses say.

12/17/2022 12:48 am GMT

Best Overall Garden Vacuum
Bosch Universal GardenTidy Bosch Universal GardenTidy

This Bosch tool is the most complex on the market. It supports blowing, vacuuming, and shredding. It even comes with a collector bag if you don’t want to blow leaves around the yard for too long.

Variable speed is seen on all of its functions. But even when you use it at the highest speed, this best garden vac is still quiet. Its maximum running noise of 99db makes it highly suitable for families with kids who love to sleep in on a Saturday. But the fact it has 3-in-1 functionality doesn’t make it impractical to use. It comes with a quick-release collection bag that is easy to use even if you haven’t seen one before.

  • Multipurpose use
  • It vacuums and blows leaves
  • Only 99db maximum noise level
  • Heavy at 6kg
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12/17/2022 12:44 am GMT
Best Battery Life
Makita DUB361Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-Ion LXT Blower - Batteries and Charger Not Included Makita DUB361Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-Ion LXT Blower - Batteries and Charger Not Included

If you have a large garden, you need this setup with a dual 18V battery system. It even comes with a lamp indicator on when the batteries are running low. Simply put, Makita added 2 batteries on this LXT Blower.

In terms of performance, this power tool is made to impress. It features a long battery life of up to 73 minutes even at high settings. You still get 3 adjustable blowing speeds that keep you engaged with quick results.

Vacuuming with this tool is quite easy. There’s a simple switch you need to use when changing air volume. But the added second battery also makes this slightly heavier than the single-battery Makita garden vacuum above.

  • Long 73 minutes battery life
  • It includes a battery life indicator lamp
  • Made for large gardens
  • A bit heavier than other vacuums
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12/17/2022 12:46 am GMT
Best Lightweight Garden Vacuum
Ryobi OBL18JB 18V ONE+ Cordless Jet Blower Ryobi OBL18JB 18V ONE+ Cordless Jet Blower

This Jet Blower is a top garden vacuum to consider if you like your power tools to also look good. It comes with a transparent tube that almost makes it the best-looking garden vacuum on the market. Even its ergonomic handle looks completely different from what Makita and Bosch have to offer.

It comes with high 160km/h air speed. It even comes with a debris scraper so that you don’t damage the tool in time. But this power tool doesn’t include the 18V battery which is a separate purchase. If you already own a Ryobi tool, then you can swap batteries as they are compatible for all of the brand’s products. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase these batteries separately.

  • Made with an ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight at 2kg
  • Made with variable speed control
  • Batteries not included
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12/17/2022 12:48 am GMT
NETTA Leaf Blower NETTA Leaf Blower

This compact leaf blower can be an alternative to all of those that run on batteries. Netta’s tool comes with a 6m power cord which means it will never run out of batteries. As long as you have a good extension cord in the garage, this is the most inexpensive tool you can use.

With 3000W motor capacity, the leaf blower is powerful. It products a measured air speed of 250gm/h which is truly impressive when you think it only costs as much as a few cups of coffee.

Since there are no batteries in it, the garden vacuum is also very lightweight. It weighs just 1.8kg which makes it one of the best products for anyone who has back problems or those who’re simply tired of heavy machinery around the house.

  • Endless power
  • Lightweight at 1.8kg
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Short 6m power cord
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12/17/2022 12:50 am GMT
Bosch Professional 18 V System GBL 18 V-120 Cordless Blower Bosch Professional 18 V System GBL 18 V-120 Cordless Blower

This small cordless blower is the compact solution on our list. It can be used around the garden for clearing all types of debris. However, it can also be used in the garage and other indoor spaces given its compactness.

We like it also because of its low weight which makes it the leading buy for seniors. With a weight of just above 1kg without batteries, it is a true performer. However, you should know Bosch doesn’t include its 18V batteries with it or with any other standard tool. You need to purchase the batteries separately or use those from other cordless Bosch performers you have around the house.

  • Only weighs 1kg without batteries
  • Includes adaptable nozzles
  • Compact at just 20cm
  • 18V batteries sold separately
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12/17/2022 12:51 am GMT
Makita EB5300TH 52.5cc Back Pack Blower Makita EB5300TH 52.5cc Back Pack Blower

If you want to choose an old-school solution, this 4-stroke backpack-style blower is the option for you. It’s mainly made for large gardens, estates, and even for professionals since it has a large motor that you need to put on your back.

A telescopic pipe nozzle can be extended so that this garden vacuum reaches a bit further than others. With a mechanical decompression valve and a quick refuelling system, this can be the leading options for those interested in large surfaces of thousands of square feet.

  • Made with a mechanical 4-stroke engine
  • Includes dampers to manage vibrations
  • Ideal for large gardens
  • Heavy at 12kg
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02/18/2024 02:15 am GMT
Ryobi R18TB-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Toolshop Blower Ryobi R18TB-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Toolshop Blower

This tool shop blower is ideal for clearing dirt, sawdust, metal chippings or wood. It’s not ideal for outdoor leaves’ clearing but it works for tool shops as well as for the garage. The blower is compatible with Ryobi’s One+ battery system. Unfortunately, the batteries aren’t included in the pack.

With 3 speeds, this cordless tool can deliver strong blows of up to 200kmh. It represents one of the most surprising products from this perspective given its battery-powered and given its small size.

  • Made with a variable speed trigger
  • Included rubber hose for debris
  • Lightweight at just 1.15kg
  • One+ batteries sold separately
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12/17/2022 12:55 am GMT

How to choose the best garden vacuums – A-Z buying guide

When you try to choose your next garden vacuum for the garden, you need to know what to look for. There’s sufficient information on these items so that you can make the best decision for your home.

Types of garden vacuums

You can start by considering the type of garden vacuum you need. This means you should always look at things such as power or fuel as these are going to make a considerable difference in you use these products around the backyard.

Battery-powered vacuums

Vacuums that run on batteries tend to be the most practical. Based on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, these power performers are essential when it comes to having the freedom to move around as much as you want.

The bad news is batteries are expensive and they aren’t included in most of these products . You have to buy them separately. But the good news is you can only by one pack of batteries for all of the power performers from the same brand with the options listed above.

Corded vacuums

Based on classic plug-in power, these leaf blowers are the best when it comes to long run time and battery-free operation. If you like classic products that don’t need any batteries, you can find these cheaply and you can save a lot of money and time running around with batteries.

Fuel-based vacuums

If you need to clean thousands of square feet and even small parks, you won’t get far with batteries that only last up to an hour. You need petrol leaf blowers which are made to run for the whole day. Usually the first option for municipalities who need to clean entire cities, these are best for hours of uninterrupted use.

A blower vacuum or any other garden vacs with blower and vacuum functions need to run on quality petrol. Electric garden vacuums don’v have this concerns. They also need to have comfortable shoulder straps. The shoulder strap plays an important role in everyday comfort when clearing leaves, flower beds, garden waste, garden debris, or grass cuttings.

These garden blowers need an update on oil and other services unlike cordless blowers. Large gardening tasks with cordless leaf blowers aren’t as demanding on petrol garden blowers that are made for large-capacity jobs. To properly store this large gardening equipment you also need extra space with its large bag capacity. But since there’s no power cable and no power output, this type of leaf vacuum comes with a new vacuum mode that other garden power tools struggle to keep up with as customers recall.

The powerful petrol engine and the adjustable blower mode on this unit also requires wearing eye protection and a face mask. They are included at breands such as Black Decker or Garden Hoover. Some of these also come with extras such as a mulching function apartform working as a blower and vacuum for leaves.

The type of debris to clean

You should also consider the type of debris you need to be cleared. If you only have to deal with falling leaves, you can consider a blower or a garden vacuum of large dimensions. But if you have a tool shop in your garden, you might only need a compact garden vacuum.

Thee air capacity of these products is considerably different as well. But most users are going to do a good job with a garden blower for leaves and dry grass from the lawn. You will only need extra power for large gardens.

Total cleaning surface

The area you plan to a blower vacuum is also important. If your garden is small with a surface of just a few hundred square feet, a leaf blower with an 18V battery is up for the task. If your garden is more than 2000 square feet, you might need a dual 18V battery vacuum such as the one from Makita listed above. These tools are made with a battery life of up to 2 hours.

Battery life

The battery life of your garden vacuums is also important. It can be one of the main characteristics that users care about. Most of the products reviewed above come with a battery life between 30 minutes and 75 minutes.

You should estimate the time you need to clean your garden. Ideally, you want to clean the garden of debris on a single battery charge as it can take a few hours for a standard 14V or 18V battery to fully charge. You also need to find the right products for your entire home as you might also use it around the garage and around other buildings you might have around the backyard.

Air speed settings

You should always look at the control you have over power tools and this isn’t any different when it comes to garden vacuums. These products need to come with adjustable airflow as you don’t want to over-blow your garden and even damage plants and decoration. Most of the items above come with 3-speed settings which are made to avoid such problems.

The maximum air speed of a garden vacuum sits between 150khm and 300kmh. You need to adjust this speed to fit your type of needs. Furthermore, these garden vacuums need to run at the highest speed when it comes to the ultimate capacity in larger gardens.

Cordless vs corded vacuums

You also need to decide on the type of power you plan to use the leaf blower with. Today, there are still a few good corded options as seen above. But should you choose a corded garden vacuum or a cordless one? If you don’t want to spend too much money on this purchase, you can simply buy a corded power tool. It doesn’t involve as much high tech and as a result, it’s cheaper to purchase.

But you can also look at the garden vacuums that run on batteries. They represent the future of power products . If you want a futureproof purchase that doesn’t need to be upgraded a couple of years from now, this is the type of power tool you should consider.

Final words

The Makita 18 V Li-ion LXT Blower is the best choice for most home users. It doesn’t come with a battery but you can purchase one from Makita as these batteries are known to last for years. Once purchased, you can use the Makita battery on all of your Makita cordless power products. In terms of performance, this tool is made with variable speed and a dependable motor. It has the best chances of being that power tool you use for years and years and there’s virtually no maintenance required on it. All you have to do is ensure the 18V batteries are fully charged before you start vacuuming your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lightest garden vacuum?

Ryobi R18TB-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Toolshop Blower is the lightest garden vacuum. It weighs just 1.15kg without the Li-Ion batteries which makes it incredibly versatile. If you suffer from back pain or if you simply prefer lightweight designs, this is the product for you.

Which is the best garden vacuum?

The Makita 18 V Li-ion LXT Blower is the best overall garden vacuum. It represents a valuable product for enhanced durability and it can be one of the leading options among your battery-powered designs to last for years.

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