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Best Gardening Gloves

Best for Durability
Vgo 3 Pairs Cowhide Leather Work Gloves
  • This Vgo is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose leather glove made from genuine abrasive cow leather.

Best for Comfort
Olson Deepak Gardening Gloves For Men and Women

Best Coverage
Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

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Gardening is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby especially when your plants begin to thrive and flowers begin to bloom. One of the best ways to achieve the best results for your garden, you have to deal with dirt, thorns, and sharp branches. To protect yourself from these elements, you can use gardening gloves to keep your hands clean and unscathed.

In dealing with garden debris, a high-quality and tear-proof glove provides effective support and protection for your hands and even your arms.

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  • 1

    Vgo 3 Pairs Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

This Vgo is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose leather glove made from genuine abrasive cow leather. This 0.8 to 0.9 leather palm is breathable and comfortable on your hands. In addition, this high-quality material is designed to be abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant, reaching EN388 level 3 in a standard test – providing 360-degree thorn protection to handle cactus plants.

This pair of gloves is equipped with an anti-slip reinforcement for an excellent grip. To keep the gloves in place, a safety cuff with elastic adjustment is provided. The gloves are easy to put on and take off, without leaving an unpleasant smell.


Reasonable price

Provides great protection

Multi-purpose gloves

Comfortable to wear


Not water-resistant

  • 2

    Olson Deepak Gardening Gloves For Men and Women

A light gardening glove reduces the burden of carrying an additional weight while you work in your garden. The Olson Deepak offers 100-gram, lightweight gloves that feel just like a second skin. With this feature, you can easily manoeuvre gardening tools and feel the stones when filtering dirt. This eye-catching, bright yellow glove is made from the best quality goatskin leather that is also puncture-resistant. These are the best gardening gloves for rose pruning, cutting branches with thorns, and working with rough stuff without getting cuts and scratches.

These highly-flexible gloves have an elastic wrist cuff for effortless slip-on and removal. This design also helps in keeping the dirt and debris out. These comfortable pairs are available in two sizes to fit your palms.


Excellent softness for ensured comfort


Reasonable price


Not 100% thorn-proof

  • 3

    Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women

Roses are one of the best flower plants to grace your garden with. As beautiful as they are, roses can also be quite dangerous if you get cuts from rose spines. Good thing that Exemplary Garden pruning gloves are extra long which provide arm protection to prevent thorns from prickling your skin. Made from the best materials of premium quality goatskin with cowhide suede at gauntlet up to the elbows, these gloves offer an impenetrable full hand to arms covering. For hand mobility and comfort while wearing the gloves, the pair is made pliable and flexible with ergonomically designed thumbs.


Great value

Tough to handle brambles

Smooth texture on the inside


Weak stitching

  • 4

    Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Work Gloves for Women and Men

There are gardening jobs that require hands and fingers sensitivity. The snug-fit Pine Tree Tools bamboo gloves are equipped with a touchscreen-friendly and high-grip palm material that has a bare-hand sensitivity. These gloves are lighter and thinner compared to leather-made ones but it is just as reliable when it comes to protection while providing you with flexibility and comfort as you do your garden tasks.

The bamboo fibre used for this pair of best gardening gloves is environment friendly and protects your hands from skin irritation while keeping your skin cool. It has an ability to absorb perspiration – perfect to use around your garden in any season and suitable for any job.


Best pliability

Slim and light

Soft and comfortable


The coating tends to break apart

  • 5

    Vgo 15 Pairs PU Coated Work Gloves and Gardening Gloves for Men

Designed for general use, the Vgo polyurethane-coated gloves are lightweight to offer good levels of mechanical performance. The PU-covered palm protects the gloves from abrasion while providing great dexterity. Constructed with a 13 gauge polyester liner, these PU gloves are highly flexible and breathable. The elastic knitted cuff keeps the gloves in the best fit on your hands while preventing dust and dirt from penetrating.

Each package comes with a value pack of 15 pairs. These gloves are quality guaranteed and CA65 approved. The gloves are machine washable for convenience.


Versatile use

Economical value pack



Not ideal for heavy gardening work

  • 6

    Einskey Garden Gloves, Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves for Men & Women

The Einskey thorn-proof, best gardening gloves are made of a top-quality cowhide leather blend that is well-protected from puncture. For reinforced hand protection, the gloves are designed to fit well that you can feel your finger ends to let you properly hold garden tools and naturally move your fingers to avoid clumsy holding of tools and debris. This product is efficient to use for handling cactus, pruning roses, clearing rose bushes, and other related gardening tasks that may cut, scratch or injure your hands.

The fabric used for the backhand ensures breathability and comfort which allows your hands to stay cooled when working. Supported with double thread sewing, these gloves are guaranteed durable. With an elastic wrist, it’s easier to get the pair on and off your hands. The gloves are easy to wash with just a wipe of a small amount of soapy water or detergent without the need to soak.

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Soft and comfortable to wear

Great quality for the price



Weak water-proofing

  • 7

    Viridescent® Slim-Fit Leather Gardening Gloves

These women-sized gloves from Viridescent will preserve your perfectly manicured fingernails despite the tough work you do while gardening. These slim-fit gloves are designed to a snug fit with adjustable Velcro cuffs to secure the gloves on your wrists.

The gloves are composed of various components to ensure maximum performance. The palms surface is constructed with protective leather panels to make sure that your hands are safe from harm. The backside is made of 45% polyester, 5% Lycra, and 50% sponge. These are made perfect for all gardeners, from beginners to those who have years of green fingers experience.

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Great comfort

Luxurious and stylish



The leather panel is thin

  • 8

    Handlandy Men Leather Gardening Gloves

A combination of premium split cowhide palm, cotton lining, and spandex backhand are what these best gardening gloves are made of. The leather palm provides maximum dexterity with its tough, hard-wearing, and seamless construct. The spandex backhands are designed with a stretchable and breathable mesh that keeps your hands cool while tediously working on your gardening tasks even on a hot day. For added comfort, the cotton lining provides moisture-wicking properties to keep your hands and fingers dry.

This pair of gardening gloves ensures that it stays on when you need it to all thanks to its slip-on and elastics cuff design – it conveniently slips your fingers in and out to avoid chafing.



Economical price

Effectively provides hand protection from brambles


Weak water-resistance

  • 9

    iN Work 3 Pairs Abrasion-resistant, Lightweight Gardening Gloves

Cleaning dirt-stained gloves are one of the laborious post-gardening jobs you have to deal with. Having machine washable garden gloves is a relief for your effort and time. The InWork comes in 3 pairs in different colours so you can easily designate and identify which pair is for a specific task. These gloves are washing-machine safe so you won’t have to worry about tiring yourself on cleaning.

This is the best gardening gloves for any season as it is made with fabric that provides coolness on hot days and warmth during winter. With a well-fitting size, it can comfortably clothe your palm and fingers with no restrictions – allows you to accurately perform the jobs even with gloves on. The latex coating on the palm side provides the grip feature and serves as protection from sharp debris.

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Machine-safe cleaning

Multi-purpose gloves


Not water-resistant

  • 10

    Petal Power Ladies Gardening Gloves

Providing more flower power to your gardening, this pair is best used for seeding and weeding around your garden. The Nitrile coating on the palm is an added protection, increases water resistance, and gives the gripping power. Petal Power gardening gloves come in two beautiful floral designs, flexible and with elasticated cuffs for a snug fit.


Great value for money

Water-resistant palm

Stylish and pretty

Effectively protect your hands


How to Choose the Best Gardening Gloves

Gardeners, green fingers and even beginners all require hand and arm protection from soil, dirty leaves, thorny flowers, cactus and bushes. Aside from these garden elements, wearing gloves can protect your hands from heat and cold while being outdoors.

Gardening gloves don’t have the same construct, materials, and durability. To identify which pair of best gardening gloves would be perfect for you to use, here are the components and characteristics you have to take note.


Leather gloves

The advantage of leather material for gloves is its thickness which will provide you comprehensive protection – that’s why they’re also the heavy-duty gloves used for mechanical work. There are many types of leather gloves. If you are eyeing for gloves that will last for a long time, a cowhide leather-type of material is durable, sturdy and abrasion-resistant. Goatskin leather is also resistant to puncture with a soft texture that offers comfort. There are also synthetic leather gloves that are easier to clean.

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Coated gloves

Usually, this type of gloves have fabric base which is coated by latex, rubber or Nitrile. The coating not only repels sharp debris but it also prevents fertilizers and dirt from seeping into your fingernails. Some of the coated glove products have a touchscreen capability so you don’t have to take your gloves off if you have to operate your phone.


As much as possible, you would want to have the ability to maximize the movement of your hands when working even when you have the gloves on. Getting the correct size will result in a great fit and pliable glove movement.

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If you’re building a career as a gardener or if you simply want to focus on your gardening, investing for a leather gloves is reasonable. Among the type of gloves, leather is the most expensive. But choosing the right kind of leather for abrasion protection can save you a lot than you think. Best protection means reduced risk of getting injured from plant prickling – which can be dangerous when not properly tended to.

For an economical option, cloth gloves are cheaper but may not provide the protection you need. It is lighter and thinner compared to leather and coated gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are garden gloves washable?

Not all gardening gloves can be soaked in water. But if you can there are glove products that can be washed with a machine but it is best to wash the muck and dirt first before putting it in a washing machine. For those gloves that can’t be soaked, a light wipe of soapy water will do the trick.

Where should garden gloves be placed?

A simple way to keep your gardening gloves organized and well kept is to use a shoebox. Make sure that the gloves are clean before storing them to extend their service life.

Are gardening gloves waterproof?

Not all gardening gloves are 100% water-resistant. However, some of the leather type and coated gloves are. There are also pair of gardening gloves that are waterproof only on the palm side.

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