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A garden wall can be a great addition to any home. A garden wall provides privacy and security while also creating a beautiful accent for your yard. Learn some easy design ideas that you can apply to your home’s yard to get started on the best garden wall project of your life!

A lot of people think that only big yards need gardens, but they’re wrong. Even if you live in an apartment complex or rent out one room in your house, there are ways to create the illusion of living somewhere with space around it using plants and walls. There are many different types of walls available, too, from brick, stone or concrete blocks down to cinder block or wood panels – so find something that suits both budget and style.

Designing the Perfect Garden Wall

One of the first things you must consider is how high you want your wall to be. Some garden walls are meant to act as barriers, so they remain short – usually anywhere from one foot upwards. Other ‘decorative’ garden walls might need to be much taller – up to six feet or more.

To determine how high you can go with your garden wall, divide the length of the area you have by eight feet. This is the maximum height a garden wall should be in a residential setting as it will block out enough sunlight from reaching smaller plants underneath and help keep larger ones warm on cool nights. When building a taller garden wall, you should also consider the impact on surrounding buildings.

Use Short but Impressive Garden Walls to Divide Up Your Space

A shorter garden wall can go a long way toward dividing up your yard if designed correctly. Try to mimic the look of rail fencing with your garden wall by creating supporting posts at corners and intersections. Make sure you use more posts on the corners of your wall and leave them high enough to support shorter balustrades (usually between two and three feet) in-between. If you want to make a more significant impact, try using corbels or capitals atop the posts.

Adding Plants to Create More Privacy

If you have an open space and lacks privacy, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time dealing with expensive landscaping. You can create your own ‘privacy garden’ using only plant life and without worrying about trimming bushes or keeping up with lawn care.

Depending on how much sunlight falls on the area of your yard where you are considering adding a garden wall, choose a couple of trees that block out the sun. If there isn’t much sunlight to block out, use bushes or shrubs under your garden wall for privacy instead.

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Look at Your Yard from a Bird's Eye View

If you are designing a new fence, you can make things easier by looking at it from above using a few simple tricks. First, take a wide roll of white paper and mask off the top part leaving about eight inches at the top; then cut some one-inch strips of masking tape and place them on the corners and intersections of your fence design (one for each edge). Finally, grab a chair and put it against your garden wall – sitting on it helps you get a good look from an elevated perspective. You can see your garden wall in its entirety and make adjustments to the design before getting started on construction.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Wall Stand Out

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or hire a professional to build a beautiful garden wall that fits right into any existing space. All you need is a little bit of time and the right tools and materials to work with.

When building a garden wall, make sure you use enough support posts (one for each vertical piece) and place them vertically, three feet apart from one another. Then, choose some unique pieces of wood or stone to form your balustrade. Finally, create an attractive top for your wall by adding stone veneer around the edge (or trimming it with tree branches or other natural objects).

When you are designing your garden wall, choose the materials that will allow you to attach everything. Each vertical balustrade piece should be attached to two posts at each end; this can help you create more unique designs, but it also ensures your garden wall won’t fall apart under pressure.

Know Your Budget (and Plan Ahead)

Garden walls aren’t cheap, especially if you want to build one that stands six feet tall or higher. If you want to take advantage of beautiful scenery while still adding privacy and security to your home, consider building a shorter garden wall to divide up your space. If you are on a budget, the best thing to do is a plan and create a garden wall that suits your needs now while also adding value for future homeowners if you ever decide to sell.

Before you begin designing your garden wall, take some measurements of the area you plan to build it in. Then write down some different ideas and choose the one you like best. Finally, make a detailed list of the materials required. You can buy them from your local outdoor or gardening centre – or you can save money by purchasing these supplies at government auctions.

In Conclusion...

A garden wall can go a long way to improve the looks and feel of your home’s exterior. Whether you want to build a garden wall that adds privacy, or one that makes a bold statement, the ideas in this article will help you get started on your own beautiful garden wall project.


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