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Most of the home gardeners do not like weeds. Due to this, they use different approaches to get rid of weeds from their lawn. Many gardeners usually prefer various chemicals to control the growth of weeds. But such chemicals mostly give seasonal results.

Also, many experts do not recommend using chemicals as they can harm the vegetables and fruits present on the lawn. Additionally, these chemicals can mix into groundwater and contaminate it.

So, is there any right way to control the growth of weed? Well, yes, there are different strategies that any gardener can use to control weed growth. Following, you will learn about weed control strategies and many other things about weeds.

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Methods to Control the Weed Growth

The given methods will help you control the growth of weed quickly.

Use Thick Lawn Cover

Most experts suggest that it will get hard for weeds to grow if you have a thick lawn cover. Weeds only grow in an area where there is enough room for growth. Gardeners who have a thick lawn cover have fewer chances of encountering weeds.

If you do not have a thick lawn cover, you can add a ground cover as a decorative bed in your garden. Some gardeners also utilize dense plantings as a lawn cover.

Robert Hartzler, a weed specialist, has revealed that weeds primarily take advantage of open areas. If there is any suitable resource for weed growth in your lawn, then the chances are that weed will grow there.

So, if you want not to provide any appropriate growth environment for the weed, you should eliminate the open areas. Some experts also recommend growing better grass seeds so that there is not enough space for weeds to grow. Try using a high-quality grass seed so that it presents the desired results you want.

Maintain Healthy Soil

Once you have filled your lawn with grass or desirable plants to control weeds growth, ensure to keep the soil aerated, fertile and well-drained. We would recommend you test your soil for optimal growth.

You can also contact some local specialists and get an optimal fertilization plan from them. By following the fertilization plan provided by experts, you can keep your lawn healthy and well maintained.

You should remember that weeds can grow in any soil. Therefore, no matter what type of soil you have, you should work on the soil improvements to keep it protected from weed growth. Many experts have also revealed that there is not any specific requirement for weed to grow. Most weeds only require an open area to develop.

On the other hand, if you want to eliminate weeds, you cannot do that by only supplying any specific nutrients to the lawn. So, do not blindly apply the water and nutrients to kill weeds. You should first do some proper research before using any nutrients to encounter weed growth. The growth of some desirable plants can help you reduce weed problems.

Till the Garden

If you want to reduce weed populations, you can till the garden. Loosening and turning over the garden will help you in minimizing weed growth. For tilling, you can rotate the weed seeds as well. However, tilling is not as easy as some gardeners might think.

If you are not an expert in it, you should avoid doing it because, in such a way, you might end up damaging your lawn. Ensure that you perform the tilling of the garden correctly. If you do not know much about tilling, you can hire an expert to perform it.

Performing tilling on your soil will help you remove weed seeds. It also provides an excellent environment for the growth of vegetables and plants. However, keep in mind that tilling may bring the dormant weed seeds back to life.

Seeds that are three to four inches beneath are persistent because the biological activity is relatively less there. So, you should execute the tilling of your garden accurately to get the best outcome.

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Use Plastic Sheets

The plastic sheet can also help you control the growth of weeds. You can block everything on your lawn with the help of a plastic sheet. The plastic sheet will let you cover the whole ground and prevent weed growth.

Not only weeds but the plastic sheet will also not allow other plants to grow. Therefore, if you plan to use a plastic sheet to cover your lawn, you should perform it accurately so that you do not end up damaging your desirable plants.

Now you might think about how a plastic sheet can depreciate weed growth. Well, a plastic sheet does not allow light and water to penetrate. As the plants and weeds do not get the required light and water for growth, they die.

Besides, it also traps radiant energy from the sun, which is another thing that allows the plastic sheet to deliver fast and effective results. Apart from weeds, you can also use a plastic sheet to kill the grass.

Further, the plastic sheet comes in different colors, and each color has a different role. For example, black plastic is used to warm the soil, making it a suitable choice for warm-season crops. If you plan to plant tomatoes or peppers, then you can use black plastic.

Studies have also shown that red-colored plastic is suitable for enhancing plant growth. On the other hand, the clear plastic permits the light to penetrate, which is why you should not use it if you want to kill weeds.

Use Weed Killer

Most gardeners usually struggle to get rid of the weed that is already grown. If you also have weed grown on your lawn and want to remove it, you must choose a weed killer.

There are different brands available in the market that offer high-quality weed killers. But before using a weed killer, you should be extra careful as it can even kill desirable plants and vegetables present on your lawn.

Before buying any weed killer, you should first decide whether you want a selective or a non-selective weed killer. A selective weed killer will help you kill only certain plants. You will only require applying those weed killers on particular plants to get the desired outcome.

On the other hand, the non-selective weed killer is the opposite of the selective one. The non-selective weed killer will kill both the plants and weeds that come in contact with it. However, this type of solution can be dangerous as it can damage your lawn if you do not use it properly. Therefore, only choose such a weed killer that suits your needs.

Besides, if you do not want to spend money buying a weed killer, you can prepare your own weed killer. You will need to follow the following few simple steps to make a natural weed killer.

  • First, you will need white vinegar, salt, and liquid dish soap. Mix one gallon of white vinegar with liquid dish soap and salt. Make sure to use one tablespoon of dish soap and one cup of salt.
  • Now try mixing all the ingredients well.
  • Once you are done with mixing the ingredients, you can now apply the mixture to the weeds. To get effective results, ensure using the solution during the sunniest part of the day. During that time, the natural weed killer gives the best outcome.

Apart from weeds, the weed killer can also help you remove unwanted plants. Keep in mind that applying the strong weed killer can also damage the grass, and you might struggle to regrow the grass in that specific area. However, if you do not like using chemicals to kill weeds, you can use other methods to get the desired outcome.

Use Organic Herbicides

Apart from buying a weed killer, you can also use organic herbicides to control weed growth. There are many common household products available that you can use as organic herbicides. Some plant oil blends and soaps can help you deliver a top-quality outcome.

Among various organic herbicides, the most common one has concentrated vinegar. However, some researchers believe that acetic acid and vinegar do not give many effective results against weed.

Micheal D. K. Owen, a specialist in weed management, believes that vinegar does not work well against larger weeds. He has also stated that the vinegar does not damage the root systems.

On the other hand, research conducted by Lanini has proven that using a large amount of vinegar on targeted weeds may surely kill them. The best thing is that the risk of toxic runoff is quite less, but you should keep in mind that vinegar is not selective, meaning that it can kill everything it contacts.

Even if you are using a natural herbicide, you should also avoid eye contact for your safety. Make sure to use the herbicides after reading the label directions to get the safest results without causing any harm to you.

Mulch Garden Beds

Some experts also believe that mulch is another vital thing one can use to prevent weed growth. Anything that can block light can work as a mulch. You can use bark or any other decorative mulches to get the wanted outcome.

Apart from these, dried leaves and cardboard can also be good mulch. Organic mulches will not only block the weeds but also improve the health of the soil. Therefore, if you want to develop the soil structure and add more nutrients, you should choose organic mulches.

For a more optimal outcome, ensure using mulches at the end of the growing season. It will further help you keep the soil cool and minimize the evaporation effect. Because of the reduction in evaporation, you can also minimize the water loss using mulch.

In case you want cheap and effective mulches, you should prefer hay or straw. However, before selecting any of the mulch, ensure that it does not contain any weed seed.

Though mulch can be an effective solution against weeds, it does not give effective results against established perennial weeds. So, if you find perennial weeds in your lawn, you should avoid using mulch on them. Other than that, you can use a mulch to prevent weed seeds from growing.

Use Landscape Fabric

The landscape fabric can also help you in reducing the growth of weeds. These are the thin barriers made of plastic material that come with tiny holes. Apart from plastic, some of the landscape fabric also contains recycled plastics and natural fibers.

Though the landscape fabric does not allow the weed to grow further, it permits the air and water to go into the soil, making it a suitable choice for lawns having weed. For better results, you should utilize this landscape fabric with an effective, thick mulch. It will work as excellent early-season weed protection.

Burn Weed Seeds

If you want a chemical-free alternative for killing weeds, you can use gas to burn weeds. However, it still uses gas, but it can be a suitable choice if you have a large area covered with weeds.

You can use small landscape flamers to get your work done. If you have weeds in lawn edging and sidewalk cracks, you should try this method to give you an effective outcome.

Not only this, but also it is among the quickest way to get rid of the weeds. However, before burning the weeds, make sure to take all the safety precautions. You should also wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself.



By following any of the given methods, you can control the growth of weeds. However, we would suggest you only go for the method that perfectly suits your needs. For example, if you have a lawn with many plants in it, you should avoid using a weed killer.

Instead of a weed killer, you can use some other method to get the desired result. Killing the weeds will give your lawn a more impressive appearance. Therefore, follow the methods to get a weed-free and beautiful lawn.

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