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You may struggle to have a pleasant outdoor experience when black flies are present. Black flies are available all over the world that can bother humans. These buzzing nuisances are usually active during the springtime and inactive during the winters.

You may notice swelling or itching if a black fly bites you. Therefore, you should try to control these black flies and aphids as soon as possible.

Though blackflies do not harm life, still they are quite irritating. If you are also tired of dealing with the black fly problem, this article is for you. Here you will find some effective tips to control black flies quickly.


Methods to Get Rid of Black Flies and Aphid

Whether you want to eliminate the blackfly, aphid, or pests, you can follow the given tips.


Protect Your Skin

In some parts of the world, you might struggle to repel the black flies, aphids, and other species of insects. Therefore, you should first try protecting your skin. Try wearing long pants and sleeves so that you do not get bitten by aphids or black flies.

Keep in mind that the blackfly, aphid, and a few other pests are usually attracted towards black colours, due to which you should try to wear light-coloured clothing.


Avoid Sweet Items

Flies are pretty easily attracted to sweet fruit and liquids like honeydew. Also, flies on food could make it unhealthy to eat. If you are in an area with a lot of flies, you should avoid using sweet fruit and liquid.

Additionally, do not use sweet-smelling perfumes, soft drinks, or any other sweet ingredients. By avoiding sweets, you can minimize the risk of attracting various pests.


Use Insecticide

Various insecticides are available in the market that will let you kill blackfly. Not only blackflies, but you can also use insecticides to control aphids, pests, ladybirds, ants, larvae, and many other species of insects and ants.

Most insecticides arrive in sprayer form, which you can spray with ease. You can either use a backpack sprayer, spray rig, hose-end sprayer, or a ULV spray system to spray pesticides as per the need.

However, we suggest using a hand pump spray as it is easy to use. Before using any pesticide, ensure to check the number of sprays that you will have to apply. You can also use a normal garden hose to spray. Ensure to spray to garden areas thoroughly to repel these pests.

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Use a Fan

If you are facing blackflies, aphids, or other pests in an indoor environment, you can use a fan. It is chemical-free as well as the easiest solution to keep flies away. For this chemical-free and natural method, you can use a simple oscillating pedestal fan. A running fan makes it harder for a blackfly to fly in such an area.


Utilize CO2 Black Fly Traps

The CO2 black fly traps are another great way to keep the blackfly, aphids, and pests away. It uses an attractant to keep the black fly, mosquitoes and aphids away from the population.

In this trap, the flies are vacuumed inside when they buzz around it. After getting caught, the blackfly and aphid will die of dehydration. This will help you in minimizing the blackflies available in your area.


Eat Garlic

This is another natural way to keep aphids, flies and other pests away. You can also keep bugs at bay by eating a clove of garlic every day. The garlic produces a sulfur compound resulting in a certain smell.

Eating garlic for a few days regularly will make your skin produce a specific scent that is unpleasant for black flies and aphids. This unpleasant smell will keep both the aphid and back fly away from you.

However, try not to consume garlic in a greater amount. Overeating garlic will make you smell bad in front of people as well. Therefore, you should only consume less garlic.


Relieving the Itch of Black Fly Bites

The itching caused by the blackfly bit and aphid is quite irritating. If a blackfly, aphid or insect have bitten you, you might begin to experience itching. However, there are several ways by which you can soothe the itching;

Both the soap and warm water work well in the affected area. Washing your bitten skin with warm water or soap will decrease your itching. Most people begin to scratch the bitten area as it causes irritation. Avoid scratching your skin as there is a risk of infection.

You can also apply a topical agent to soothe the itching caused by blackfly bites. Topical agents like aloe vera and witch hazel can also help you to ease your skin. If the itching is very bad, try using an antihistamine cream.


How Serious Are Black Flies?

Some black flies and aphids are not very much a threat, while a few of them can be painful for you when they bite. You may also see swelling and skin rash after getting bitten. A strong allergic reaction may also occur due to the bite.

This pest usually targets their victims on the head, hair, and ears. They can also make your time intolerable, due to which most people want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Moreover, blackflies can cause damage to plants like broad beans. Both the flies and aphids cover the broad beans and prevent their growth. Keep the flies and aphids away from broad beans to keep them lush and healthy.



Mostly blackflies and aphids are usually active in the summer or spring seasons and are primarily inactive in the winter season. Flies and insects like blackflies, ants, etc., can be irritating.

However, to help you control these species of insects and flies, we have included some easy approaches in this article. We hope you will find the solution to how to get rid of the black fly. By following the given methods, you will easily be able to repel black flies and other pests.


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