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Most gardeners do not like growing unexpected brambles and other bushes in their garden. Due to this, gardeners usually try different approaches to get rid of brambles without using any chemicals.

Various gardeners avoid using chemicals because they believe chemicals can harm other plants and vegetables in their lawn. Though a few chemicals might not be good for your overall lawn health, not all types of chemicals are harmful to the garden.

Some of the chemicals will only help you kill unwanted brambles without damaging the lawn. However, in this article, we will let you know about the methods to get rid of brambles and other unwanted blackberries bushes without chemicals.

Methods to Kill Brambles Without Chemicals

Following are the methods to remove unwanted brambles without using any chemicals.

Method 1: Cutting the Bushes Down

Cutting the bushes and stems down is one of the simplest ways to remove brambles from your garden without chemicals.

Step 1: Collect the Equipment

Before starting this process, you will need safety goggles, gloves, and thick clothes. You will require these types of equipment that the bramble bushes also have thorns in them, which can harm you if not treated well. 

Therefore, it would be better to cover your exposed skin to protect yourself from any harm. You can also wear long pants and sleeves to cover your overall body. Also, wear high socks to protect your legs from any cut. 

While choosing the gloves, make sure that it is not made of light fabric or rubber. The light fabric or rubber gloves cannot withstand the thorns, and they can easily go right through the gloves. 

Therefore, you should only go for high-quality and durable gloves. Other than this, if you have allergies or asthma problems, then try using the dust mask. The dust mask will help you cover your face to protect you from various allergens that you may deal with while cutting the bushes.

Step 2: Start Cutting Bramble Vines

After collecting the equipment, now you will require cutting bramble vines from the ground. You can use a hedge trimmer or other similar tools to get rid of it. However, make sure that the tool contains a metal blade to make things much easier for you. 

If you only need to remove a small bush, you can also prefer a clipper for this task. So, you can use any sharp tool and begin chopping down the bramble vines. Make sure to minimize the bramble vines up to 6 inches.

In some cases, the brambles might get wrapped with other plants, due to which you will need to be a bit more careful while cutting. If you want to keep any nearby plant with bramble, begin cutting the bramble from the base. 

Also, you should be careful while using power tools and ensure that no one is present near you because they might get hit by debris while you freshly cut back the bramble. Additionally, keep yourself away from the blade and avoid touching it. Some gardeners also prefer using weed whackers, which is not quite effective against brambles.

Step 3: Collect Bramble Debris

After removing the bramble, make sure to collect its debris as it is a persistent plant that can even grow if there are any remnants left on the soil. For the collecting of bramble debris, make sure to use a heavy rake. 

Heavy rake will help you make a pile of bramble pieces which will become easier for you to lift. After collecting, put the bramble debris into a garbage pail. Make sure that you do not leave behind any bramble debris.

Method 2: Removing the Roots

Removing the roots is another method to get rid of the brambles. This method might be a bit time-consuming, but it will give you effective results. However, to perform this task more quickly, you can use tools like hedge trimmers.

Step 1: Use Hedge Trimmer or Apply Organic Weed Killers

If you want, you can also use the organic weedkiller to eliminate brambles, including the roots. You can even prepare the weed killer at your home, and it will be a safer option. Or you can even purchase an organic weed killer which does not have any harmful chemicals in it. 

The organic weed killer will help you remove blackberry bushes and brambles without damaging the plants on your lawn. If you do not want to apply organic weeds killer, then try using a hedge trimmer. A hedge trimmer might cost you more, but it is a chemical-free solution. 

A hedge trimmer comes with a sharp metal blade that you can utilize to remove brambles and bushes within no time. For small bushes, you can also use clippers. So, it is up to you which approach you desire to use to remove the brambles from your lawn.

Step 2: Let the Weed Killer Soak

If you have used a weed killer, then let it soak into the plant. Give the weed 1 to 3 weeks for soaking into the plant. After that, you will notice the bramble getting dying within a few weeks. 

You will observe the branches becoming brown and shrivelling. If all the parts of the plant become shrivelled and brown, it will indicate brambles are dead. 

However, after applying the weed killer, you should monitor it daily. If, after 1 week of applying the weed killer, you do not notice any shrivelling of brambles, then make sure to use another round of weed killer.

Step 3: Dig the Roots Up

Within a few weeks of using the weed killer, you will get the desired outcome. Keep in mind that even if the bramble is dead, it can still grow back. Therefore, you should dig the roots of the bramble once it is dead. 

For this, you can use a pickaxe or a shovel. Both the shovel and pickaxe will help you easily dig brambles from the ground. After removing the roots, also examine the hole for remnants. By following the given tips and advice, you can get the desired outcome.

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