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There are many ways to spruce up a dormant landscape. Whether you’re looking for new plants, adding some green lawn, rearranging your decor or simply cleaning up the look of your garden, there’s plenty that can be done. Explore some of these simple tips and tricks on how to make your landscapes come alive again!

Stop Watering the Lawn

If you have green lawn grass in front of your house, stop watering it during the summer months and see what happens. You might be surprised at just how long it will take before the yard turns brown if left unattended for an entire week!

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Planting Ground Covers

Ground covers such as thyme and lavender add colour and help prevent weeds and erosion. They’re also durable and unlikely to die during a heatwave or freeze.


Remove dead plants and those that no longer meet your needs (ex: those with yellow leaves) to make room for new ones. Pruned plants also help retain moisture for other plants nearby to use their water more selectively.

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Add Some Annuals

Annual flowers can brighten up your yard and help contribute to the overall look of your landscape. Place them in containers or along walkways for an added touch!

Use Mulch

This isn’t just great for composting, but it also helps retain moisture, reduces weed growth and makes for a healthier lawn.

Add Some Colour via Decor

Place vases with flowers along walkways, stones at the border of your garden or even lights inside your trees to make for a more lively landscape that will bring you joy!

Clean Up Your Yard

Drawers and containers can be transformed into storage units to keep things neat in your garden. Dirt, dead leaves and stray branches can be piled up to create centrepieces or simply thrown away.

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Follow Nature’s Lead

Why not create a path through your yard by placing rocks of different sizes in the ground? They’ll provide for an exciting walkway that also helps divert water into your lawn.

Plant Strawberries

Not only are berries great for desserts, but they’re also perfect for decorating your landscape! Place them around trees or near borders to help bring colour and fruit to your yard.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you have unwanted items you don’t use anymore (ex: broken lawn chairs), get rid of them. Not only will this help simplify your landscape, but it’s also bound to create some added space for more plants and other items that catch your eye!

Water Less Frequently

When watering the lawn, make sure you give each grass area enough time to soak up water (at least an hour). This reduces the amount of water you’ll need to use, and it ensures your lawn gets the hydration it needs.

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Use Recycled Materials

This includes using glass jars for holding flowers or even old tires as planters (or stepping stones). Not only do these items help reduce waste, but they’re also unique and can add some fantastic character to an otherwise dull landscape!


The tips and tricks we’ve provided in this article should help you bring your dormant landscape back to life. Whether you’re looking for new plants, adding some green lawn, rearranging your decor or simply cleaning up the look of your garden, there’s plenty that can be done. Follow these simple steps, and soon enough, you’ll have a lush and lively space where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends!


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