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If you want to plant new seeds, then August is an ideal time for planting. You can easily plant many fruits and vegetables this month. From August, the start of the second gardening season takes place.

This time can be very productive. Planting in August, which is late summer, is perfect for many delicious vegetables and herbs. There are several options to start with the new plants. These plenty of options give you quick crops.


Vegetables and Fruits to Plant in August

There are some vegetables and fruits that you can grow in the session of August.


August is the perfect time to plant carrots in your garden. Carrots are outstanding winter treats. In addition, they are very beneficial for health. The temperature change affects the production of carrots.

When the temperature starts to decrease, then changes take place in vegetables. The carrots that are harvested in winters are very sweet and delicious.

August is the best time that gives seeds the best chance for the production of carrots. However, carrots have a biennial nature, so you can easily grow them in Autumn. For planting the carrots in your garden, you have to follow these steps.

  • First, dig the soil for about three to four inches. You can dip the soil with the help of any suitable tool.
  • After doing that, place the seeds in the ground and then cover them with the soil. Cover the seeds carefully.
  • Give water to the carrots regularly.
  • Remember to give the fertilizer to the carrots after five weeks. The fertilizers help to grow the carrots effectively.


Spinach is a great plant that you can plant in August. However, after planting the spinach, you have to do a little protection. A decrease in temperature can affect the productivity of spinach.

But at that time, a little bit of protection gives you suitable results. If you want 6-8 months to harvest spinach, then a cold frame gives you valuable results.

Covering the beds with the cold frame helps you quickly harvest a small spinach amount in all winter sessions. For planting spinach, you have to follow some steps.

  • First, you have to prepare the soil. Loosen the soil with the help of feet deep; this will provide you space for taproot.
  • Plant the seeds of spinach about one inch deep in the soil. Cover the seeds with the soil.
  • Keep the soil moist by giving water regularly. Also, use the shade clothes to prevent the crop from overheating because overheating may affect the crop of spinach.
  • Many times, weeds are present around the soil. Remove the weeds that prevent the plant from growing.
  • Give fertilizer to the crops according to the needs of your crop.


Tomatoes are the favorite fruit of many people. They are sweet and beefy. There are many different ways by which you can use tomatoes.

Tomatoes are used as fruits, vegetables, salads, and also in many other dishes. You can plant tomatoes in Autumn. Tomatoes grow quickly, and you can easily harvest them. For planting the tomatoes, you have to follow these steps.

  • There are different types of tomatoes that you can grow according to your requirements. First, you have to choose which type of tomatoes you want to plant in your garden.
  • After this, you have to plan the location of your plant. You have to place the plants at a distance of 4 inches in a row. Keeping distance between them is important because the tomato plants get large and grow fast.
  • Dig a hole. Now add some eggshells to this hole. The eggshells work as a natural fertilizer for the tomato plants. These will help the tomato plants to grow better and quicker.
  • In the end, add the plant to the soil and cover it with soil.
  • Give fertilizer to the plant according to its need.



Radishes are of different shapes and tastes. They can be round or long and also sweet or bitter. So before sowing them in the soil, choose which type of radishes you want to grow. As their name suggests, radishes are red. But they also exist in white color.

People enjoy radishes in the salad. Radish is a crop that grows quickly. You can harvest them in just a few weeks. You will have to follow the given steps if you want to plant radishes.

  • Dig a hole of about 1cm and then sow the seeds of radishes directly in the soil.
  • Keep about 15cm of distance between the seeds of the radishes.
  • After intervals, give them suitable water.

Radishes provide the continuous crop throughout the whole summer and in early Autumn.

Spring Cabbage

Spring Cabbage is a delicious vegetable that you can grow in the month of Autumn. You can use spring cabbage in different ways. You can use them in different delicious dishes. If you have space to grow them in your garden, then it is a great vegetable.

There are different varieties of spring cabbages that you can grow. The most popular cabbages include Durham in Early and April. If you want to plant Cabbage in your garden, then you have to follow these steps.

  • Dig the hole of about 1 inch. Sow the seed in this hole and cover it with soil.
  • Keep the distance of about 15cm between the seeds of Cabbage. So that when plants grow up, there should be a distance of 8cm between them.
  • Give them water regularly.
  • Also, give a suitable amount of fertilizer to the cabbages so that it grows well.

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Flowers to Plant in August

There are different flowers that you can grow in August. These flowers enhance the beauty of your garden. Fragrance, along with colors, has a soothing effect on your eyes. Some of these flowers include


You can easily plant snapdragons in your garden in summer. Cool weather does not affect them greatly, so you can easily grow them in Autumn. Before winter, you can get a lot of blooms in your garden with snapdragons.

In case you are planning to plant on your lawn, then make sure to follow the given steps.

  • First, you have to select a place where sunlight is abundant. Snapdragons require good sunlight for their growth.
  • Then dig the soil to about 8 inches.
  • Now add mulch to about 1-2 inches. Plant the SnapDragon in the soil.
  • Keep a distance of about 6 to 12 inches between every plant of snapdragon. It will help the plants to grow regularly in the soil.
  • Give water to the plant regularly.


Marigolds bring an outstanding color of sunshine to your garden. However, they also attract different insects towards them. Marigolds give full sunshine and well-drained soil.

Marigolds after planting come to bloom in 8 weeks. Marigolds also protect the vegetables of your garden and protect them from different predators. Follow these steps to plant marigolds.

  • Dig the soil about 6 inches down.
  • Add seeds to the soil and cover them firmly in soil.
  • Sow the seeds at a distance of about 1 inch apart.
  • Add a layer of mulch of about 1-2 inches between the plants. Mulch will help to keep the soil moist.
  • Water the seeds regularly.

Pansies or Violas

If you have less space left in your garden but want to grow something new, then pansies suit you. Pansies or violas are great for the springs and also for fall gardens. They have heart-shaped petals and have a wide range of colors.

You can also plant them in the containers. They look pretty in your garden. Planting pansies or violas is quite easy. You only have to follow the few given steps to plant it.

  • For pansies and violas, the soil should be moist and well-drained.
  • Dig the soil and sow seeds in the soil. Keep the distance between the plants at about 7 to 12 inches.
  • Give them an appropriate amount of water. Enough or less water also makes them fall.
  • Using a good fertilizer will help them to grow accurately.


Hardy Annuals

Sowing hardy annuals in Autumn is very suitable. Out of these annuals, you can sow some of them directly in the soil. You can grow larkspur, cornflowers, and poppies in the session of Autumn.

Hardy Annuals give your garden a wonderful look. Its colorful flowers give your eyes a lot of comforts. You can plant Hardy Annuals in this way;

  • First, weed-free the soil where you want to sow Hardy annuals. Dig the soil to about 4 inches depth.
  • Now, add the seeds to the soil and cover them lightly with soil. Keep the gap of about 0.5cm between the seeds.
  • Water the seeds well.



August is a great time to start planting your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers. But only all types of vegetables, fruits, or flowers grow well in august.

Therefore, you should first learn whether the fruits, vegetables, or flowers that you want to grow will flourish well in august or not. To help you plant the right thing in August, we have added a few vegetables, fruits, and flowers that you should try.

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