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Best Electric BBQ for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Best Overall
Duronic Electric Griddle GP20T

Best Outdoor Electric Grill
Tower Electric Indoor and Outdoor Party BBQ

Best Smokeless Grill
Kczazy Electric Grill

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When you want to buy the best electric BBQ, you need to ensure you’re ready for all of the delicious food you’re going to eat. Electric power is diffident to charcoal or even gas as it allows almost instant heat to your barbecue which means you’ll be grilling more often.

When you think about the long-term benefits of a barbecue, you find out cooking without oil can also come with multiple health benefits. But if you struggle to get the fire going to get your charcoal to act as fuel, you need to go electric.

Some of the best electric BBQs of the moment are made for both indoor and outdoor use. You can buy a small electric BBQ that’s going to sit on the table top. You can also buy a large barbecue with a personals stand which you can use outdoors similarly to a charcoal grill. This article names the best electric barbecues you can get for your home and it also explains what truly makes them a bit better than their competition.

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    Duronic Electric Griddle GP20

This large indoor electric griddle is one that impresses the most. It comes with a large grilling area of 52 centimetres and a width of 32 centimetres. This means it easily represents a good solution for large dinners and for those who need to cook for large groups.

Users like this griddle the most as it locks-in all of the essential cooking juices. Easily seen as one of the top options for grills which aren’t dry, it can be used for meats and vegetables even when you grill indoors. When you’re a true barbecue fan, you can’t wait for the summer to come around.

The BBQ may be simple but it comes with all the features you need for top performance. This includes a simple temperature control knob which allows you to set your desired temperature depending on the food you’re preparing. Its maximum temperature is 225°C.


Made with a non-stick cooking surface

Designed with heat resistant aluminium

It cleans with ice while still warm


Only suitable for indoor barbecuing

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    Tower Electric Indoor and Outdoor Party BBQ

This Tower BBQ is made for outdoor use but it can also be used indoors given its small size. It features non-stick ridged grill plates which allow it to cook foods efficiently on all sides. We like that these plates retain cooking juices resulting in delicious grills that are hard to match.

An adjustable thermostat allows the user to set the desired temperature of the heating element. We recommend lowering the temperature when grilling veggies such as asparagus, corn, or tomatoes. A heating tube is responsible for bringing the heat across the entire grilling surface. This means that no matter where you place your food, it still grills evenly as in the centre of the grill.


Backed by a 1-year warranty

Made with an adjustable thermostat

Designed with non-stick ridged grill plates


Heavy for indoor use

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    Kczazy Electric Grill

This smart grill is one of the top options for those who want to grill indoors. If you’re worried about smoke, you need to know there’s a small fan that will get all the air and possible smoke away from the grill faster.

Designed with a glass lid, this electric grill is among the best when it comes to indoor cooking. You can put it on the counter where it can prepare a steak, burgers, sausages, corn, pork, shrimp, or vegetables. With an adjustable temperature, you always know the right settings for these specific types of food.

We also like it uses LED illumination to signal when it’s grilling. You don’t have to burn your hands trying to check its temperature. With a removable griddle that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, this BBQ is ready to be used every day.


Great for healthy cooking

Included glass lid

Made with a smoke fan


Too small for outdoor use

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    George Forman BBQ Grill

The small George Forman BBQ is one of the best options for both indoor and outdoor grilling. Most of these versatile grills only say they’re good for grilling inside and outside of the house. But George Forman made a product that is superior to all others in terms of versatility.

Sitting on a tall leg, the BBQ is one of the leading options for those who want an improved grilling experience without any excessive bending that’s typical of using indoor grills outdoors.

A fat drip collection system is also added to the grill which is angled so that all juices are collected a bit easier. With the right size for couples or small groups, it can grill up to 15 portions per griddle, making it perfect for families and small parties.


Non-stick construction

Made for both indoor and outdoor use

Built-in status light


A bit wobbly

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    Tower Electric Indoor and Outdoor Grill

Available in multiple versions such as an indoor and outdoor grill or an electric health grill, Tower Electric’s grill is very easy to use. It features an in-line thermostat that you pull from left to right to increase the grilling temperature.

Built with an efficient grilling tube, the barbecue can be used for a variety of users. Ideally, it would only be seen as a setup for small groups. Ideal for camping and outdoor use, this electric grill with removable griddle can also be moved indoors during the cold winter months.


Ideal for camping

Covered by warranty up to 2 years

Made with adjustable grilling temperature


Small drip tray

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    George Foreman 25850 Smokeless Electric Grill

With a grilling surface of 37 x 33cm, the compact George Foreman indoor grill is mainly made for smokeless grilling. It can be one of your preferred indoor uses barbecues as it controls all smoke that comes from your food. This is the main reason the table top grill creates up to 80% less smoke than other barbecues and it represents a top option for cleaning as well.

Designed with easy to clean titanium, the electric barbecue is dishwasher-safe. Its titanium coating is considered superior to the ToughTM non-stick coating. But the little barbecue also features a practical profile as it snaps-in for easy assembly.


Made with variable heat control

Based on smokeless technology

It uses durable titanium infused non-stick coating


It takes a while to grill meats

How to choose the best electric BBQ

You should not be an expert in grilling to choose the best electric BBQ. From a few simple characteristics to check out before purchasing to ordering it online at retailers such as Amazon, the steps are quite simple. You can start by looking at the following features and design characteristics.

Grill size

The first important aspect of a grill is its size. How much food can you grill at once? This question is only answered by the size of the grill itself. Electric grills don’t have to be large to make the most of their power. You can see electric grills with a length of 30cm as some of those listed above that perform to a high standard continuously.

A large electric grill is already considered one with a length of 50cm. It can be the best option if you’re seeking to prepare foods for your family or large groups. Furthermore, you might also want to consider large grills if you love to prepare all of your food at once.

Small electric BBQ grills can be used indoors as well. You can grill delicious food multiple times per week with minimum smoke right inside the kitchen. Some even prepare breakfast on the grill. You can have soft pancakes and grilled eggs every morning without relying on a cooking pan.

Temperature adjustments

To prepare the most delicious food, you need to look at the adjustability of the barbecue. Temperature adjustments are key when it comes to grilling different types of meats and vegetables. Up to 220 degrees, you can expect various free temperature adjustments which allow you to easily follow grilling recipes.


How easy is it to clean your grill? The coating of the grilling surface is what answers this question. We prefer grills which can be cleaned with a cube of ice or those that can be put in the dishwasher. The cleaning surface always needs to be clean and germ-free and this is why this characteristic is a priority when making a purchase.

You can also consider the grills which come with an included fat drip tray. A simple cooking fat collecting method is going to save you from scrubbing the grill for minutes. Many people only get a grill if it comes with a stainless steel drip tray such as Tefal grills, Weber Pulse 1000 or Weber Pulse 2000 electric BBQ cookers.

Indoor vs outdoor electric grills

Electric grills tend not to be as popular as gas barbecues or charcoal BBQ for outdoor use. You need a power extender to grill outdoors. But if you find a close location to a power outlet, you can easily use an electric grill for outdoor cooking. Some of the best grillings are made at high temperature with high smoke which is certainly easier outdoors.

Some smaller electric grills can also be used indoors. Most of those who want to grill indoors typically choose an electric grill over other grills with other fuel types. There are not too many valid reasons to overlook this type of grill indoors.

If you also want to use an electric grill indoors, we strongly recommend looking for one with reduced smoke creation. A BBQ with low smoke is one you can use every day in your kitchen.

Final words

Some of the best electric BBQs are made to last for years based on cast iron construction. They simplify grilling methods considerably as they represent a top solution for those who don’t want to deal with bags of charcoal for charcoal barbecues, with gas tanks for gas barbecues or even with wood pellet grills.

All of the electric grills listed above are suitable small group grills. They can be used for the Saturday barbecue with friends and family or they can be used for daily grills inside the house. You can clean these barbeques easily if you follow the instructions in the user’s manual. We don’t recommend too much scrubbing as it can scratch the grill surface. Instead, you should look at non-invasive methods such as using ice cubs to clear off all the leftover fat and cooking residue on the grilling surface. Otherwise, you should only be looking for electric grills that are dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best outdoor barbecue?

The Tower Electric Indoor and Outdoor Party BBQ are best for indoor and outdoor use. Its large size and the large grilling surface makes it ideal for the outdoors. With side storage shelves, it can easily be used for large grilling jobs where it can hold all of your essential grilling cookware tools.

What should I look for when buying a BBQ?

You should look at the size, grilling surface materials, as well as for temperature thermostats when buying a grill. There’s certainly room for all of these in your electric grill as they can make your life easier.

Is higher BTU better for BBQ?

Higher BTU only refers to higher energy output. But most modern electric grills that come with adjustable temperature for a hot plate are perfect for any types of foods which includes meats, kebabs, and burgers.

How long do electric grills last?

Electric grills easily last for a few years. Some of those reviewed above even come with a 2-year warranty which recommends them as safe purchases even further. Most of these grills are also sold under extended warranty policies which are a bit better for longevity.