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Best Grass Seeds for Fast Growing

Best Overall
A1LAWN AM Pro-26 10kg

Best for Difficult Ground
Canada Green Grass Seed

Best for Durability
Gardeners Hard-Wearing Lawn Grass Seed

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The best grass seed is used to create the most beautiful lawns. You can now buy these seeds at a very low price and most of those interested in them are going to have to learn how to grow grass seeds as well.

If you think the grass is just grass, you need to continue reading. Now all grass seeds are the same. Some have even been created to retain water, which can be helpful in areas known for prolonged drought. It’s certainly worth checking out which grass seeds work best for your garden and what makes them so good in this article.

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    A1LAWN AM Pro-26 10kg

This 10kg bag of grass seed is made for up to 285m2 lawns. Suitable for front yard and back yard lawns, a 10kg bag of this seed is used to create mature lawns with different types of grass for long wear.

It comes with 40% dwarf perennial ryegrass that comes with the vast leaves and that looks the best. It then adds 50% strong creeping red fescue for lawn strength and 10% chewings fescue.

With quick-growing cycles, the grass should start to become visible within 3 days. Most users report having a beautiful lawn within 10 days, but with daily watering. We also recommend using a few sticks with some old T-shirts to keep the birds munching the seed its early days of growth.


It covers small lawns

Quick grass growth within days

It combines 3 types of grass


Extra bags needed for large lawns

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    Canada Green Grass Seed

This type of best grass seeds on Amazon is made for all types of lawns. The bag contains a mix of grass seeds and it offers one of the most beneficial packs to those who want to see results in a day. Even the manufacturer states 14 days is all that it takes for the grass to grown.

With quick germination, the first sprouts are even seen within a few days. But the interesting fact about these grass seeds is that they grow fast both in the sun and in shady areas. This is why its recommended for all parts of the country.

A single bag of Canada Greed Grass Seed covers up to 23.5m2. But this also depends on the type of ground you want to seed germination. For example, if you’re adding the seeds to a ground that already has some grass patches on it, you might even use one of these bags to cover larger areas.


Seeds grow in the sun and in shade

Fast germination

Made by combining various types of grass


Small bag

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    Gardeners Hard-Wearing Lawn Grass Seed

This hard-wearing lawn grass seed is our recommendation for large gardens and lawns. It can be one of the bestseller options for long gardens where you take occasional walks. It may also be one of the best types of grass seeds if you have kids who might also be running around the lawn frequently.

Each bag comes with 70% Lolium perennial ryegrass mixed with 30% creeping red fescue. These 2 types of grass seeds start to germinate within a few days, ideally in most soft soil where they can grow fast. But we also like the seeds come in various sizes. The standard grass seed bag weighs 5kg. But these bags are available in weights up to 25kg which means you can easily germinate your lawn a few times if you’re looking for thick grass aspect.


Made with 2 types of grass

Hard-wearing combination

Available in multiple sizes


Not as soft as other types of grass

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    GBW Grass Seed Covers

These high-quality grass seeds are made in a unique mix for a lawn that looks close to perfect. It uses 40% maxima strong creeping red rescue, 10% bokser dwarf amenity ryegrass, 33% transate dwarf, 12% Bellaire, and 5% Highland Brown top Bent grass.

This unique mix creates one of the thickest general purpose lawns you can hope to recreate at home. Packed in small 1kg bags, the seeds are perfect for small batches of land. But you can always order more bags if you like how the grass looks and if you need to cover larger areas.


The most complex seed mix

UK-tailored mix

It covers up to 34 square metres


Only sold in 1kg bags

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    GroundMaster Hard Wearing Premium Back Lawn Grass Seed

Used for repairing lawns, this grass seed mix is among the options you have for regular lawns or for play areas. It uses a mix of double loliu, troya lolium, and maxima festuca to create a strong layer of grass.

While you can use these premium quality seeds to repair current lawns, the best-looking results come with new lawns. Results are seen within a few days in both cases and letting the grass grow fully before mowing the hard wearing lawn seed is going to offer the best results.


Available in sizes from 1 to 25kg

Made for gardens

Thick grass lawn


Not to be spread open as advertised

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    GoodGrow Hard Wearing Grass Seed

Particularly useful for UK lawns, these grass seeds are among the best for national use. Made to last a bit longer, they also take a bit longer to germinate. While it can take up to 30 days to see the grass grow from seeds, GoodGrow recommends having patience as the results are worth it.

There are 2 main methods these seeds can be used in. They grow on fresh land and on existing lawns. You can use 400 grams of seeds on surfaces of 9-sqm on existing lawns and 16m2 in existing lawns where you only need to act on certain patches for reseeding on any soil type.


Mad for UK lawns

Thick lawn results

Suitable for existing lawns


It takes a while for seeds to germinate

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    Speedy Seed Grass Lawn

Speedy Seed offers these grass seeds to cover surfaces of up to 9 square meters. If you already have a lawn that doesn’t look as great, you can also choose to purchase these seeds as they can cover up to 25 patches that can germinate beautifully.

It can take up to 7 days for these seeds to germinate. The final results are lush with vivid green colour. You can create your beautiful lawn early in the spring to enjoy for the entire year. Patch-free lawns are some of the cheapest methods to elevate the look of your garden.


It covers up to 25 lawn patches

7-day germination

Made with pet urine neutralizer


Packed in cardboard boxes

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    Plantworks Ltd Empathy Lawn Seed

This blend of grass varieties is perfect for new lawns. It comes with root-grown mycorrhiza fungi that help the seeds bind to the ground a bit better. These characteristics recommend these grass seeds for some of the harshest conditions where new lawns are needed.

While these seeds are made to resist drought, you still need to water them properly to germinate. Ready to cover surfaces of up to 28m2, these seeds are also certified by the Royal Horticultural Society. They are also recommended with Plantworks’ Biostimulant for fast germination.


Made with proven seeds

Includes good fungi

Perfect for new lawns


Only available in small packs

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    A1Lawn 5Kg Top Quality Grass Lawn Seed

The 5kg formula of the grass lawn seed is recommended for its great sowing rate. You typically sow around 35 grams of seeds per square meter. Given these seeds are mixed, you’re going to get a great lawn that is an excellent foundation for a garden that looks impressive.

Made for greener grass, this value 5kg version of the lawn seed is perfect for small patches and small gardens. You could even sow a completely new space in your garden to create a unique-looking garden of up to 142 square meters.


Made with mixed grass

Suitable for new lawns

Great sow ratio


It needs a good fertiliser

  • 10

    Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete

This ornamental lawn food can be added to any lawn seeds above for it to grow a bit better. Several users rely on this Evergreen Complete mix from April to September to kill weeds and moss. It can be added to just about any lawn to work as grass food. You don’t even need to water it initially. But if there’s no rain after a few days, you can consider watering the mix so that it starts to act as grass food.


Suitable for all types of grass

Made for a thicker and healthier lawn

Best for strong roots


Not safe for pets

How to choose the best grass seed for fast germination

When it comes to the best grass seeds for germination, its crucial to find the right time to do your research. Nothing impacts more the aspect of your garden than the lawn and how the grass looks. Trees can look better when the lawn is green and healthy. But all decorative plants can look pale when the lawn is patchy or dry.

We recommend considering the type of grass your lawn needs. Some of the UK-specific types of seed are those that accommodate well into high humidity and heavy rainfall. But as we’ve seen above, some of the best grass seed is made for both lawns growing in the sun and for lawns growing in shaded areas. Here are a few considerations to help you make your decision a bit easier.

The surface of your lawn

How big is your lawn? If you have a typical lawn of up to 200m2, you should be able to only use one bag of grass seed even if you’re growing it from scratch. The real problem lies in the large area lawns’ surface where you need to calculate your seed needs.

One pro tip is to always order just a bit more grass seed than you think you need on large lawns. This is due to the inevitable patches which can appear on some of the largest lawns. It can be said the risk of seeing areas with no growth increases with the size of the lawn.

New lawn or existing lawn

One of the main questions you might ask yourself is if to plant seeds on new lawns or improve the old lawns you already have. Ideally, you need to prepare the ground properly before you consider any measure. Then, you need to add a bit more seeds in the areas that have no grass.

Growing a new lawn over your existing dry or patchy lawn is also possible. You should be able to find the best results when you prepare the ground and when you soften it a bit. In both cases, the moist ground is going to be the best ground to plant your seeds in.

Lawn purpose

What is the purpose of your lawn? Is it purely decorative or do you want to allow your kids and pets to run and play on it? If you need a lawn that resists all of these scenarios, you need high-wear grass that is among the best when it comes to the overall durability. Seed blends are best for such high-wear lawns.

Germination time

It usually takes anywhere between 2 to 30 days for the seeds to germinate. You might need to water them if they don’t germinate. If there’s no rain a few days after you’ve expected germination, you should also water the seeds to see the first signs of growth.

However, most lawns can be fully developed within 10 days. It shouldn’t take too long for germination, especially if you use special nutrients such as the Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete we recommend above.

Seed blend

Not all seeds are created equal. You need to look into which of the seeds are best for your lawn. EU standards specify the minimum purity level of each bag of grass seed and it can be a good start for an inspired choice. However, most seed blends combine a couple or all of the following seeds.

  • Dwarf ryegrass
  • Strong red tall fescue
  • Creeping red fescue
  • Meadowgrass
  • Sheeps fescue
  • Bowling greens
  • Dark greens

These seed blends typically have similar germination periods. You’ll see all of the seeds grow at the same time. Again, preparing the ground properly is what will make this task considerably easier.

Final words

Some of the best grass seed for growing is, in fact, a combination of seeds. As seen from the examples previously described, these grass seeds are those that are responsible for the creation of a complete thick green lawn. You can’t expect your lawn to grow to perfection with a single type of grass as this is rare even in nature.

You then need to have a watering schedule. Simply growing the lawn during the summer can be complicated in the high heat and dry soil. Ideally, the soil should be moist when you add the seeds. This is what’s going to make your grass such as the one from Grass People Superstar grow faster and thicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fast-growing grass seed?

The best fast-growing grass seed is the A1LAWN AM Pro-26 10kg. It’s impossible not to see growth with these seeds. You might even think about using these seeds every year on dry patches as growth is nearly guaranteed. Users have seen these seeds grow even with minimum rainfall.

What's the best grass seed UK?

The best grass seed in the UK climate is the GBW Grass Seed Covers. With a special lawn seed mix that is specific to the UK weather conditions, you are guaranteed to have some of the best grass on your best lawn, just as the one in the Highlands.

Should I cover grass seed?

You should cover the grass seed with a thin layer of soil. This prevents the seeds from drying in the sun but it also keeps them safe from pigeons and birds waiting for them just around the corner. It’s best to cover these seeds with the ground and then water the ground to favour high moisture and quick growth.

How do I prepare my lawn for seeding?

You can add fertilizer to the prepared flat ground before adding seeding. Lime is added to break down the acids in the soil. The next step is to evenly distribute grass seed without overseeding or expecting the seed mixture to grow on sandy soil. You can even proceed to cover the seeds with the ground. You can mow the grass typically after a few weeks of growth.