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Only the best garden sheds can be considered due to possible build quality issues. If you’ve ever tried to save on garden sheds, you know that a low price usually translates into low-quality products. This is why you need to invest smartly as we’ve seen people who have garden sheds which last years.

There are all types of garden sheds buying built today. Some are made out of metal. Others are made out of wood. Their size varies as well. Even design is not what it used to be. So which garden shed is best for you? This article looks at the best garden sheds of the moment, why they’re so good and how you should approach purchasing one for your home. It might be a fun experience so make sure you read the article as we’ll share a few secret tips on how to integrate these sheds with any gardens.

12/17/2022 12:45 am GMT

Best for Large Yard
Duramax ECO Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed Duramax ECO Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed

Duramax makes one of the best garden sheds of the moment. You can find their 10 x 10ft metal garden shed as the best solution for durability and storage space. Some people store all of their gardening tools here. You can even store firewood in it. Some would even consider it as the perfect space for a home gym or even a summer house.

The versatility of this heavy-duty shed impresses the most. It features double doors which means it might fit in tight places where standard doors that open to the exterior might not fit. We also like the added air vents. This prevents mould and it keeps some type of airflow inside the shed which is also important.

Made from galvanized steel, this shed also scores highly on ease of assembly. You can put it together yourself but having a friend or your partner help is a major plus as well. Some even have it assembled in a couple of hours ready to store their lawnmowers as well as other gardening tools quickly.

The shed doesn’t score highly in terms of design, however, its dark green finish looks good, but the metal structure is not the most elegant. However, given its cheaper than its wooden alternatives and probably more durable as well, it’s the first option on our list.

  • Perfect for large yards
  • Made from durable galvanized steel
  • Included corrosion protection finish
  • Not the most elegant shed
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12/17/2022 01:00 am GMT
Best for Small Tools
Easipet Wooden Garden Shed Easipet Wooden Garden Shed

Specifically made for tool storage, the Easipet Wooden Garden Shed is one of our favourites as well. It looks and feels like a high-quality product and since it’s made out of wood, it can also be painted in a DIY project.

With a height of just 37 inches, it can be considered for small tools such as shovels, paint, or gas. You can keep most of your gardening tools in it if you love to take care of flowers or if you love animals and you need a few accessories to grow them properly around the house. But you can also simply use it as an outdoor storage space to clear out clutter inside your house.

Made from fir wood similar to shiplap cladding style sheds, this best shed is similar to a cupboard in size. But it comes with its own rubber feet which means it won’t sit directly on the ground. You don’t need a foundation for it either. Louvred doors are added to the shed. This maintains good air circulation. Even if you store wet gardening tools in it, they still dry quickly with superior airflow.

Assembly is fairly quick and most people can do it without any help. It only requires you to put 6 panels together and the shed setup is ready. With a simple design, this small shed can be used in smaller gardens. You can install it next to a fence, next to a garage, or next to your house.

  • Made from lightweight fir wood
  • Installs in minutes
  • Designed for superior air circulation
  • Small for some homes
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12/17/2022 12:43 am GMT
Best Height
Duramax 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed Duramax 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed

This large garden shed is many with one of our favourite materials, vinyl. It uses a panel structure for quick assembly and it also comes with one of the most appealing designs of the moment. Duramax is known to make some of the most durable sheds of the moment, but they take it a step further with the Vinyl Shed.

This garden shed has been tested for snow weight. It handles up to 20lbs of snow per square foot. This is why you buy garden sheds from a reputable manufacturer and not from some copycat name that has no safety standards and no quality testing.

Made to resist all weather conditions, this shed is also practical. You access it using 2 large front doors. Unlike other sheds, it also comes with windows which ensure it’s not completely dark inside when you try to find some small gardening tool. Air vents are also added above the door so that you can leave your grill there without all of your tools smelling like barbecue a few days later.

  • Tall at 73 inches
  • Made with multiple windows
  • You can pressure wash it
  • Poor temperature isolation
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/17/2022 12:45 am GMT

How to choose the best garden sheds

With thousands of garden sheds to choose from, you might be tempted to simply think they are all the same. But the differences in quality is immense and it’s worth checking out what you’re paying for. Since you are going to use them for years, these garden sheds need to be durable and practical. The last thing you want is for them to be a waste of time with continuous repairs. Here’s what you need to consider.

Stored items

Do you have saws, bulb planters, gloves, pitchforks, shovels, and sprinkles to store? All of them can be easily stored in a garden shed together with other gardening tools. We love that you can be as organized as you want with these sheds for gardens, but you need to consider which tools are going inside.

If you have multiple shovels, you’ll struggle to simply store them in a small shed. If you need room for a wheelbarrow or your lawnmower you’ll also want to ensure there’s sufficient room for them. The idea is that you want to match the size of the shed to space your tools need plus a little bit extra as there are always new tools that come to your garden every summer.

You might also think about the types of requirements certain garden tools have. For example, you might want to ensure your lawnmower gets sufficient air circulation so that it doesn’t serve as a mould breeding ground. All of these elements are important when it comes to the elements you store and the type of storage shed that is best suited for them.


We always recommend buying a large shed when possible. Why you pay more for these sheds, you also get more garden storage space and you can clear out your basement or your home from clutter. You can also store all types of other sports gear in the shed such as mountain bikes. You don’t have to carry dirty bikes inside of the house anymore when you know they’re protected from the rain inside a shed.

On the other hand, small gardens are limiting your storage shed size. Even if you fit a large shed in a small space, it will look disproportionate and it will make your house look weird. You want a shed to also add to the way your garden looks improving its aesthetics.

But large garden sheds may also be a solution for a long list of objects you only use some times of the year. They can store your barbecue which might only be used in the summer. But sheds might also be used for sleighs which you probably only use a few times per year. All of these take up space and you can organize them properly in the right-size shed. Corner sheds tend to be larger than standard sheds.


Did you know that not all garden sheds are made out of wood? Materials have evolved and we now have sheds that are made from various chemicals such as polyurethane or even from steel. Here’s what you can expect with each of these materials.


Hardwood garden sheds tend to be expensive. But we all agree they can look attractive at times. Wood is very versatile and mankind has used it in your homes for years. It’s a material that doesn’t cause any health concerns but the amount of wood we have available is diminishing. Still, a wooden garden shed is often the best in terms of insulation. Your lawnmower might not be dealing with frost in the winter when the walls of the shed are thicker.

Wood is not a low maintenance material. You might need to repaint your wooden shed every 2-3 years. You also need to ensure its bottom base isn’t laying directly on the ground as water damage is irreversible damage to the wood. The material can also be heavy to move in case you decide you need your quality shed in another corner of the garden. You might also want to check if its 1 year or 2-year anti-rot guarantee of the wooden shed before the purchase.


The almighty steel is another top option for your garden building. Highly durable, it can be the right material in a shed you use for life. Metal comes in all shapes and sizes and not all garden sheds made out of it are of the highest quality.

However, galvanized steel sheds are some of the best when it comes to overall durability. You rarely have to paint a finished steel shed unless you start seeing signs of rust. You might also want to consider this material if you want to easily move your quality shed sometime in the future.

There are drawbacks to it, however. Steel sheds aren’t elegant. Even if they are nicely painted, they can’t be as elegant as wooden sheds. They are also very noisy on rainy days. However, steel sheds offer the best value for money as you won’t need to upgrade them due to materials falling apart in the future.

We recommend taking a steel garden shed seriously when it comes to assembly, however. If you manage to put it together on the main structure or support poles, there are no reasons to worry about for years. You might come back in a few years to tighten nuts, hasps, and bolts, but that’s about all you have to do with these sheds.


Plastic in its many forms is one of the most popular materials for cheap garden sheds. There are so many ways of seeing these sheds due to the fact they all look so different. From the flimsy shed that gets blown away during the first storm to the thick-walls garden shed made out of plastic that looks like a dollhouse, there, are plenty of options to consider.

Let’s start with the weight argument. Plastic garden sheds are lightweight. As a result, you can easily assemble them yourself. You don’t have to be an architect to figure out how its panels are put together.

Then there’s maintenance. You can pressure wash your plastic garden shed as often as needed. Does it get dirty frequently? Simply pressure wash it to look pristine again. This isn’t always an option with wooden sheds.

Some may even argue plastic garden sheds look better. If you have kids, they might feel tempted to play inside a bit more than within an industrial-looking metal garden shed. Depending on the design you choose, good plastic garden sheds can be rare but worth the research time.

Roof design

Almost all garden sheds come with a different roof design. 1 or 2-panel apex roofs are popular as they are easy to install. However, we’ve seen barn-style garden sheds with 4 roof panels that need to be put together. Headroom is also important and roof height is crucial here.

The design of the roof is important on how it deals with rain and snow, much like with the roof of a house. The idea is for the water to drain quickly and for the roof to hold up possible snow during the winter.

It’s also important to note the roof can have a structural aspect to it, unlike with most house roofs. Many garden sheds are completely assembled when the apex roof panels join and hold the sidewalls, which gives the roof more importance in the overall garden shed durability. The main idea here is that you need roofs made from strong materials with good guttering.

Shelving and hanging accessories

Did you know you can add shelves to your shed? Or did you know some sheds come with hanging hooks for garden tools and gardening clothes? The way you arrange your tools, boxes and clothes inside the garden shed is also important.

Most garden sheds come with no shelves at all. You need to consider your budget spending with some stackable shelves if you want to make the most out of the space and if you like to be organized. Coat overhang hooks might also be available and compatible with some sheds.

We recommend buying shelves for all of your small garden equipment and other items. You can use small boxes to hold all scissors, tape, and other similarly small objects and then place them on shelves. You can also leave a free wall inside the shed to hang your gardening clothes such as a raincoat which you don’t want to bring inside the house.

Maintenance requirements

Every garden shed comes with a user’s manual. Apart from assembly instructions, this is also where you find out how you should take proper care of your shed. It might take a few minutes to read, but it’s worth it in the long term.

This is also where you find information about storage shed maintenance. You might not be allowed to pressure wash it at all. You might even learn your garden shed needs spare parts in the future and that you can’t throw all of the extra spares that come in the box when it’s shipped to your home. Garden shed is minimum if it exists at all. But it’s worth giving it at least some attention.

Overall aesthetics

How do you shed look? Do you want to get compliments for it from your guests? The way a shed looks impacts the entire garden and even the house. A cheap shed will make your garden look cheap. A shed that’s falling apart is also going to put you in a bad natural light.

Shed design has never been as complex as today. You find sheds with windows, air vents, and even with multiple doors which can often be secured with a padlock. This is why it’s crucial to consider how a shed fits in the overall aesthetics of your home. Some of those who truly look good include Pent sheds, Apex sheds, Billyoh sheds, Forest Garden sheds, Tongue and Groove, Yardmaster, Waltons, and Keter sheds.

You may even consider rearranging an entire outdoor space next to your shed. You might need a pathway created or you might even install a garden bench next to it. There are many ways in which you can integrate a utilitarian shed in beautiful garden design.

You can also consider painting your garden shed if you want it to blend in with the overall aesthetics of your home. As with the assembly process, you need to ensure you abide by all planning permissions before you paint your shed. Local municipalities might enforce a certain type of look for all garden sheds and it’s worth asking local authorities about this issue. It might prevent you from paying a large fine somewhere down the line


How long does it take to assemble your garden shed? Do you live on your own or do you have someone to help you assemble your shed? Maybe you want to learn more about shed shiplap overlap cladding before you install it. You should keep in mind that some of the largest garden sheds can’t be assembled by yourself. You might need a bit of help installing them, especially the pent roof.

Foundation and floors

Most garden sheds come with no foundations and no floors. Some send out modular wooden foundations with the shed which you need to assemble on the ground first. However, we strongly advise you to build a small foundation from cement. This is going to be the sturdiest structure for your garden shed and it represents one of the top options for the overall hold up in case of heavy rainfall.

The floor of your garden shed is also important as it keeps water and dirt out. You may need to install flooring on top of the cement foundation just to complete your garden shed. We recommend using materials that are durable and that are also easy to clean for your floor.

In terms of sizing, the foundation needs to be at least as large as the shed itself. You might also want to consider making your foundation larger, especially in front of the shed where you come and go to prevent dirt from getting inside of your shed and to avoid cleaning it to often.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality garden shed?

Duramax ECO 10′ x 10′ Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Waterproof and Weatherproof Garden Shed is the best in terms of quality. Its strong metal panels are some of the most durable. The shed also requires no maintenance making it one of the strongest in its class.

Which shed is better wood or metal?

Wooden garden sheds are better for higher budgets and for those who want to elevate the look of their home. Metal garden sheds are a bit more affordable and they also last longer. However, they aren’t as elegant as timber sheds.

Do metal sheds suffer from condensation?

Most metal sheds can suffer from condensation when there’s insufficient airflow inside. This means that if you want to buy a metal shed, you should only get one that comes with windows or with air vents. Windowless sheds aren’t recommended. This keeps condensation away and it might even protect goods such as gardening equipment ols or bicycles.

Are plastic or wooden sheds better?

Plastic wooden sheds are better than wooden sheds in terms of acquisition cost. They also hold up better when it comes to cleaning. You can pressure wash plastic sheds which aren’t normally allowed with wooden sheds.

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