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Best Pond Pumps for Garden Ponds

OaseAquaMax Eco Filter and Pond Pump

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TK Gardening Solar Fountain Pump

Lonuo Fountain Pump

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Have you ever tried to create a pond from scratch? It doesn’t ever look finished and it even looks bland at times. But the best pond pump can be one of the accessories to consider if you want to liven up your outdoor space.

Small ponds can set gardens apart. Some only add to the way a garden looks while others are part of a complex design that also makes the house look better. But the problem lies in how you choose the pond and equipment, such as the pond pumps. This article gives you a few examples of how the best pond pumps should work and it also teaches you how to choose one for your pond.

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    OaseAquaMax Eco Filter and Pond Pump

How difficult it is to install both a filter and a pump in a small pond? Only some of those passionate about gardening know. But OaseAquaMax offers a complete filtering solution that works impressively for both tasks. Its 2-in-in design also means you get to save money.

In terms of performance, the pump works with up to 8.5 cubic meters per minute. Based on German engineering, the pump is also expected to last. Some fans of the manufacturer even recall having products that work for 9-10 years without maintenance.

The filtering function is also a major plus of the AquaMax. It stops all particles that are smaller than 8mm which is a considerable advantage when it comes to enjoying a clean pond with clear water. For a pond of around 800 gallons, this little pump is everything you need to get the water moving.


Made with an included filter

Consistent flow rate on ponds of up to 800 gallons

Made with German engineering


Large at a size of 21 x 30cm

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    TK Gardening Solar Fountain Pump

If you want to create a unique pond with water shooting up and plenty of people stopping by to take photos, you need the Solar Fountain Pump. Designed to work on solar power, this is also the environmentally-friendly solution for your garden. Its balanced performance is a bit more then you expect.

Another pleasant surprise comes from its 6 sprays modes. This gives you the freedom of creating a different-looking pond every week. The various effects are certainly made to draw in attention. Since the pond pump is also floating, you may as well install it in water containers or in fish tanks during the winter to move the action indoors.


It runs on a 1.2W solar panel

Based on 6 water spraying modes

Also useful for water circulation


Not powerful on cloudy days

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    Lonuo Fountain Pump

With an upgraded solar panel, the Lonup Fountain Pump is another leading option for your garden pond. It features a simple floating design with an included water-level monitoring tool. This is how you know your pump is going to stop working if the water level gets too high.

The quality of the materials also impresses. Take the solar panel as an example. It uses a monocrystalline panel to harness the sun’s energy that then powers the pump’s spraying action. The manufacturer even prides itself with the final result of the solar panel which still works if half of is accidentally covered by debris as with most solar pumps.

With a 1.4W power, the water pump can shoot water up to a few feet in the air. There are 6 spraying modes and you can leverage them to the advantage of your pond as it can look differently whenever you feel like changing up the spraying pattern for new watercourse.


It shoots water up to 70cm high

Ships with 6 sprinkler heads

Compatible with fish ponds and garden ponds


A bit noisy

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    Hozelock Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump

You can choose Hozelock’s pump when you’re tired of your old pump moving around the pond. Hozelock added a weight plate at the bottom of the pump so that it’s always stable, even when the water is sent out with full power.

An anti-clog foam-free inlet has been installed on the pump. It keeps it running for longer without user intervention and it represents one of the crucial elements in the overall reliability even on the days you don’t have time to check your pond.

At a size of 31 x 17cm, the external pump isn’t the biggest one either. With its medium size, it doesn’t take up too much space and this is why it might also be a top choice for small ponds where you want to spray the water up in the air with power for an impressive pond fountain look.


Designed with 4 strong rubber suction cups

Compatible with vertical and horizontal mounting

Made with a 25W motor


Noise at full power

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    Jebao XTP-10000 Water Filter Pump

This 68W filter pump is one of the most powerful in its class. It impresses even those who’re not interested in pond pumps with its high performance. In figures, it keeps up to 10,000 litres of water in motion every hour as a pond filter.

This powerful performance is what prompted so many users to rely on it when it comes to 24/7 action. It can work with low energy consumption which also makes it a safe pump to use for continuous action during the summer.

There’s a smart fuse installed on the submersible pump as protection as well. This is why it stops whenever the motor overheats to prevent any damages. As a result, you can allow it to pump water non-stop.


Included 10m cable

It connects to hoses up to 40mm

Made with a thermal fuse


Noisier than its rivals

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    PondXpert Mighty Mite Pond Pumps

If your pond isn’t known for its filtered water, you need a robust free delivery pump if you want to enjoy your little gazebo. Dealing with solids of up to 4mm, the PondExpert pond pump is among the most interesting in its class.

Running on 35W, it’s also a submersible pump that’s a bit more energy-efficient than most of its rivals. However, it doesn’t have the most powerful performance as a result. Still, having the capacity to pump 2,000 litres of pond water per hour, it can be a good solution for small garden pumps with just sufficient results to make the entire setup look better.


Backed by a 3-years warranty

It handles 4mm solids

Compatible with hoses of up to 32mm


No solar panel energy alternative

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    Blagdon 3500 Midipond Pump to Run Fountains

Compatible with multiple running modes that include a pond waterfall, a fountain, and a filter, this little pump kit is ready to work around the clock. If your garden pond has dimensions of up to 3.6 meters x 1.6 meters x 0.52 meters, it can handle all of these tasks with success.

In such a pond, it handles up to 3150 litres of water per hour. However, its motor is also compatible with larger ponds of 6 meters x 5.3 meters in size in a waterfall function that pours up to 5,472 litres per hour.

But we also like the added low-velocity filter. It prevents the pump from clogging and it offers one of the best options for those seeking maximum 24/7 efficiency with minimum to no supervision.


The most potent pumps for large ponds

Sold with a 3-year warranty

It includes multiple fountain heads


Not the most affordable pond pump

How to choose the best pond pump

Choosing a pond pump might not be as easy as many expect. Hundreds of pumps fail every day and many of those who love ponds end up giving up their dream altogether. But there are alternatives as those listed above and most of them are even more affordable than some of the premium brands sold in stores. Here’s how to choose one yourself.

Maximum water height

What is the maximum height water can reach when pumped out of the pond? The pumps listed above can shoot the water up to 1.5 meters in the air. This is a good indication of what you can expect in terms of performance.

But most ponds don’t need the water to shoot as high. The smaller the pond, the smaller the water pond pump it needs. However, you also need to take into account that a pump that is losing power such as those running on solar panels won’t have the capacity to shoot water as high.

Pump wattage

With pumps between 35w and 80w, you need to know what energy consumption to expect. Since your pump tends to run 24/7 or at least 12 hours per day, you might need to think about energy consumption and its cost on the long-term, especially when running multiple pumps and an additional air pump for the pond. Evolution Aqua, Koi Pond, Pondomax, and Pontec are a few names known for their energy-efficiency even when situated in ponds with heavy fish food or pond plants.

Power alternatives

If you think your energy cost is too high, there’s always the eco-friendly solar panel power alternative.e As seen with a few of the designs reviewed above, you can still find a good pond pump that runs on solar energy and that doesn’t make you regret not getting a regular pump. As long as the solar panel gets sufficient sunlight, the pond pump works in optimum parameters.

Additional functions

You might have seen some of the pond pumps above come with a filter function. These generally filter all particles that are smaller than 8mm. You have the chance of getting your hands on one of these pumps with a filter function today.

Your pond has the chance of being particle-free. All of the small debris that gets into your pond can slowly take away some of its appeals and you want to keep the water as clear as possible for the best visual effects later on such as on Koi, UVC, Aquarius, Underlay, EasyClear or Skimmers pond liners. Some of these even feature pond thermometers.

Safety certifications

IP68 CE safety certifications are a minimum standard for these pond pumps. Most users don’t care about safety certifications as most pond pumps are affordable and easy to run. You also get to learn more about these safety certifications when you replace a few pond pumps and when you start to spend more.

In terms of child safety, you should ideally be looking for friendly solar-powered pond pumps. These are known for having a simpler profile and since there’s no direct power running through them, they also tend to be safer. On the other hand, the small solar panel tends to attract the attention of kids who are often tempted to take it away from its location potentially damaging the monocrystalline surface.

Final words

Some of the best pond pumps are now backed by lengthy product warranty. They can be superior to other pond products from this perspective as you have the peace of mind knowing your pump will run without hesitation for a long time.

But you also need to consider the size of your garden pond. A small pond pump is not going to have any visual impact in a large garden pond. This is why you need to look at the height the water gets with a certain pond pump as well as its gallons per hour capacity.

Our recommendation is to choose a solar panel-based waterfall pump if you don’t have the largest pond as this is the most cost-efficient method of running a garden pond. Otherwise, low wattage pond pumps such s the Hozelock Aquaforce can be the better alternative when you plan for it to run for the whole season, which normally covers the period between late spring and early autumn,

Frequently Asked Questions

What size pump do I need for my pond?

For a 1,000 gallons pond, you need to purchase a pond pump with a minimum 500 gallons of water per minute performance with stainless steel parts All of the pumps above meet these criteria.

Should I turn the pond pump off in winter?

Your water pump should be switched off during the winter. To avoid frost, you should even take your pond pump inside.

How long do water feature pumps last?

Quality pond pumps last anywhere between a few months to a few years. You can find the best pond pumps offer consistent results when it comes to maximum working capacity even when they’re switched on 24/7.