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Best Garden Hose

Best for Durability
GARDENA Premium SuperFLEX Hose

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ICONNTECHS IT Expandable Garden Hose

Best for Versatile Garden Uses
Cellfast Garden Hobby

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Gardening is as tedious as it is enjoyable. Watering your plants is one of the most important tasks you have to do at your garden on a daily basis, and how else would you bring that water but with a garden hose. Having this essential tool for your garden should help your gardening easier, not harder.

Without knowing the different types and different materials suitable for your garden, you will have the tendency to choose whatever cost less only to find out sooner or later that it’s not the right one, then you will end up buying another one. To make sure that you will get the best garden hose specifically for your need, here are the following products and their specifications you would want to check out!

  • 1

    GARDENA Premium SuperFLEX Hose

Garden hoses are susceptible to the heat of the sun and the ground. Therefore, it is important that you get yourself a garden hose that is UV resistant, durable, but also flexible just like the Gardena Super Flex Hose. This premium 50m water hose is made of the best quality materials of PVC spiral mesh textile that is free of harmful chemicals and plasticisers. It can tolerate 35 bar water pressure.

To ensure a secure connection between the hose pipe and the connector, Gardena equipped the Superflex hose with Power Grip. The grooves work like toothed wheels to interlock, to prevent the garden hose from slipping. This is perfect to be used with a wall-mounted hose reel without any problems. Guaranteed to last for many years.



Power Grip technology

Free of harmful chemical


Tends to tangle because of the length

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    ICONNTECHS IT Expandable Garden Hose

This extending hose begins with a length of 15 meters and can expand up to 50 meters once the water flows through the pipe. Made of double core latex, the piping is protected with a 3750D high-density polyester textile sleeve for strong reinforcement preventing kinks, cracks, and tears from damaging the rubber hose. The standard brass fitting is sized suitable for 3/4 inches and 1/2 inches tap, with leak-proof rubber washer inside, and can withstand 174 PSI water pressure for 1200 times use under the temperature of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The Iconntechs garden hose is light and compact. It’s easy to use with 8 spray gun pattern options to choose from. Best to be used in gardening, wash cleaning, and bathing pets. It’s easy to store, just roll it up altogether, put it into a knot and hang out of direct sunlight.


Compact and light


Dual-core latex

No leaks

Easy to store


The nozzle does not offer a gentle spray option

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    Cellfast Garden Hobby

The Hobby water hose from Cellfast is built to last under extreme cold to extreme heat. It is UV stabilised and the internal hose pipe is algae resistant. Made of tricot fabric with 6 layers double braid cross, this product is versatile to be a sprinkler hose together with Cellfast system parts. If you’re watering edible plants, Hobby is one of the best brands of hose to consider.

The internal part, as well as the external part of the hose pipe of this product, do not contain any harmful chemicals such as cadmium, lead, and Barium, ensuring the safety of the harvested plants in your vegetable garden. It is designed with an Anti-Twist System to prevent the hose from bending and twisting to prevent water blockage during use. With a wall thickness of 3mm, this 50-meter long water hose has a robust feel and a longer lifespan.



Versatile for any water hoses use

Good value for money


Attachment and fittings are required

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    SuperHandy Air/Water Hose Reel

The SuperHandy hose reel is the longest ever retractable polymer hose spring-driven, measuring 80 feet in length with 3/8 inches in diameter. The hose material is made of premium commercial hybrid flex polymer, a blend of rubber and PVC, providing the best bending flexibility but leaving no trace for kinks. No curling, it just lays flat. The hose is resistant to heat and can withstand a harsh environment and treatment. Can be used indoors and outdoors in roughest conditions and can handle water pressure of 300PSI.

The hose reel is made of ultra heavy-duty, industrial steel coated with corrosion-resistant powder. The reel design is equipped with a single adjustable guide arm and an L-shaped base with movement reinforcement for stable support. A full flow solid swivel joint attached to the base is designed to release the ratchet spring on a fully enclosed multi-position to lock the hose when reached the desired length to use. It also includes 4 non-snag rollers to reduce abrasion on the hose. The hose reel of SuperHandy has been approved and certified for safety.


Heavy duty

Versatile; can be used for water or air

Equipped with hose stopper and 4 non-snag rollers

Anti kink features

A flexible hose which bends but returns to original shape


A bit heavy

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    GARDENA Classic Hose Reel 10 Set

This garden hose set includes the essential accessory including, Gardena System fittings, tap attachment, reel, reel handle, and adjustable nozzle spray. If you’re an organized gardener, a reel is something you could use to keep your hose orderly. With a weight of 0.4 kilograms, it is light and compact enough to be carried and to be stored away when not needed. The reel design is triangular to give balance and stability. When the hose is being pulled, the reel will not tip over.

The garden hose is 10 meters in length, 1/2 inches in diameter. the hose can be rolled easily with the because of the reel handle. The hose connector is well angled on the hose trolley for continuous water flow, and prevent hose kink.


Stable reel

Lightweight and compact

No assembly required

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    LUFENG 2019 UPGRADE Garden Hose

In comparison to the first hose that Lufeng released, this upgraded garden hose is better. Designed durable, this extending hose is made from high-quality material of premium 3300D polyester silk, dual rubber hose pipe, metal zinc alloy spray, and 2 standards, 100 percent brass fittings that won’t crack, break, and corrode. Guaranteed longer service life with no tangles and kinks.

This extending hose starts at 17 feet in length and will expand up to 50 feet with 3 to 12 bar of water pressure. After all the water from the hose runs out, it will return to its shortened length for easier storage. It comes with 9 pattern spray gun including cone, shower, jet, angle, mist, soaker, center, full, and flat. Best for watering the garden, bathing pets, car wash, and all-around home cleaning that requires water.


Expandable hose

Light and compact


Comes with 2 standard brass fitting 1/2 inches and 3/4 inches to fit faucet requirement


Fittings don't go well with plastic taps

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    Mlife 100 FT Expandable Garden Hose

One of the best things about an extending hose is that it’s easy to store without having the need to wrestle with the hose’s full length. It is usually light and compact just like the Mlife expandable garden hose. This product’s retracted length starts at 33 feet and can expand 3x of its original size when the water from the tap is in full blast. The Mlife can handle water pressure as it is made durable from high density knitted polyester textile, and latex piping. The high-quality material prevents the hose from kinking, bursting, and tangling when in use.

The Mlife garden hose features solid 3/4 inches brass tap connectors and brass switch valves for shutting off the water supply without running to the tap which makes it easier to transfer from one area to another without spilling water if you’re switching from indoor to outdoor or vice versa. It comes with a spray nozzle with 9 standard functions for your gardening, utility, and cleaning needs.


Expandable hose with no kinks

Takes little storage space


Reasonable price for a durable and flexible hose


Does not come with a fitting adapter for other accessories

  • 8

    Hozelock Compact 2 in 1 Reel with 25m Hose

The Hozelock brand is one of the best selling brands when it comes to garden hoses. The compact 2 in 1 reel can be used free-standing or wall-mounted. The 25 meters hose is well protected by an enclosed casing to prolong its lifespan. It is equipped with a large winding handle for easy reeling of the hose including a viewing window to provide you full control and organized rewinding. The Hozelock compact has a folding carry handle for convenient and portable transport. It’s easy to assemble and Hozelock products have a full range of spares available without stressing out on finding a part replacement for repair.

The Hozelock Compact 2 in 1 comes with a reel. 25 meters multi-purpose hose with 1 nozzle, hose connector, 3/4 inches water stop, and 1/2 inches tap connector for wall fixings.


Reel enclosure

Light and portable

Can be used free-standing and wall mounted


The instructions in assembly must be taken will full attention and understanding

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    Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose

Regular rubber hoses tend to kink, and it is annoying because disrupts the continuous water flow from the tap to the nozzle. The Flexi hose makes sure that won’t happen to you. Made from the best quality materials of the thickest latex hosepipe and solid brass fittings, this expandable hose can endure water pressures of up to 12 bars and temperatures of up to 113℉.

The Flexi Hose is functional with its on and off valve, and 8 rotational nozzle spray gun options including vertical, flat, full, shower, center, stream, cone, and mist. Because of its incredible lightweight characteristic, it can be easily maneuvered even if it reaches its full length of 50ft. When all the water is exhausted, it shrinks down to its default length of 17ft.


Compact and light for easy storage

Kink free

Good value for money


The spray gun is not durable

  • 10

    HmiL-U Garden Hose

Garden hoses lying around the ground are a disaster waiting to happen. It’s easy to gather a shrunken hose than haul long rubber hoses. The HmiL – U hoses offer easy hose management with its non-woven storage bag and a heavy-duty hose hanger so you can store your hose in two ways. One is to put in the bag and put it away in a shelf or closet. Two is to fix the hose hanger on a wall or fence near the tap, and fix the hose fittings with the tap.

Using only the newest and best materials to manufacture this product, this garden hose has been tested and proven to last up to 1500 times of use under 6.0 kilograms of water pressure. The hosepipe is made of rubber interior and doubles outer webbing exterior. The fittings are made of solid brass that is applicable for low to high water pressure. Most of the sellers of this type of hose are made of plastic fittings that are not long-lasting. This garden hose also features 9 multi-functional spray guns to give you best options for your water discharge needs. This hose has a default length of 45 meters and can expand up to 150 feet.


Easy hose management


Reasonable price

Durable compared to other similar hose types


The spray gun cannot be substituted with other brands

  • 11

    Hozelock Auto Reel

This Hozelock auto reel is designed to be wall-mounted for the reel to easily wind and rewind during deployment. It features a 180-degree pivot which allows you to move in any part of your garden. The auto reel has a patented automatic rewind system is devised for the hose to self-layer neatly to the case without any kinks. Just like how seat belts work, you just simply have to pull the hose to unwind up to your desired length, then just give it a little tug to rewind when you’re done to enable the drum to unlatch.

The Hozelock Auto Reel case is made of durable polypropylene material, and it is made to be UV stabilised to protect the 40m hose inside from the harsh heat and rain to prolong its useful life. The screws and bolts provided for the wall mount are suitable for bricks, concrete, and stone. The reel can also be easily removed for winter storage. And another best feature of this product is its integrated padlock function to discourage theft and also serves as a child lock.

The hose Hozelock auto reel measures 40 meters in length and made of high-grade materials to avoid kinks.


Easy to maneuver

40 meters long hose

Provided screws and bolts for wall mount are compatible with hard surface walls


A bit pricey

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose

The best garden hoses are relative to the type of garden space you have and your preference on how to store it. There are garden hoses that tend to become brittle and weak when exposed to the heat of the sun, so if you have plans of leaving your garden hose outside, it’s always best to opt for a garden hose with UV protection, or with a reel hose enclosure.


Rubber hoses are usually covered with layers of plastic, fabric, or PVC to make them more durable. Most of the expanding hoses are made of latex with a high-density fabric that allows them to expand. However, these garden hosepipes are not puncture-resistant. Sharp objects that it might get rubbed into will cause it to leak. So, one must really consider the ground surface before purchasing this kind of hose.

Other than the hose pipe, the fittings normally come with the hose when purchased. Solid brass fittings should do best rather than plastic fitting which breaks easily.


Lengthy hoses are quite difficult to organize without a reel. If you have a vast garden and have a need for longer hoses, you have an option to fix a wall mount reel near a tap for easier access, an auto reel will be convenient, too. But if you wish to keep the hose indoors, you may want to consider the expandable one which shrinks when not in use for easy storage, but will still give you the sufficient length you need when watering your plants in the garden.


The best garden hose may also be determined by its accessories. A spray gun with various spray patterns is to look out for. This kind of garden hose accessory will give you options on the intensity of the spray to be released. This could be really practical if you have different kinds of plants and if you’re planning to use your garden hose multi-purposely for your household tasks.

The reel is also an accessory that you can use for proper storage. It also helps in keeping your hose organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all hose connectors the same?

Most residential hoses have the same internal diameter size of 5/8 inches. High flow or professional hoses have 3/4″ and commonly, the cheaper hoses have 1/2″.

Are brass hose fittings better than plastic?

Based on the material, when it comes to strength metal is stronger than plastic. The outer compression of the brass ring allows more attachment into the hose compared to the plastic counterpart.

Are expandable hoses worth it?

Expandable hoses have a definite advantage especially in being kink-free. This type of hose is also self-draining and absolutely the best when it comes to being compact and light.