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Best Gazebo Lights

Best for Ambiance
Amabana Outdoor Led String Lights

Best Budget
Solar String Lights Outdoor, OxyLED

Best for Gazebo Lighting
Lighting Ever 306 LED Curtain Fairy Lights

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Every outdoor garden needs not just ample outdoor lighting, but also aesthetically pleasing lights to garnish your garden and gazebo. Lights can certainly be used to set a relaxing mood in different parts of your living space. String lights always have their way to captivate people’s attention.

Installing outdoor lighting should be problem-free. But one should keep in mind that gazebo, garden lights, and gazebo lighting are exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, the durability of the lighting products and the safety of the power source should be taken into consideration to avoid any problem with the outdoor lighting. It’s always best to take a look at different lighting options suited for the outdoor lights to make sure you get the best value for your money. The following products will fulfill your garden lighting ideas.

  • 1

    Amabana Outdoor Led String Lights

The glow of these outdoor string lights can bring a warm, mesmerizing, and nostalgic vibe to your gazebo, garden, patio, deck, and porch. The Edison bulbs are the best lights to set a soft ambiance to your outdoor garden parties and banquets. These 48-foot outdoor string lights can generously light a lot of your garden space with their 15 LED power-saving light bulbs. The distance between each 1.5W led bulbs in the string lights is 3.2 feet which provides a vast coverage of garden lighting.

These weather-tight and connectable outdoor led string lights can be displayed all throughout the season. These string lights strand is protected with layers of insulation that can withstand any type of weather; from the summer heat and winter cold as well as rainy, windy, or damp climates.

A product with a CE certificate. Upon purchase, the package comes with 15 pieces light bulb, 1 piece 48 feet string lights, 15 sockets, and a user guide.


Amazing for setting an old school ambiance

LED bulbs have longer lifespan than incandescent string lights

Heavy-duty, commercial quality lights

Easy to install using cup hooks, guide wires, or zip ties to hang the string lights


Difficult to find a compatible extension cord for the product

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    Solar String Lights Outdoor, OxyLED

The OxyLED solar string lights provide much-needed illumination to your gazebo, garden, backyard, and fence. The stylish and effective string lights equipped with 33 feet wire, hanging hook and 32G40 LED lights are a great addition to your outdoor space without worrying about external power outlets. Other than direct sunlight, these solar lights can also be charged via USB which is suitable to any living spaces – indoor or outdoor, making them perfect for setting-up lighting ambiance to your dinner parties, picnic, or even a romantic gazebo date.

One of the best things about the OxyLED string lights is the automatic activation feature. The lights outdoor will automatically switch on at dusk and automatically turn on at dawn. Basically, once these lights harnessed enough solar power or charge, you can enjoy the lights at your gazebos or garden without flicking a switch. And because it runs on solar power, it will not be a burden to your electricity bill. In addition, the LED light bulbs are more efficient and energy-saving compared to tungsten light bulbs. A true money-saver.

There’s no need to worry about the weather when using these lights outdoor. The high-quality solar-powered lights can survive extreme heat, rain, snow, and even dirt. The solar panel is IP65 waterproof and the string lights are IP44 waterproof.

The solar string lights are not just practical but also beautiful.



Automatic activation feature

Bright and beautiful


Needs enough charge to stay on

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    Lighting Ever 306 LED Curtain Fairy Lights

Surrounding lights are the best gazebo lights. The warm white color of the LED curtain fairy lights will bring a cozy vibe to your gazebo. Running on low voltage, the 3.3 meters long fairy lights are safe to touch and won’t heat up which makes it suitable to embrace whether your outdoor gazebo or your bedroom wall.

The fairy lights have 8 light categories. 7 of which are dynamic changing lighting modes and an always-on mode. The best gazebo lighting to use on any occasion because of its versatility.

Customers’ reviews also revealed the long endurance of the product. They definitely got a good value for their money. After 18 months of use as gazebo lights, the lights are still working.


Great durability as gazebo lights, does not heat up

Changing lighting modes fit for any occasion

CE Certified power adapter


No dimmer

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    Metaku Ulanox Globe String Lights

Battery operated lights are famously used indoors. But the Metaku Ulanox globe string lights can also be used outdoors. These 32 feet string lights with 80 bright led lights inside a crystal globe, emit warm white lights enough to be used as gazebo lights or as garden hanging lights. Unlike other black wire fairy lights, this product is wrapped in a transparent tube making it consistent with its crystal-designed globe which brings out the best aesthetical feature. The strings are protected with PVC tubes to prevent damage and oxidization, for a long-lasting dreamy light effect ambiance in your garden and gazebos.

The led lights in this product are dimmable using a remote control. There are 10 brightness levels and 8 lighting modes adjusting to any lighting mood you choose. The battery case of fairy light string is waterproof and safe to use under any weather conditions.



Consistent style

Low voltage, safe to use


Lights are small

  • 5

    OxyLED Outdoor Garden String Lights LED

The LED light bulbs of these outdoor garden string lights are made from plastic which prevents them to break easily in case they drop. Ideal for giving your garden, gazebo, patio, backyard, or porch a rustic lighting ambiance. Furnishing your outdoor space with warm white lights bring forth a harmonious atmosphere.

This 52 feet globe string light comes with 15 pieces E27 sockets and 16 pieces of bulbs, including a spare bulb. It can withstand scorching summer, chilly winter, wind, rain, snow, and dampness.


Long, can cover a lot of areas

Great as inside gazebo lights

LED bulbs don't break if dropped


LED bulbs for this product is pricey to replace

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    Svater Outdoor Garden String Lights

The ordinary, retro light color of the Svater outdoor garden string lights will take you back to simpler but festive times. Amazing as garden lights, gazebo lights, porch lights, and patio lights. Capable of offering your event venues a warm white welcoming light.

Each light bulb of this garden string lights illuminates separately. Thus, one broken light will not affect the lighting of the other bulbs in the string lights. Each bulb also has a clip on the side for easier installation on nails and hooks.

The wire of the 50 feet string lights is made of pure copper wrapped in high-quality PVC materials, durable to ride out extreme weather conditions.


Amazing lighting

Independent light bulbs

Has light bulb clip


Glass bulbs are a bit fragile

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    Unihoh Solar String Lights

The Solar-powered Unihoh string lights come with a solar panel ground stake to collect energy from the sun as the power source. Eco-friendly string lights that can light up your outdoor gazebo, garden, fence, yard, porch, and even trees.

These 33ft long string lights are made up of 100 bright LEDs and a 6ft cable of commercial quality and flexible wire. These solar lights have 8 different light categories to fit your lighting needs. It also has an automatic activation during the nigh time and automatic off during day time, and automatic charging.

This product is easy to install outdoor to adorn your outdoor space.




Intelligent sensing feature


Battery and bulbs are irreplaceable

  • 8

    Cerial Outdoor Net Lights

Garden lights should harmonize with the colour of your garden. The green wire colour of these outdoor net lights will conform to the background of your garden. The net-type, solar-powered LED lights are also perfect to give your gazebo a warm and magical glow without worrying about electrical outlets or power source.

This product comes with a solar panel and remote control which can be used to change into different light categories. Just imagine your eventful activities on your outdoor gazebo, graced by solar lights without having the need to worry about energy consumption. That’s the best thing about solar power and solar-powered lights.


Great for solar-powered gazebo

Great garden lights, the wire conforms with the garden colour

Comes with a remote control


Can't be operated in the rain

  • 9

    Ollny Curtain Lights

Warm white gazebo light is perfect for a passionate event. The Ollny curtain lights can envelop your gazebo with a romantic glow. The gazebo light will only warm up the hearts not its LED lights. It’s safe to be operated for a long time.

It consists of 300 LED lights, 3.3 meters wire with 3.5 meters long power cord. Dimmable and can be set with a timer. The flexible wiring can be bent to fit the spaces of your room, garden, and gazebo.


Great as gazebo lights

Can be operated for a long time

Adjustable brightness


Difficult to untangle

  • 10

    Ollny Outdoor Net Lights Garden Mesh Lights

Another suitable gazebo lights are the garden mesh lights. There’s a certain glow about these LED lights that keep us mesmerize on a quiet night outdoors. This product just like the previous ones has changing-light categories. It consists of 200 LED fairy lights, enough to establish the mood you want to create. The wireless remote control adjusts the level of brightness and lighting modes. This product can be connected up to 3 sets which give you an advantage if you want to have more gazebo lights to cover your outdoor space.

Best to be used both indoors and outdoors, designed to be IP44 waterproof.


Can link 3 sets

Comes with a remote control

Low voltage, cool to touch


No memory function

How to Choose the Best Gazebo Lights

In choosing the best light ideas for your gazebo, the size, materials, location and the built of your gazebo should be taken into consideration. Since a gazebo is located outdoor, you must choose lighting which can withstand heat, rain, and moisture.

Finding the best type of gazebo lighting will depend on your preference. Hanging string lights can use at the edge of your gazebo, while curtain fairy lights or the mesh type fairy lights can surround the side parts of your gazebo. You must also decide on what ambiance you want to establish in your gazebo so you can choose the brightness level of the lights (if the product permits).


Always check the product review and information when it comes to durability. The aesthetic is one thing, but the durability and high-quality will surely save you money.

Outdoor lighting should be dustproof, waterproof, and heatproof. Installing fragile lights in an extreme environment will cause you disappointment.


Wood is one of the main materials in building a gazebo. Its stylish characteristic has a downside of being a fire hazard when exposed to extreme heat. Also, consider the people who will be surrounded by lights. Children and pets often get tangled with curtain lights and net lights. Low voltage light fixtures with safety features should be a priority when choosing a gazebo light.

Energy-Efficient Lights

Solar lights are the most efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly kind of light that can bring life to your outdoor gazebo and garden. Solar-powered lights will take the weight off the power consumption in your home. Just leave the solar panel where it can charge, then it will automatically turn on during the night and turn off during the day.

There are lighting products that come with a solar panel, solar stake lights, and even remote control. It is always best to opt for energy-saving products that can save you a lot of your resources while enjoying the spectacular lights installed in your own backyard.


The best colour you can choose for the lights outdoor is the colour that will complement the surrounding area. Traditionally, warm colours of white and yellow are often used to create a calm and comforting ambiance. But this should not limit one’s creativity especially if the gazebo will be used for different occasions.

Children’s parties are more likely to require a more colourful and happy ambient lighting background. Weddings and romantic events depend on the subtle, solemn, and soft lighting mood. Holidays like Christmas needs a cheerful red and green background. Whatever the celebration you may have on your gazebo, you can always depend on the colour of your lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put lights in a gazebo?

The first step is to measure the space of your gazebo where you will be installing the lights. The same instruction applies if you are installing pergola lights. Assess the distance of the power source to your gazebo. Once measured, purchase lights that are long enough to cover the places where you want to put the lights. Install nails and screws where you will be hanging your gazebo lights. Check each bulb if properly fitted to the sockets. Attach the bulbs or wirings to the installed hooks. Once finished, connect your lights to a power source.

What can you hang in the middle of the gazebo?

Some ideas are bottle lanterns, ornamental plants, flowing vines, sea glass windchimes, and etc.

Do solar lights need sun or just light?

Solar lights only require a source of light to charge, not necessarily the sun.