Best Solar Water Features

When you want to elevate the design of your garden, the best solar water features are hard to match. Your garden can look spectacular if you have a bit of creativity and the right size water features. But since all of them are different, it can be confusing to find the right water features.

Most of those interested in outdoor garden decoration end up purchasing multiple water features. If they come on solar energy, they even end up saving you money. But most of these features look spectacular on their own and when paired with others.

12/17/2022 12:55 am GMT

Best Design
Smart Garden Solar Fairy Leaf Garden Water Feature Fountain Smart Garden Solar Fairy Leaf Garden Water Feature Fountain

If you want your water feature to stand out, you need to focus on unique design aspects. One of them is the entire water feature concept as it’s not just about vessels that hold water. This can be seen in the Fairy leaf Garden water feature. Designed with a leaf and with a fairy princess, it looks stylish and it has royal charm to its aesthetics.

You only need to add water to it and place the solar panel in an unobstructed area to have it ready for your garden. It represents one of the leading options for those who want to enjoy full-time water features that look fantastic and who don’t have a power outlet to rely on.

  • Made from durable polyresin
  • Ships with a small solar panel
  • It only weighs 1kg
  • Small for some gardens
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12/17/2022 12:48 am GMT
Best Bronze Finish
Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain
£119.99 (£119.99 / 1)

As far as unique designs go, they rarely incorporate animals that love water such as ducks. This is the reason the Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain is at its best when it comes to designs that stand out.

Shipped with its stand, this solar powered water feature comes with small ducks under an umbrella that is also where the water starts pouring. Suitable for families or for grandparents that have kids visiting, this solar pump also impresses with its build quality. You can even leave it outside during the winter as it doesn’t get affected by frost. Since there’s no mains wiring, this is the type of water feature to consider when living in the UK where winters can be periods of very low temperature.

  • It features a few ducks
  • Made with a bronze effect finish
  • Includes 2 small solar panels
  • No energy storage batteries
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12/17/2022 12:53 am GMT
Best Battery Power
AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain Pump AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain Pump

If you’re tired of only enjoying your water feature on the days with perfect weather, you need to consider a solar fountain pump with a battery backup. The system can power all of the solar water features listed above and it can make your garden look better even on cloudy days.

The 6.5W solar panel comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries power the water feature up to 2.5 hours, which might be just enough time for the sun to return. Its versatility is also important. It can power pond pools and fish tanks alongside water features.

  • Made with a 1,500mAh battery
  • Multi-application design
  • Made with automatic power-off
  • Small included pump
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12/17/2022 12:55 am GMT
GardenKraft 20890 2-Tier Barrel Water Fountain GardenKraft 20890 2-Tier Barrel Water Fountain

If you decide to purchase the Aisitin Solar Fountain Pump, you can pair it with GardenKfrat’s 2-Tier Barrel Water Fountain. The small bottom level barrel is filled with water. Once plugged in, it starts to continuously cycle the water through the classic water pump at the top.

With a height of 64 cm, the water fountain can be used both on the deck and in the garden. Built with a high-quality compact size, this water feature pump is made from plastic. It means you can also easily move it around the house as needed.

  • 41cm bottom barrel diameter
  • 30cm top barrel dimensions
  • Made from durable plastic
  • It takes 30 minutes to assemble
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12/17/2022 12:59 am GMT

How to choose the best solar water features for your garden

There are thousands of solar pumps to choose from for your garden. But solar water features aren’t as numerous, especially those that are made to last and which don’t cost a small fortune. As a result, you should know how to choose a solar powered fountain yourself.


The materials of the solar water feature for your garden are the most important. As seen above, most of them are made from various types of plastic which is durable and which looks the same even a few years from now. Wooden water features are rare as are stainless steel designs but you might be able to find stone alternatives as well. Here are the main materials to choose from, each with its pros and cons. Solar stainless steel water features are the rarest as they also cost the most.

Ceramic water features

Ceramic water features tend to be very elegant. Made from clay that has been thermally treated and often shaped by hand, these ceramic garden features tend to absorb the noise of flowing water the best. They also look spectacular alongside garden furniture and you may use them as a DIY project to paint them with your kids.

On the other hand, ceramic water pumps are fragile. They shatter when tumbled over by a dog or by your kids. For families with small kids, we recommend choosing an alternative material such as the following options.

Fibreglass resin water features

Resin reinforced with fibreglass represents one of the most interesting options for those looking at a lighter alternative. Most fibreglass water features only weigh a few kilograms which means you can also easily move them around the garden.

Polystone water features

Polystone is a more durable alternative. It combines fibreglass polyresins with sand to offer a heavier and more durable water feature, normally at a higher cost. These also integrate solar power and they can be used to give a garden a more aesthetic look when placed next to garden furniture.

Types of solar water features

While there are tons of categories to consider, birdbaths and cascading water feature tend to be the most popular. Here are the categories you need to know about.


The Cascades or the multi-level water features with solar energy are among the best when it comes to the highest visual impact. Water makes its way to the bottom part of the water feature using different paths and this is what makes looking at it even more interesting.


As their name suggests, these garden features pumps are valuable for those who love birdbaths. Seeing small birds come here during the summer is not unheard of. These are generally a better option for wide-open spaces such as those made by Stone Water Features, Solar Garden, Kelkay, Corten, or Aqua Creations.
• Pond fountains
One single element shaped similarly to a pond might also work for your garden. These water features or solar pumps (often called bowl water features) are among the top options for a simpler setup which also tends to last a bit longer since its made with fewer pieces.


As seen with the solar water fountains listed above, their size matters. These are the types of solar water features that are generally small so that the solar panel can work properly to get the air pump to work. But if you want a larger water feature which might be taller than 60cm, you also need to ensure it comes with the right solar panel size.

Sun exposure

The arear where you live impacts just how much action the solar water feature is going to get. During the summer months, most areas of the country tend to offer sufficient sunlight to power the water feature. But some areas up North struggle with direct sunlight even during June, July, and August. Your water feature is only going to look best for a few months per year.


Assembly is normally not covered with online water feature purchases. You might be able to secure a product that looks good and has it delivered, but you need to put it together. We recommend installing your water feature as close as possible to its final location.
You want to avoid carrying a heavy ceramic water feature around your backyard. It’s the mismanagement of the assembly process which comes with the risk of dropping the water feature and its parts. Once installed, they tend not to face any serious dangers anymore.


Most solar water features are still seen as electric products by sellers. You should benefit from a long warranty as a result. A 2-year warranty is a norm in this space. You should always look for a warranty as a safety indication as well as your needs to ensure your solar panel is safe to use at home. Free delivery is another complimentary benefit to consider alongside good warranty.


There are no batteries on most outdoor water features. But as see above, there are solar kits you can purchase in case the weather isn’t always perfect in the area you live in. Such a kit can be inexpensive and it can add up to 2 hours of water feature action to your purchase. On the other hand, it also needs direct sunlight exposure as well as proper installation for it to be pointing towards the sun at all times. This is what keeps it charged daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a garden water feature work?

A garden water feature works by circulation water in an endless loop. Power is needed to activate the pump which gets water going. Solar alternatives use the Sun’s energy to power this action. You can use a solar pump to create a visual effect in a certain area of your garden.

How much sun does a solar fountain need?

You solar powered fountain needs continuous sunlight to work. Even a day that is only cloudy but not rainy is going to stop your fountain water feature. As a result, you need to know your water feature pump is only made to run on solar energy when the sun is shining.

Should I turn my water feature off at night?

You can turn your water feature pumps off at night if you use power from a wall outlet. If you use solar energy, this is a natural process as the water stops whenever the sun goes does. Some water features even come with programmable functions which allow you to set a daily schedule for the water flow.

How long do solar water pumps last?

Solar water pumps last at least 2 years. But it’s not necessarily the solar panel that starts to show signs of use as it is the materials of the fountain water feature. As seen above, outdoor water features made from ceramics tend to be the most troublesome when it comes to the ultimate durability as they shatter easily.

To ensure your solar water pump lasts the most you also need to look for good product warranty. Even if you purchase your solar water feature online, you should still get a product warranty to put your mind at ease.

How do you keep the water feature clear?

Water filters are the best solution to keep the water clear. You can’t install a filter on your solar water feature, you can consider replacing the water completely every few days. For the water to look crisp, you need to change it out at least once every 7 days. Water feature accessories shopping categories are where you find dedicated filters.

Can a solar water feature be used indoors?

A solar water feature can be used indoors if the solar panel is located outdoors. Since the solar panel needs direct sunlight, simply placing it indoors next to a window is not sufficient. It’s also the main reason you want to look for fountain water features that aren’t large.

Most outdoor water features on this list have an average height of around 60 centimeters. This allows them to be easily movable to and from the house. Some users even prefer to bring their water feature inside during the winter to prevent long-term frost damages. Indoor water features also need to look as good as they’re the focal point of a room.

You can use your solar water feature safely indoors as they are safe even compared to those plugged to a wall outlet. Without overheating and without being connected to a constant source of water apart from the one you add inside, they can be safe to use inside the house as well.

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