Best Solar Fence Lights

Fence lights provide your home illumination for ambiance, guidance, and even security. Solar-powered lights offer eco-friendly and energy-saving alternatives with the same radiance level as conventional electric-powered lights. Most of the new solar fence light models are equipped with smart motion sensors which allow the light to automatically turn on only when someone walks by or moves.

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Best for Security
iPosible Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights iPosible Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

Outdoor lights are exposed to harsh environments such as heat and moisture. It is important for the light fixtures to have the ability to withstand these conditions without affecting the performance. The iPosible motion sensor solar lights are made for the outdoor environment. It is made to be heat-resistant and IP65 waterproof to withstand all kinds of severe weather. These lights are made of high-quality and durable ABS materials, constructed with two layers and a sealed rings to ensure long-lasting use.

Equipped with a solar panel, it acquires solar energy from the sunlight then converts it into electricity to power the 150 super-bright LED beads – the best way to reduce carbon emission and save energy. The solar panel has a high 20% conversion, more efficient compared to other solar lights. It has a built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery to provide brightness up to 1000 lumen, and 180º angle lighting to cover a wide area. The iPosible solar fence lights are designed with an advanced PIR motion sensor. This feature is beneficial for keeping security in your home. This bright light can detect movements up to 26 feet away. The light then automatically turns off 15 to 25 seconds after the detection of no movement.

These lights offer less-hassle installation. With just screws and plugs provided, you can attach the solar lights to your wall or fence. You also have an option to use double-sided tape to stick the solar lights if you do not wish to drill holes. Whichever method you use, you will not be bothered with power cable installation to an outlet to power these solar lights. You just have to adhere to the appropriate installation height which is 2 to 3 metres high and make sure that the solar panels get adequate sunlight from their location to get enough charge. This product comes with 6 solar lights per pack.

  • Best value
  • Provides super bright illumination for the best coverage
  • Easy to install
  • Great as a security light
  • Changing light to steady mode is challenging to figure
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12/17/2022 12:57 am GMT
Best Durability
GVOREE Stainless Steel Solar Fence Lights GVOREE Stainless Steel Solar Fence Lights
£26.55 (£4.42 / count)

The Gvoree stainless steel, the best solar-powered lights offer durable and long-lasting lighting for your fence, garden, and any outdoor space you wish to be lighted. If you inspect closely, these solar lights are made of high-grade materials of Polycrystalline silicon for its solar panel, advanced PC plastic covering the 3 LED bulbs, ABS plastic for housing the high capacity battery, and stainless steel enclosure to withstand rain, snow, ice, dust, and wind for a long period of time.

The intelligent light sensor feature of these lights will automatically turn on when the night falls. The equipped 600mAh battery has a great battery life but it is also replaceable if needed. The Gvoree 4x solar lights emit a cool white LED colour with 30 Lumen.

  • Best quality lights
  • Best battery life
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive compared to other solar lighting products
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12/17/2022 12:59 am GMT
Best Budget
LOHAS Solar Security Lights, Day White 6000K LOHAS Solar Security Lights, Day White 6000K

The LOHAS multi-functional solar-powered lighting is the best budget option to be used as fence lights, garden lights, security lights, patio, and corridor lights. Its wide and strategic-angled solar panels absorb sunlight with 17% conversion to charge and power the 8 LED bulbs up to 6-8 hours. This product model has a function of a light sensor that automatically turns on when it is dark and goes out when it detects surrounding lights.

Made of ABS plastic material and high waterproof IP65, these fence lights can survive the outdoor environment where it is attached. It is designed with a 180-degree beam angle that lights up to three inches from the bulbs. Placing the solar panels directed towards the sun will increase the chance of getting your solar lights well-charged for longer use in the dark. The recommended distance from each unit is 40 centimeters.

  • Inexpensive solar lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Not great during the winter season
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12/17/2022 01:01 am GMT
Litogo 140LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights Litogo 140LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights
£28.99 (£7.25 / Count)

The Litogo lights have 3 intelligent lighting modes offering a steady light, dim light sensor mode, and motion sensor mode. If you want to save more energy the motion sensor mode is more environment-friendly and the life of the lights is extended by about 50% because the lights are only activated when there’s a movement detected. With a simple screw and wall plugs, these lights are easy to install.

It comes with 4 units of solar fence lights per purchase, equipped with a 1200 mAh rechargeable large-capacity battery to light up the 140 LED lights with a brightness of up to 800 Lumens. With a full-charged, it can operate for up to 8 hours. These solar lights are assembled with high-quality and durable ABS materials which protect the lights from water splash and other harsh weather conditions. These solar fence lights feature polycrystalline silicon solar panels, IP65 waterproofing, 270 degrees sensor angle, and cool white colour lights. The manufacturer offers 60 days money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty for the Litogo lights.

  • Great weather-proofing feature
  • Easy to install
  • Provide bright lights
  • Poor charging capability
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12/17/2022 12:43 am GMT
KMASHI Solar Decorative Garden Lights KMASHI Solar Decorative Garden Lights
£19.99 (£5.00 / count)

The beautiful warm white, honeycomb design of the KMASHI Solar powered lights emits a nice light ambiance to your home when attached to your wall fence, patio, pathway, or garden area. It has a conversion rate of 17% providing a higher power efficiency from solar energy to electricity with its adopted polycrystalline silicon solar panel. It has a switch to initially turn on the device before using it, then it automatically uses its sensor to operate based on the surrounding light.

These outdoor solar wall lights have an IP65 protection grade which prevents water splashes and dust from infiltrating the inner body of the lights. This feature and its durable plastic material ensure long-lasting use of the lights. It is easy to install with its compact size, just make sure that the solar panels can receive direct sunlight for the best charging result.

  • Compact size for easy installation
  • The radiating pattern adds to a great home ambiance
  • Provides relaxing glow
  • Requires proper placement of solar panel directed toward the sun for optimal charging
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12/17/2022 12:45 am GMT
Itscool Colorful Fence Lights Solar Wall Lights Itscool Colorful Fence Lights Solar Wall Lights

Adding a festive ambiance to your home is easy with the Itscool solar fence lights. It features 7 auto-cycling colours that can be set to steady or changing to any colour you prefer. Compared to other solar fence lights, the Itscool uses bigger solar panels to charge up better during the winter season with less sunshine. With solid construction, these fence lights are waterproof and durable to endure years of rain, wind, dust, and snow.

It comes with 3 pieces of lights per pack, this outdoor fence light is equipped with a competent RGBW chip to brighten up any outdoor area including your garden, patio, pathway, and front yards. It is best to set a fence atmosphere effect only and not as a security light with bright white lamp light to illuminate. These lights operate with a light sensor to fully charge in the morning with turned-off bulbs and automatically turn on at night. The total running time on a full charge is 13 hours.

The Itscool decorative solar lights feature a 2V/150mA polycrystalline silicon solar panel, 1 piece 5050 RGBW, 1.2V/600mAh battery, and an ABS shell housing to protect the lights. To achieve the best lighting result, strategically place these lights where they could receive the best sunlight absorption. These lights operate only when there is no intense lighting in the area.

  • Illuminates a fantastic effect around the garden
  • Good value for money
  • Weatherproofing is excellent
  • Larger solar panels for better absorption of light to charge during winter
  • Sensitive to light. Automatically turns off when there's a brighter light present
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12/17/2022 12:48 am GMT

How to Choose the Best Solar Fence Lights

Solar-powered devices especially lights are becoming the best option for household utility. Aside from being eco-friendly and energy-saving, outdoor solar lights eliminate the hassle of connecting wires in installation. These lights are also usually multi-purpose and programmed with lighting features or modes. Some of these solar lighting products are budget-friendly compared to your conventional home lighting given their ability.

A solar light can be used as fence lights or garden lights as long as it gets the sunlight it needs to get fully charged. Whatever purpose may it serve you, one should take note of its lighting feature to fully accommodate your need.



LED solar lights with bright illumination to discourage people with ill-intention to hang around your home if you installed these lights on your fence. A motion sensor feature adds to the surveillance factor that will keep away strangers from staying around.


Solar garden lights and fence lights give more life to your living space during the night without adding energy consumption to add up on your electric utility bill. There are solar-powered garden and fence lights with beautifully designed casing and lighting which adds to the mood of your place. There are also changing colours that you can choose from to perfectly match your exterior design theme.

General use

It is difficult to see in the dark when you’re out at night. Solar-powered lights are practical to have on your fence to let you find your keys in the dark of the night. It also serves as guide lights for homes with exterior stairs to avoid missteps and accidents.


Most solar-powered lights feature different modes to provide the lighting effect suited to your need. Usually, these lights are designed with smart sensors to optimize their energy-saving, eco-friendly characteristics.

Light Sensor

The light sensor feature of the best solar lights should be able to charge during daylight with inactive LED bulbs and activates the light when the surrounding gets dark. It should be able to last for at least 8 hours when full charge if you are using it as a security light or a practical light when you are out during the night.

Motion Sensor

What is best about this feature is its automatic activation only when someone or something moves within its range. Therefore, it saves more energy and battery charge.


Not all solar lights have brightness level options. So, make sure you get the right lumen, enough to bring light to your outdoor area. Solar-powered lights usually come in packs of at least 4, but the lumen will still determine how much light it can contribute. The highest lumen a solar-powered light can give is up to about 800 lumens.


Solar lights are exposed to the outside environment due to its requirement to absorb sunlight as much as possible. Its endurance to changing weather must be taken note of to ensure that it will last for a long time. The solar panels pretty much are made from the same materials, it will only make a difference in the size and capability to absorb solar energy to be converted to electricity through the rechargeable battery. The outer shell of the whole lighting device should be at least water-splash resistant as raindrops are unpredictable. Too much heat and exposure to moisture will cause the ordinary plastic casing to brittle and dry that could cause crack and leave your lights vulnerable to breakage. ABS material and stainless covering should be able to protect your solar-powered lights from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens should a solar light be?

The lumen of an outdoor solar light should be at least 50 to 300 lumens to cover a landscape.

How long do solar lights last outside?

Ideally, for the battery, it should last from 3 to 4 years of use before replacement. The LED bulbs should last for about 10 years.

Do solar lights need the sun or just light?

To fully charge the solar lights it needs enough light, and the sunlight is the most practical and free light source for that. Direct sunlight does not necessary charge the device but it its light that passed through the protected layers of the earth and clouds. Solar lights can also be charged using other light sources but it will defeat the purpose of energy-saving and eco-friendly features.

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