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Best Battery Lawn Mowers

Best Overall
FlymoMighti-Mo 300

Best for Large Lawns
Murray Lawn Mower

Best for Quick Charging
Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower

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Did you know the best battery lawn mower can cover up to 600 square meters on a single charge? Battery-powered lawn mowers came a long way from their humble beginnings. There are endless stories of how they suffered from short battery life. But those days are over. You can now find lawnmowers with batteries that last hours.

This article investigates and compares the best battery lawn mowers you can buy online. Made with powerful motors (often from the same company) these lawnmowers are as useful as those on gas. With high mowing capacity, they cut grass to perfection and they help you create a distinct lawn that doesn’t look like an abandoned outdoor space.

It can take some time to learn how to use a lawnmower. But the beauty of using one on batteries is that they’re a bit easier to live with. You don’t need to run to the gas station to have them ready for mowing. You don’t even need to find storage space for gas. Most importantly, they deliver good results at a simple press of a button.

  • 1

    Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

This petit battery lawn mower is made for small lawns. If your home is in a city, you probably don’t have a large lawn to worry about. This is why the FlyumoMighti can be one of the best choices on any lawn of up to 250 square meters. It offers the versatility and compactness needed to be used on small spaces

Based on a 40V Li-Ion battery, it can mow the lawn in one try before recharging. Its batteries are powerful and you’ll be glad to know they also charge rapidly. These batteries only take about 120 minutes to charge fully which means you won’t have to wait long before the mower is ready for action.

The cutting width of the lawnmower is 30cm. This places it among the compact options most suitable for smaller lawns. But you might even use it on larger lawns, especially if you don’t have to cut the grass from on a single battery charge.

The lawnmower also allows you to set the height you want for your grass. From 25mm to 65mm, this lawn mower tends to offer some of the best results, according to how you want your garden to look.

A 30L collector is added to the lawnmower. Ready to offer the first collecting point, the collector still needs to be emptied so that you continue mowing the lawn. We recommend a large bin to collect clipping easily. Assembled easily within an hour, the lawnmower is also easy to carry into storage as it only has a small weight.


Compact size

Only weighs 9.9kg

Made with a steel blade


Small for large lawns

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    Murray Cordless Lawn Mower

We like Murray’s lawnmower for its quality engine and quality batteries. It uses a Briggs and Stratton engine which means it’s a tool that lasts for years. Most lawn mowers are made with engines form this company and its clear nobody can truly make better engines for the regular home consumer.

But Murray did an excellent job in adapting the motor in their lawnmower. 2 18V batteries come with the lawnmower which means you can continue working hard until your lawn looks perfect. Anyway, you can expect one battery to last around 35-36 minutes when the engine is running continuously. This means Murray’s grass-cutting machine is perfect for lawns of 600 square foot. With a higher cutting capacity, it can be a solid alternative to the Flymo listed above that’s mainly made for small lawns.

But Murray also implemented small parts that seem to come straight out of a premium lawnmower. Take the soft handles for example. You’d only normally see these in very expensive machines that can cost even twice as much.

Another interesting accessory apart from the grass combs used on this machine is its large catcher. This catcher has a 60L capacity which makes it an excellent choice for those seeking enhanced performance and fewer pauses to clear the clippings.

As we said, it’s all about the details here. Even the rear wheels are oversized for easy manoeuvrability. With 25cm wheels, this lawnmower is very easy to use. You might even consider it over others if your lawn isn’t perfectly flat, which is the case more time than you can imagine.


Made with quality components

Based on a Briggs and Stratton engine

Ships with 2 powerful batteries


Heavier than the FlymoMighti

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    Black+Decker Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower

If you like tall grass, the Black+Deckker lawn mower can be one of the only options you get that runs on batteries. The height of the grass on this machine can be adjusted from 30mm to 80mm and it represents one of the most powerful options from the perspective of how your lawn looks.

We know that tall grass isn’t particularly easy to walk on. But you might be considering a longer grass carpet for your garden when it comes to creating a special effect that puts its green colours before everything else. If you have many trees and many flowers, this is not the case as you want your grass to be short. But if you have just a few flowers and maybe no trees at all, tall grass is an option.

The machine itself is made with a powerful rotary blade cutting deck, just as petrol lawnmowers with side discharge. It mows the lawn as you pass over it from the first try. It uses batteries which means the entire process is electric and a bit better for the environment.

The machine is made for surfaces of around 600 square meters. It represents one of the best options from the perspective of those who want to deal with medium to large gardens. However, theirs is a small drawback to the machine. Its clippings collector only has a 35L capacity which means you’ll need to empty it a bit more frequently as other lawnmower reviews show.

If you share your lawn or garden with neighbours however, this can be the lawnmower for you. It comes with a running noise of 96db, which is just under what you get from the average alternative. It could be a great choice even for the users who don’t want to deal with the high engine noise normally seen on other lawnmowers.


Adjustable grass height to 80mm

Only weighs 16.2kg

Wide 38cm cutting width


No second battery

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    FlymoEasiStore 340R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower

Without using a power cord, this little lawnmower is an excellent addition to your garden tools and machinery. It only weighs 11.2kg which means it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. If you don’t have the muscle power to move heavier machinery, you might need to have a look at this cordless lawnmower.

It’s equipped with 2 batteries which means you can keep going where others would stop to recharge. Fully ready to deal with small lawns, this machine comes with batteries that charge in a matter of hours. It takes about 180 minutes to charge one of its batteries. While this interval is a bit longer than on other batteries, you get 2 Li-Ion batteries in the pack which means you don’t have to worry about charge time.

There’s a 35L grass bag that needs to be attached to the lawnmower. This grass box is not the smallest we’ve seen but it is under the medium size of what can be considered an average size grass box. You need to prepare to empty it frequently when cutting long grass.

Performance is good as well. It comes with a narrow 34cm cutting width which is still fine for small lawns. Adjustable height makes it one of the machines you need to watch when it comes to overall cutting performance. While there are all types of theories as to the perfect grass height, we recommend testing the machine on small patches yourself.


Very easy to handle

One of the smallest in its class

It includes 2 Li-Ion batteries


Struggles on large lawns (over 600sq.m.)

  • 5

    Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower

5 cutting positions have been added to this petite lawnmower. It mows grass up to the height of 65mm and it represents one of the smallest lawn mowers you can buy today. Perfect for small lawns and sidewalk trimming, this type of lawnmower is seen in cities and homes with limited storage space. If you only have room for a small garden shed, this might be the only lawnmower you can count on.

But its size also makes it a bit more versatile than others. People often complain of how hard it is to push mowers without propulsion and this can be a good alternative given its small size. We also appreciate how the machine handles the rougher terrain. For example, it handles a bit easier on uneven terrain. If your lawn is not on flat ground, you want such a small mower.

But while it looks small, it certainly impresses in certain areas. It comes with some of the best batteries lawn mowers can use today. It ships with a 40V Samsung Lithium-Ion battery system that charges quickly. Fast charging enables the lawnmower to be ready to use at full force within 75 minutes. This is what makes this lawnmower a very good solution for busy users who don’t have time to wait for the batteries to charge on a random Saturday.


Made with Samsung batteries

Enabled fast charging

Very lightweight


Only made for small lawns

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    Worx WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower

2 qualities set this lawnmower apart. First, it charges 2 batteries at the same time. Secondly, it comes with advanced technology which maintains the cutting power even in dense grass.

As one of the few lawnmowers that charge it’s 2 batteries at the same time, Worx lawn mower has managed to deliver a practical product. This is why it is ready to mow in no time. It handles cuts between 20mm and 70mm giving it impressive versatility to create a distinct look on almost any type of lawn.

It further comes with 2 x 20V batteries and a foldable handlebar which supports easy storage. Most people don’t like to allocate to much space for their lawnmower in the garage and it can be one of the lawnmowers to consider for this space-saving reason.

But this little machine also has other technologies that help it deliver clean cuts even on the edge of the lawn. Simply put, it can be one of the best lawn mowers with 2 batteries for beginners.


Charges 2 batteries simultaneously

Compact foldable storage

Precise cuts close to edges


Narrow cutting path

  • 7

    Worx WG927E Dual 20V + Trimmer

If you are willing to invest a bit more, you can get the lawnmower and a trimmer. This value deal can be one of the possible purchases you make when you have to deal with small areas where a lawnmower would not get into.

The handheld trimmer is also adjustable and it can be used on certain surfaces or next to garden ornaments. Together, these 2 tools offer one of the best selections of lawn care products and you won’t need much else to control the height and growth of the grass.

At the same time, since they are both cordless, they are better for gas savings as well. Simply charging the batteries in a couple of hours has them ready to deal with most lawns of a small size.


Value pack

Included ergonomic trimmer

Made with an automatic line feed system


It requires extra storage space

  • 8

    Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

If you suffer from back pain, the last thing you want to do is to mow the lawn. But Bosch has this lawnmower as an option for you. The Rotak 36 is a lawnmower with ergonomic handles. A rarity in its category, it puts a bit less pressure on the back as your hands sit in a natural position on the handle. With the reduced impact on the wrist and the back, it may also be a lawnmower for the elderly.

Its performance is as good as its design. Made with cutting edge precision, this lawn mower cuts grass different heights between 20 and 70mm. It then collects the clippings in a mid-size 40L grass box. Ready to deal with small and medium lawns, it can be one of the leading options if you already own other cordless Bosch power tools. It uses batteries which can be swapped form one tool to another.


Bosch quality components

Made with an ergonomic handle

Included rear roller for stripes


A bit more expensive than its competitors

  • 9

    Yard Force 40V 34 cm Cordless Lawnmower

If you need more cutting heights, the Yard Force 40 34cm cordless lawnmower is the right choice. It features an incredible 7 levels of adjustability in grass height which makes it the most versatile product on our list.

Most home users don’t need more than 5 levels of adjustability. This is the main reason we recommend this lawnmower to professionals or to those who want to earn money by mowing the lawn for clients alongside their main job. These height adjustments are the only reason to go with this Yard Force lawnmower as the brand also has other similar lawn mowers that are a bit more suitable for the regular user who doesn’t need as many options.


Made with a compact design

It features 7 height settings

Powerful 40V Samsung batteries


Narrow cutting width

  • 10

    Sprint 2691749 18V Cordless Lawn Mower

Based on a Briggs and Stratton motor, this lawnmower is a capable machine in the right hands. It has an interesting cutting path of 37cm which places it just under some of the widest metal cutting desk lawnmowers alternatives. It can be used on all types of lawns but specifically on those up to 600 square metres.

This lawnmower also weighs just over 12kg, making it versatile in the right hands. If you have to carry it into storage, you will be glad you haven’t chosen a heavier mower.  Otherwise, its powerful motor and quality components perfectly justify its impressive 5-year warranty.


Made with a Briggs and Stratton motor

Only 46cm wide

One of the lightest lawn mowers in its class


Small clipping box

  • 11

    Greenworks Tools Cordless Lawnmower

If you need a lawnmower with a mulching function, Greenworks has the machine for you. This mower also mulches grass which means you can use it as a fertilizer as you won’t need too many grass seeds for your lawn to look better.

It features powerful batteries that allow it to mow lawns of up to 600 square feet with a single charge.  With 5 cutting height adjustments, this mower is highly capable. It has adjustability of 20 to 80mm, making it surprisingly versatile given its low price.


Affordable given its great features

It runs on a powerful 40V battery

Included battery charger


Short warranty

How to choose the best battery lawn mower

When it comes to a perfect lawn, there’s science, mechanics, and aesthetic principles to apply. In some cases, people just don’t care all that much and they simply go with a trimmer to mow the lawn. But others choose lawnmowers that are fairly capable of delivering better results consistently and faster. If you haven’t used a lawnmower before, there are a few aspects to consider and this buying guide will act as a step by step tutorial.

Choose the right batteries

It all starts with the cordless performance of the lawnmower. Do you know most lawnmowers come with their batteries? You shouldn’t pay extra for batteries. But at the same time, you shouldn’t just assume all standard batteries are the same.

As seen above, lawnmowers have batteries which last a different time and which take different time intervals to charge. Most of these 20V batteries charge between 120 and 180 minutes. When you’re in a rush, such a time difference is important.

Otherwise, you can simply charge the batteries whenever you’re done mowing the lawn. This ensures the Li-Ion batteries will be ready to operate as soon as possible. At the same time, the brand of the batteries matters as well. Samsung has some of the best batteries of the moment. Bosch uses an interchangeable batteries system that has these little power-giving components compatible with other cordless power tools.

At the same time, you need to look at the charger. Most of these mowers come with 1 battery and 1 charger. Others come with 2 batteries and a charger for 1 battery. But you should always look for the charger that can charge 2 batteries at the same time. We’ve noticed these chargers are normally offered on some of the best Amazon lawnmowers.

Consider charging time

Battery chargers can seem complicated but they work just like those of your smartphone. You need to dot understand that a battery needs to be fully charged when you start to mow the lawn. Ideally, you should charge your batteries at least 2 hours before starting to mow. You can even let them charge overnight before the day you use them. All of them come with overcharging protection so you don’t need to worry about forgetting the batteries in the charger.

All of these batteries take at least 2 hours to charge. Fast charging as seen in mobile phones is still not seen in this price range. But from a performance perspective, you still want to ensure your batteries are fully charged as some other best cordless lawnmowers tend to lose power when the battery life starts to drop under 25%.

Learn how to estimate lawn size

Both battery size and battery charging time are connected to the size of your lawn size. You can calculate the size of your lawn by multiplying its length by its width. This means a lawn that is 5 meters long and 2 meters wide has a 10 square meters size. If your lawn is not rectangular but rather shaped as a triangle with a 90-degree angle, you still need to multiply its length and width which are its sides next to the 90-degree angle and divide the total by 2 to find out the square meters of your lawn.

The square meters of your lawn then need to be compared to the mowing capacity of your desired mower. It’s not that they can’t mow a larger area, it’s that they come with batteries which have been specifically calculated so that they last for this particular square feet lawn mowing.

Check grass height levels

Grass height is subjective as interpreted by preferences. Some people like tall grass while others always cut at as short as possible, usually the 20mm mark. But you need to try out various grass height settings as they will show you which of these is best to make your lawn look pristine.

This hands-on approach remains one of the best when it comes defining how your garden looks. While you can always see different lawns in gardening magazines, the reality can be very different.

The way your lawn looks at a certain height of the grass also depends on the grass seeds. If you’re just considering needs seeds on your lawn to cover old patches you should first start mowing the lawn higher so you see how it looks compared to the old types of grass you had.

Grass tends to grow fast, especially when you water it. This is why you will have the chance to mow the lawn again within a few weeks. Mulching mowers can be a good solution if you want your best battery lawn mower to help your grass grow faster and denser.

Look at the warranty period

We’ve seen all types of warranty policies on cordless machines. Batteries tend to give out first and this is why most come with a short warranty. But you should not settle for a product that is covered for a shorter period than 2 years. At the same time, you should look at alternatives and warranty extension options as servicing a lawnmower is expensive.

As seen with the machines above, you can still find valuable products that come with a 5-years warranty. Such a long coverage policy is the main attraction of many new brands but it saves you from all of the headaches of looks for spare parts and servicing the lawnmower yourself. You also get the assurance that the batteries will be replaced by the manufacturer in case they fail within this period.

Consider the weight

What is the best weight of a lawnmower? This is a question that is difficult to answer. On the lighter side of the scale, we find lawnmowers weigh around 10kg. On the heavier side, we see lawnmowers with a weight of around 40kg. Weigh is the characteristics that are mostly overlooked by beginners or those buying their first lawnmower.

You need to save yourself the trouble of carrying heavy machinery by choosing a lighter mower where possible. The smaller the lawn, the lighter the cordless lawn mower should be. If you have a lawn of around 200 square meters, you should choose a lawnmower that weighs up to 12kg. Those who have a lawn that measures around 600 square foot should choose a lawnmower that weighs up to 22kg. Going heavier on these surfaces is a mistake that will cost you time, effort, and muscle strain.

Ask for details on the engine

Not all lawn mower engines are the same. Some are fast, some are quiet, and others start quickly. But in lawnmowers, Briggs and Stratton, as well as brands as Bosch, are dominating the motors world. The engine is the heart of the mower and if you look at one characteristic alone, this should be it.

If the engine is made by an untrustworthy brand, there are chances it will fail quicker than you expect. Even some of the best brushless motors fail but you need to consider they are the most expensive part to replace on your mower. It’s often cheaper to replace the entire mower than to look for motors and pay a service fee to have it installed such as with Makita, Ergoflex, Ryobi, Ego, and Gtech mowers with battery power.

Consider the clipping box size

The size of the grass clipping box is also important. What do you do with all of the grass when the grass collection box is full? You empty the grass box before continuing the work on your lawn. From 30L to 65 litre, the options here are also vast. Generally speaking, the higher capacity mowers come with bigger grass boxes. But you will need to ensure they are easy to take out and to install as it will be one of the actions you take more often than not.

Look at ergonomics

What makes a lawnmower ergonomic? It’s its design that puts reduced pressure on your body. In the early days of these machines, they had weird folding handle and they were difficult to hold and push. But today, you can find ergonomic handlebars which don’t put too much pressure on your hands and your back.

Don’t forget about storage space

Storage space is critical as your lawnmower has to be stored inside. You can’t just leave it out in the rain. Most of them come with a fixed design. Rare mowers come with foldable handlebars which allow you to store them under stairs or in small sheds. It can take a while to find the perfect storage space for the mower in your house but it’s worth the effort since it needs to be kept in a cool dry place away from rain and dust.

Final words

A perfect lawn needs the perfect lawnmower. But only the best battery lawn mower can truly be considered for those who need to keep close attention to how grass grows on their lawn. Cordless performance is now as good as corded performance. You can’t overlook charging aspects but at least you don’t have to buy gas for your mowers.

The perfect lawn is often the one where the grass is dense. This is why you should also look for machines that come with mulching functions. All of these are essential and you have the responsibility of making your lawn look good even within a couple of months.

Lawnmower maintenance is minimum to non-existent when using batteries. You don’t need to worry about low-quality gas being forgotten inside the tank for months at the time. But you need to keep the batteries safe for your mower to last for years.

Our top tip is to store its batteries inside the house. It’s only inside of the house that the batteries are not going to be exposed to low or high temperatures. They’re also going to be away from direct sunlight which helps them last longer. At the same time, you should also store your lawnmower in a location where rain or direct sunlight is not a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best battery operated lawn mower?

The best overall battery operated lawn mower is the FlymoMighti-Mo 300. It’s responsive and it lightweight. It also helps it’s highly affordable.

What are the top 5 electric lawn mowers?

The top 5 electric lawnmowers include the FlymoMighti-Mo 300, Murray Cordless, Black+Decker Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower, FlymoEasiStore 340R, and Yard Force 40V.

How long do battery-powered lawn mowers last?

Most lawn mowers operate around 25 minutes before you need to recharge the batteries if they run on a single 20V battery.

How can I make my lawnmower battery last longer?

You can make your lawnmower battery last longer by charging it right before use. You can also keep an eye on its health by storing it inside the house and not in the garden shed where the cold nighttime temperatures can damage its cells.