Best Kids Garden Furniture

When it comes to kids, every purchase feels special. But only the best kids garden furniture can truly be considered practical and durable. Furthermore, it has to have a friendly design so that kids love it as well. Some of the best garden furniture made for kids today is available in vivid colors and different shapes and sizes.

You can install this type of garden furniture alongside your adult-size side table or garden furniture. You and your kids can enjoy family time out in fresh air. But which type of furniture should you buy to avoid brands that cut corners producing pieces of products that fall apart quickly? This article is here with a few useful suggestions.

Best Overall
Garden Games Sandpit Picnic Table Garden Games Sandpit Picnic Table

Garden tables for kids are fun. But none of them is as good as this one from Garden Games. It features a removable tabletop and a weather cover. But this tabletop is removable to find the perfect sandbox inside. Your kids have a 2-in-1 table that easily switches for endless giggles.

Made from sustainably sourced wood, this table comes with UV-safe materials. It can stay outdoors for the entire year without signs of wear. But we also like just how safe it is for a table that can is made out of solid materials. All of the edges are rounded so your kids can run around feeling a bit safer.

To put this table together you simply need to follow the printed instructions. It can be one of the garden furniture pieces kids can enjoy within half an hour of helping around with the assembly.

  • Made from solid wood
  • Designed with rounded edges
  • Suitable for up to 4 kids
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12/17/2022 12:52 am GMT
Best Budget
Kids Childrens Plastic Study Garden or Inside table Kids Childrens Plastic Study Garden or Inside table

If you need to create an outdoor activity centre for your kids, this plastic garden setup might be the right choice. It features 4 plastic kids chairs and a small plastic table. The entire setup is available in different colours such as yellow, red, and blue.

Most kids tend to play different board games at the table. They can also feel inclined to use the small table as a drawing base or as a base to deal with new puzzles. Whatever they choose to play with is easier on this compact table. Furthermore, this small table can be the top choice for durability.

Made from thick plastic, the entire setup is durable and easy to clean. You can use a garden hose to clean it up whenever it gets too dirty. The good news is that even if you forget this setup outside during rainfall, it’s not going to get damaged as its made out of plastic.

  • Available in 4 colours
  • It holds up to 60kg
  • Made for crafts and activities
  • Lightweight chairs
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12/17/2022 12:53 am GMT
Best Value
TOYO Children Strong Stackable Kids Plastic Chairs TOYO Children Strong Stackable Kids Plastic Chairs
£40.99 (£8.20 / count)

These small Toyo plastic chairs are perfect as garden furniture. They can be used creatively by both boys and girls who want to play. Featuring plastic construction, this setup is among the best when it comes to durability and stacking just as storage boxes on top of each other.

But it’s the creative side of things that tends to impress children the most. You can arrange the 5 chairs in a circle so that your kids and their friends play together. But you can also easily add a small table or a bucket in the middle so that kids have a creative space to play on as well. With a width of 31cm, these plastic kids chairs are comfortable and your kids might even want to sit on them for hours.

  • Made in different colours
  • Sold in sets of 5
  • It supports up to 60kg
  • Not foldable
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12/17/2022 12:55 am GMT

Kidkraft Wooden Outdoor Table Bench Set Kidkraft Wooden Outdoor Table Bench Set

This picnic table and benches set will inspire and encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities. This piece of furniture is suitably sized for the young ones to enjoy an outdoor picnic or just the general lounging in the garden on a beautiful day. One of the best features of this garden furniture is its stylish design. The padded cushions and the umbrella that comes with the table and bench set have a matching navy blue and white stripes pattern that is very appealing to the eyes.

The KidKraft wooden picnic bench and table set are made from high-quality wood with a stained finish that can endure any weather condition. It has pre-assembled panels to cut down assembly time.

  • Made from hardwood
  • It includes comfortable cushions
  • Included matching umbrella
  • Heavier than plastic furniture
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12/17/2022 12:43 am GMT
Deuba Kids Picnic Table Bench Set Parasol Deuba Kids Picnic Table Bench Set Parasol

This simple setup is one of the leading options for those who want to enjoy better overall durability in their kids’ outdoor play area. All pieces of furniture are connected. When you assemble them, you’ll notice how these pieces come together as one movable unit, as opposed to smaller DIY furniture projects.

There’s an optional large umbrella you can add on top of the table. But the main attraction is the large plastic table that offers one of the best setups for those who want to let their kids draw directly on the table with easily erasable markers.

  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Hosts up to 4 children
  • Tall 67cm table
  • Only available in one colour
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/17/2022 01:01 am GMT

How to choose the best kids garden furniture

When you only seek the best free-delivery kids garden furniture, you might need to get creative. You should avoid simply buying 1 chair at a time and then buying a complementary table. There’s a good reason why buying a set is cheaper.

Some of the best garden furniture designs are those that are durable but which are still comfortable. Kids themselves can’t yet properly compare comfort level and this is where they need all of the help their parents can offer.

Garden table vs garden bench vs garden chair

There 3 furniture elements are available on their own or in different combinations. As a parent, it’s your task to decide which works best for your kids. It’s also in your responsibility to look for the products that are the most beneficial when it comes to the number of kids playing outdoors.

Garden table are excellent centres of creativity. Your kids can be here all day long drawing, reading, writing or creating puzzles. At some point, you are guaranteed to be looking after a garden table for your kids to sit at.

A garden bench can be a good 2-seater ideafor those with multiple kids. You can sit at least 2 kids on a bench or buy a second bench for parties of 4. Benches are fun and they resemble those in kindergarten so that kids feel in their element while sitting outside.

Garden chairs are excellent for 1 or 2 kids who need a personalised space to be facing each other when playing. It’s also the easiest setup to stack for those who love to throw large parties for their kids. There are plenty of elements to consider when simply going after garden furniture that you need to think about next.


Garden furniture tends to be durable. But garden furniture for kids needs to be even more durable as the little ones can throw it around and even draw on it. As a result, you need to find the right space for your furniture with the materials that are proving to be the most efficient

  • Wood

Wooden garden furniture is classy. It inspires a premium timeless look that almost even adults are jealous of. Kids also love wooden furniture as it allows them to be as energetic as they want without fearing it will break in case they push it around a bit.

Garden furniture made out of wood will eventually start to show signs of wear. For example, you might need to refinish the furniture in about 2 years if you leave it outdoors in the harsh sun and even in out in the rain. Shelving is also easily added to wooden furniture easier after installation. Sideboards, outdoor lighting, and all other wooden elements can’t be added to plastic furniture.

  • Plastic

It can be said plastic kids furniture doesn’t have the same drawbacks of wooden furniture. It doesn’t need to be repainted and you can leave it outside even when it’s raining. At the same time, this type of furniture is among the best when it comes to clumsiness and possible tea or water spills. You can wipe it clean easily. Bean bags can also be considered among plastic-made furniture options such as other outdoor furniture such as gazebos and sun loungers.

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, plastic furniture is also easy to clean. You can wipe it with disinfectant once the party is over so that your children’s garden furniture is always fresh and bacteria-free as other garden parasols and garden buildings for the little ones.


The design of the kids garden furniture is also important. This is where your creative spirit needs to come into place. If the furniture doesn’t look appealing to the little ones, there are high chances they’re not going to be interested in it. Furthermore, the design also needs to be practical so that multiple kids can use and play with the children’s garden furniture.

Number of kids

How many kids do you have? Are they expecting friends over frequently? You don’t want your children to be fighting over the furniture and this is why it’s wise to look at what makes their life easier. It might even be worth investing in a larger setup if your kids like to play with friends or neighbours.

Most garden furniture or patio sets are made for multiple kids. You can see our recommended products allow up to 4 kids to sit and play together.

UV resistance

The quality of the materials is going to dictate how long the furniture lasts. UV resistance is important in plastic furniture setups. You can consider just about any piece of plastic furniture to be used outdoors in direct sunlight if it comes with UV resistance.

Some of the best pieces of furniture for outdoor use are made with an extra warranty as well. You can rely on these furniture pieces for years. But you need to follow the indications of the manufacturer not to lose the warranty. For example, plastic-made kids furniture set can’t be left outside during the winter.


How easy is the cleaning process? After a long day playing out with pencils, food, and drinks around the garden furniture, you need to expect some cleaning. Ideally, the kids’ garden furniture would be durable enough so that you can wash it with a pressure washer.

You can also clean your kid’s furniture with a cloth and a bit of cleaning solution. Ideally, you want the furniture to be clean before every use. This is also a good time to check for any possible small damages such as small cracks that could potentially be a hazard for the little ones.


If space is a concern in your home, you should always prioritize garden furniture that can be stacked. You don’t want the furniture to simply lie around the yard or on the patio as it can be a tripping hazard. Instead, you might only want to find products that can be stacked and that can save space when not in use just as those from Home Furnishings or Soft Furnishings.

Final words

Fun is a word often associated with kids garden furniture. You can choose any of the recommended pieces of furniture above for your little ones to have fun with. They require no assembly or minimum assembly and they all have the benefit of being made with durable materials that are suitable for outdoor living.

Kids can use them on their own or with groups of friends. They can even rely on the furniture set as a learning space that isn’t confined to 4 walls. In the days where homeschooling is becoming a necessity, kids might be also looking to learn outside as a much-needed change from indoor learning and online lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most durable garden furniture?

The most durable garden furniture is made from wood or plastic. Both of these materials are known to last for years. They should last several years and your kids should outgrow it. Wood is known for its durable profile but it may be a bit heavier for kids to easily move around.  It may also require power tools for assembly. Plastic is cheaper and lighter and your kids might not need your help to carry it from one part of the garden to another.

What is the best quality garden furniture for kids?

The Garden Games Sandpit Picnic Table is the best quality garden furniture set for kids. It comes with quality hardwood construction and premium hinges that allow it to be moved easily. You can also consider this setup sturdy as it acts as one unit with the benches attached to the table.

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