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Best Lawn Scarifiers for a Perfect Garden

Best Overall
Bosch AVR 1100 Verti Cutter Lawn Raker

Best Small Lawn Scarifier

Best Raker for Storage
Bosch ALR Electric Lawn Raker

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The best lawn scarifier is a top acquisition after you get a lawnmower. You will use the lawn scarifier to get rid of clippings and it will make your lawn look just as good as those you see in magazines. Lawn scarifiers can be a bit difficult to understand if you’ve never created the perfect lawn before. But you see that your lawn is not debris-free and grass cuttings are ruining its looks, it’s just the machine you need to make it look as good as possible.

  • 1

    Bosch AVR 1100 Verti Cutter Lawn Raker

This practical lawn scarifier is made to quickly remove thatch. This can be anything on the lawn such as debris from certain plants, moss, and even some weeds. It acts quickly as you run over the lawn and it can be easy to use since it comes with oversized wheels.

With the help of airflow inlets, this scarifier is made to act deeply into the lawn and it uses 14 rotating steel BOR blades. You will see it in action just as good as you’d expect from a manufacturer such as Bosch. But it’s fast action isn’t going to be as restrictive for continuous scarifying since it comes with a large 50L collection box.

At 9,9kg, it’s not a heavy garden machine by any means. It can even be one of the leaders in its class when you think about its overall versatility as it folds for storage.


Low vibrations

Low emissions design

1,100W engine


Blades aren’t removable

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    BLACK & DECKER 600W 30cm Lawn Raker

If you’re after a small scarifier for your small lawn, this is just the machine to get. You don’t need to get an expensive tool to get going and you can simply choose this 600W performer which is easy to push due to its small motor.

It comes with a 30cm raking width which is comparable to the cutting width of your lawnmower. As a result, it should feel familiar if you haven’t used one before. There are 3 raking vertical for you to count on but the best news is you can go with the lowest height to get an old lawn to look brand new within weeks.

A grass collection box is added to the back of the scarifier. Since its made from textile materials, it doesn’t add to much weight to the lightweight profile of the machine. The entire setup is just 7kg heavy which also recommends it for gardeners with back pain.


Made with a compact design

Based on a powerful small 600W engine

Adjustable height


Only made for small lawns

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    Greenworks G40LM35K2X

If you want to make your garden better, you also need to use the correct lawnmower. Based on battery power, this Greenworks machine can be an excellent addition to your gardening tools to make your lawn resembles a green carpet.

Suitable for gardens of up to 500 square feet, this vertically-adjustable machine can easily be paired with the Black Decker Raker above. Together, they are responsible for both mowing and raking which makes them a top bundle for any small lawn.


It runs on 2 x 2Ah batteries

Height adjustments from 20 to 70mm

Made with a 40L grass catcher


Only made for small lawns

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    Webb ER33

Another good option to use together with your scarifier is the Webb ER33. This large-capacity lawn mower is made for medium-sized and large gardens. It represents one of the leaders for surfaces of around 1,000 square feet of lawn care.

A 35L collection bag is added to this machine. It’s the only drawback you should worry about as this collection bag is rather small for such large surfaces. But you can simply empty it as needed and you can save a few hundred pounds on it given its low acquisition cost.


1,300W motor

Adjustable height from 25 to 65mm

Easy to assemble


Short power cord

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    Bosch ALR Electric Lawn Raker

With a 32cm cutting diameter, this raker is made to make your job quicker. Just a few centimetres wider than other Bosch Rakers, it covers a wider surface at once. However, it does come with a 900W engine which isn’t the most potent we’ve seen from Bosch.

A large 50L clippings box makes this one of the most interesting solutions for overall practicality. It can even be among the most interesting solutions made for paced raking as it comes with a smaller engine than you’d expect given its size.


Height adjustable

It uses a drum system with 10 double steel tines

9.4kg weight


Not the best Bosch engine

  • 6

    Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

With a weight of just 6.8kg, this lawnmower is one that can be used for grass that looks better. It includes a grass comb and a cutting width of 32cm, the standard dimensions for some of the most popular lawn machines.

With a powerful 1,200W motor and a durable steel blade, it can be one of the top 3 options if you are lucky enough to own a large steel lawn. It even supports height-adjustable cuts. The lower vertical adjustment is 20mm. But you can also raise it to 60mm. There are 5 vertical settings you can count on to create a distinct lawn which elevates the design of your garden


Made with a powerful 1,200W engine

Steel blade cutting system

32cm width cut


Small wheels

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    Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

If you like Bosch products but you still need more engine power, we recommend the Rotak 34R. This lawnmower features 34cm cutting width and it works great for all types of lawns. It uses grass combs so that you can easily tackle the lawn around fences, trees, and other obstacles.

A single lever height cut bracket has been added to the tool. It allows you to set the preferred height depending on how tall the grass needs to be. As all Bosch tools, it starts with 20mm but it goes up to 70mm for the lawns which need to look a bit richer.


It weighs just 11kg

34cm cutting width

Made with a durable ABS shell


It doesn’t fold for storage

  • 8

    Murray EQ 400 18"/46 cm Petrol Push Lawnmower

Using a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine, the Murray lawnmower is an excellent addition to your garden if you like a tall lawn where a scarifier would have a difficult task picking up clippings from the tall grass.

It comes with 6 height adjustments and settings from 28mm to 92mm lawn growth. it doesn’t mow the lawn the closest to the ground but it does come with a maximum height of 92mm which makes it valuable for tall lawns usually seen in gardens of thousands of square feet.


Made with bagging and rear discharge

Steel deck construction

6 vertical adjustments for customized results


No scarifier function

  • 9

    Hyundai HYM3800E Electric Lawnmower with Roller

Made with a rear roller, this is the most powerful lawnmower on our list that you can consider alongside your scarifier. It features a 1,600W motor which gives it a durable profile and an excellent design to use on almost any lawn.

It comes with vertical adjustment from 20 to 70mm and it also includes a mulching feature. You can use the rear discharge to consider grass as a natural fertilizer. But then you can come with a scarifier to complete the job and ensure you get the lawn your garden deserves


Made with a 1,600W motor

Included mulching function

38cm working width


Only available as a corded motor

How to choose the best lawn scarifier

You can choose the best lawn scarifier when you know what you’re getting into by reading the following lawn scarifier buying guide. But there are so many types of scarifiers that it may seem too complicated for the average home users who simply want the lawn to look great and not to learn all about mechanics.

Handheld rakers

The first type of lawn scarifier you need to know about is the handheld raker. This is also called the manual raker or manual scarifier. It takes a lot of effort to use it but on a very limited budget, it’s still a solution to some users.

You need to apply a bit of pressure on the handheld raker for it to aerate the soil. But then, you can master the right technique and continue using it until you save to get an electric alternative.

Electric scarifiers

As their name suggests, electric scarifiers use electricity for power. They use an automatic process which doesn’t require any pressing or even muscle power as you just push them similarly to lawnmowers. They do most of the work with blades or teeth and they remove thatch easily. You can find these electric machines in all shapes and size.

The motor is one of the main parts which differentiates these electric performers. But you might also be interested in the vertical adjustments they come with as all seem to have different levels of customization with various depth settings for the perfect turf.

Petrol-powered scarifiers

The old-school petrol scarifier moss killer is still in production. They don’t need electricity as they only work on gas. You can rely on these if you don’t want to drag out long extension lead around your garden. These are also different according to engine dimensions. The larger the engine, the stronger the scarifier is.

Petrol motors categories have the advantage of durability. We’ve seen Briggs & Stratton motors above that run on gas and which are made to last for years. They tend to have the best longevity and since you only use a scarifier a few times per year, you can expect them to last for over a decade.

At the same time, it’s also important to see electric scarifiers at least as durable if properly taken care of. You should avoid any action or storage location which could damage your scarifier and simply choose to follow the user’s manual when it comes to maintenance recommendations as there have been a few cases were brand new scarifiers broke because of improper storage conditions.


The design of the scarifier is important especially when you’re limited in storage space. We’ve seen Z-bar designs that allow you to fold the handles and simply place the machines into storage. It can even take a while to find the place to store a scarifier and a lawnmower since you will need both to have a lawn that looks great.

But it’s also about the materials of the design. A metal deck and blade are crucial. You should avoid scarifier with plastic teeth as they don’t last as long. At the same time, you should only consider the scarifiers that come with proven vibration control.

The design of the scarifier is what dictates how it reacts to vibrations. But vibrations are inevitable even on the best tools. To remove thatch or dead moss, grass clippings, moss and other debris, the scarifier needs to come with some level of vibrations.

Collection box

The size of the jet collect system is also important. It can be one of the most important aspects when you consider the time it takes to rank your lawn. But you might not be able to use a different clippings box from the standard one. We recommend a clipping box of around 40L for the average lawn.


The depth of the scarifier is also important. The cutting depth of at least 3mm working depth into the soil with scarification made every 3-4 weeks is the standard when it comes to modern lawns. But for this, you need the lawn scarifier that can work for a few minutes and up to an hour.

You should always take time to ensure there’s no debris left as even scarifiers can leave traces or debris behind. A manual scarifier can be used after your electric scarifier if you don’t want to use your hands. But you might also simply try another go with the scarifier if your lawn is too big.

Final words

Only the best lawn scarifiers can be considered for easy scarifying. You might need to invest a bit more upfront to get a machine that lasts long and which is made with metal blades or metal thines. Some of the best lawn machines listed above are made to last and they come with a warranty coverage between 2 and 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Lawn Raker and Scarifier?

A lawn raker uses a vertical blade that rotates. A lawn scarifier uses metal tines that sit on springs. Both the lawn raker and the lawn scarifier can be used to create an excellent lawn.

What is the best lawn scarifier?

We recommend the Bosch AVR 1100 Verti Cutter Lawn Raker as do thousands of happy customers. This lawn scarifier is easily used on different surfaces but particularly on those under 1,000 square feet given its reduced size. Bosch is also a top choice for easy access to replacement parts

How deep should I scarify my lawn?

You should normally scarify your lawn between 3 and 5mm blade height. But the frequency of the scarification is also important. Most recommend doing it at least every 4 weeks. But as some users note, you can only use your lawn scarifier a few times per year. Ideally, you shouldn’t overuse it either. You should only consider scarifying your lawn when you see too much debris and you should also know that you can potentially damage your lawn if you use the scarifier too much, especially in the same place.

Are manual scarifiers any good?

Manual scarifiers are also good, but a bit slower. They require considerable muscle power to scarify the lawn. You can purchase cheap manual scarifiers almost in any hardware store. However, you are less likely to properly cover your lawn with it. You need to follow straight lines which is a bit more difficult when holding the tool while pressing on it instead of simply pushing an electric scarifier.

But you can also consider using both where the manual scarifier can reach tight corners and areas where your electric scarifier can’t reach. Ideally, you’d own both of these together with a good lawnmower. The way you use your lawnmower is also important. If you collect clippings, you won’t need to use the manual or the electric scarifier as much as thatch tends to form easier when your grass clippings simply sit on the lawn.