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Best Bird Houses for Attracting Birds

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Best modern birdhouse

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Best compact birdhouse

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Kingfisher 4 Wooden Nesting Nest Boxes

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Some of the best birdhouses are those that are seen as a good nest. If you want to decorate your garden uniquely, birdhouses offer one of the simplest methods to achieve this goal. Most birds lookout for remote locations where they can nest and feel safe. A birdhouse is a secluded space that you normally install high up on trees so birds naturally feel attracted to their remoteness.

This guide looks into some of the best birdhouses you can buy already assembled. While you can always start your DIY birdhouse project, there aren’t many people who have the time to buy the materials and put them together. This is why we simply recommend choosing one of the following options for your garden.

  • 1

    Kingfisher 4 Wooden Nesting Nest Boxes

Kingfisher offers a set of 3 wooden birdhouse that is small and that attract small birds. Some of the birds this setup is made for includes robins and blue tits. These houses are rather compact with a height of just 14cm. This means they’re also easy to install.

We recommend installing one or multiple of these birdhouses up on a tree. Alternatively, you can install them on a garden shed, on the house, or even on the fence or on the hedgehog. But for the birds to be safe and as far as possible form nosy cats we recommend getting a ladder and installing them up on a tree.


Sold in sets of 4

Ideal for small birds

Hinged roof design for easy cleaning


Not fully painted

  • 2

    Kingfisher 2 Wooden Nesting Boxes

The set of 2 wooden nesting boxes are perfect as birdhouses. They feature a hinged roof so that you can easily clean them as well. They are a bit smaller than our first recommendation. At a height of just 12cm, these lightweight nesting boxes are easy to install.

Made for small garden birds, these nesting homes can be used together or separately through the garden. We’ve seen dual setups where 2 birdhouses have been installed together that work great. At the same time, we love to see these bird nest houses among the setups that are also part of small decorative ideas as you can easily paint these yourself or offer them as a garden gift to a friend.


Sold in sets of 2

Compact at 12cm height

Hinged roof access


Not the best finish

  • 3

    Peckish Blue Tit Nest Box for Wild Birds

This small birdhouse can be hanged off a fence using galvanized wires. You can also easily hang it off a tree. But we recommend it the most due to its attractive design. Made for small birds such as blue tits, this little nest home comes with side access as the right wall is hinged for quick access.

Shipped pre-assembled (often with free delivery), the bird nest box requires minimum input during the setup. But we also like it’s entirely made out of wood which allows this little bird’s home to maintain a natural aspect that seems increasingly rare to find in the world of plastic.


Made with a modern design

Built with hardwood materials

Designed with rain drainage holes


Not available in different colours

  • 4

    Nature`s Market Bird Hotel

With a unique design, this small birdhouse is one of the largest on our list. It has a height of just over 16cm which is as the limit of what small birds could truly feel comfortable in. The birdhouse comes with durable cottage bird house construction which allows you to keep it in locations where raindrops reach easily, such as upon a tree.

Since it looks like the house of a hobbit, the bird’s house can also be an excellent conversation opener. It even comes with small welcome signs so that it looks interesting when someone photographs it. Shipped pre-assembled, this little nest house comes ready to install with all the accessories you need to put it up on a tree.


Unique quirky design

Made from real wood

Suitable for all small birds


Too large on small trees

  • 5

    Petlicity Traditional Wooden Bird Table Garden

Have you ever considered getting a bird table garden decoration? Unlike birdhouses, these tables are made without walls and they sit right on the ground. They can be a better choice if you have kids and you can use them as learning opportunities or simply to have fun with children who can see the little birds better.

The wooden bird table is made out of solid wood. But if you want birds to come flying in quickly you need to add some grains to the bird feeder. You also need to install it in an area where cats and dogs don’t reach easily, especially since it’s not comparable to the bird nest box that is hanged upon a tree.


Ships with all fittings

Made from hardwood materials

All pieces are pre-cut


It requires assembly

  • 6

    Kingfisher Bronze Copper Effect Solar Powered Bird Hotel

Kingfisher is one of the brands that show constant creativity when it comes to their birdhouses. This is also the case with the Bronze-Effect Bird Hotel with its multi-level design. Perfect for birds passing by, this setup usually requires you to have it ready with bird food so that the little peckers come around often. Made with UV polyurethane, the Bird Hotel elevates the look of your garden while also providing a resting place for little birds.


Designed from lightweight polyurethane

Made with a unique bronze finish

It includes solar lights


Tall at 50cm

  • 7

    Kingfisher White Wooden Nesting Box

The freestanding nesting box can be placed nearly anywhere in the garden. You can put it on the ground, on the roof of your garden shed, or you can hang it up a tree. It features natural wooden materials with a grey roof which has been painted for extra durability. With a small access hole, little birds can call this small construction their home at least a few months every year.


Installs on trees and walls

Freestanding design

Made with a painted roof


The walls aren’t painted

  • 8

    Fallen Fruits Bird House

Benefiting from a unique design, this little birdhouse resembles a bee house. However, it provides a friendly place that little birds can make a nest and lay eggs in. Perfect for garden decor setups that abound in natural wood setups such as wooden fences and wooden garden furniture, this birdhouse adds a touch of class to your outdoor living space. It’s still unmatched for those who mainly value the creative side of the construction.


It resembles a bird’s nest

Made with a protective roof

Suitable for nesting


Not completely windproof

How to choose the best birdhouse

It’s very difficult to buy your first birdhouse knowing what to look for. Bird lovers might have seen them on TV or you might have seen them out in nature. But do they have a secret and why do birds love them so much? All of these questions are answered in the following section that also serves as a buying guide.

The birdhouse is uncomplicated little structures. It’s how and where you use them that can complicate things. One of our main concerns is simply finding a space that is suitable for these wooden structures to be installed

Why choose the best birdhouses in the first place?

Birdhouse offers the much-needed protection little birds need from large animals and other possible dangers such as extreme weather. All of them have small access holes which limit the amount of wind or rain that can entire these little bird nest box.

Small birds tend to shy away from people and this is why they try to roost in areas that are very hard to impossible to reach to humans. But did you know you can play your role in this process by setting up your birdhouse? Installed in gardens up on trees, birdhouses are some of the best choices when it comes to protecting and attracting small bird species.


The materials most birdhouse are made from include brushwood and plywood. We don’t recommend choosing plastic birdhouses as they are very loud under heavy rainfall and they aren’t as durable either.

Wooden birdhouses are very durable and you’re unlikely to have to replace them. If you clean them at least occasionally, birds are going to back to these little home frequently. You might even find wooden birdhouses integrate with your garden the best. If you’re truly interested in how your garden looks, you might as well consider painting these little houses yourself.


How does a box bird house look? Does it attract attention and can birds find it? You don’t need to overcomplicated how birdhouses are constructed as some even resemble beach huts. They simply need a small entrance hole to be used as an access point or simply with an open frong design. They might even come with a hinged roof or side panel so that you can clean them when needed as bids tend to carry all types of little branches and leaves inside when roosting.


You should install a birdhouse in minutes. Assembly isn’t required with the options listed above as they are ready to be used out of the box. You might have to check for possible signs of damage due to shipping issues but this is about what you do before putting the bird nest box up.

The best place for the birdhouse is up on trees. Alternatively, you can consider locations which are easier for you to reach such as the side of the house which is also a place cats are unlikely to reach either. But you can also consider any high point around your yard for these little wooden bird shelters. You will need a ladder, hooks, or even screws to find a good position to hang these up.


All of the birdhouses listed above already come with all of the accessories you need to install them. You should, however, prepare your location if you want a more unusual hanging place. For example, some people prefer to hang the birdhouse on their house up on the second floor. You can hang them right out of a window outside of your bedroom so that you can see and hear the birds early in the morning.


You shouldn’t pay too much for good birdhouse. Most only cost a few pounds and you can have them shipped from Amazon to your address. With a low acquisition cost, they can be among the products you pay a small price for but which offer a wide range of benefits including a garden that is lively and where birds like to get together.

Water features

Some of the birdhouses seen above have a hybrid design. They combine water features of bird baths with feeding station features so they create a unique handmade garden ornament object for your garden. As seen above, some of these even include lights which make them a must-have for those seeking a unique-looking garden even in the evening.

When combined with water features, decorative birdhouses with lights can be solar-powered. We prefer these options over those that require batteries as you want to avoid running around with too many batteries so that you can enjoy a unique birdhouse with no maintenance.


Shipping is usually paid for separately. You might consider next day shipping if you order your bird nesting box online. At the same time, you can find garden birdhouses tend to offer the most benefits when you find a good deal. This is why our first recommendation is a combination of 4 birdhouses that you can install through the garden.

Birdhouse clusters

If you want a new approach to a birdhouse, you can also try installing a few of them through your garden. This is also a method of ensuring nester feathered friends are going to like at least of the birdhouses. There are cases when birds fail to come to one of these small structures as they don’t find it appealing for some reason. But this risk is minimized when installing multiple small birdhouses yourself.

When installing multiple birdhouses, you can also get creative. One of them can be on your house while others far back in the yard. You can even install multiple birdhouses on the same tree which turns it into a little bird’s paradise. We recommend installing them even together if you’re trying to get multiple small birds in the same spot so that kids can admire them together with you a bit easier.

Final words

One of the best methods to ensure your garden birdhouse is among the ones that are considered a true home by the little creatures is to find a good safe spot for them. Regardless of the birdhouse you choose, there should still be plenty of reliability when it comes to the location itself. As seen above, there are all types of dangers which little birds are trying to run from constantly.

But the best birdhouses also have a positive impact on the environment. It represents one of the best options for those seeking to make a small change in the changing and threatened way of life birds live. With ever-increasing urban developments, birds often find it difficult not to migrate to greener and calmer pastures. But you can ensure birds thrive and live a happy and healthy life right in the city in your garden where you have full control of their potential predators.

You can even feed these birds as seen with some of the small houses listed above that are popular with those who buy bird seed for the little birds to add to the bird feeder. The design aspect might seem a small benefit by comparison when you think you help with birdcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in birdhouses?

Sawdust and woodchips are the most popular options to fill in the bottom of the wooden birdhouse. These help birds nest. Bird lovers can expect to see all types of birds attracted by sawdust. This includes woodpeckers and even owls. But small birds such as blue tits might also be interested in having a comfortable sawdust bed to sleep on.

What colour attracts birds to birdhouses?

You might want your birdhouse to stand out with unique vivid colours. But this is not what makes birds stay. They might be intrigued by them but they usually prefer to blend it as a defence method. Small birds tend to prefer locations that blend in with the environment which also makes them hard to detect for potential predators.

What is the best location for a birdhouse?

We recommend putting the birdhouse as high up as possible. This keeps all potential predators at a distance and it’s also what’s going to make the birds more comfortable as they settle in. We also recommend locations that are far away from high noise sources. If you live next to a railway, it might not be such a good idea to try and install a birdhouse next to a fast and noisy train that is heard there frequently.

Do birds sleep in birdhouses?

Birds sleep and spend their time in birdhouses such as those made by Devocote, Home Furnishings, Teapot Nester, and FSC. Protected from changing weather and different predators, birds seek out the best location to stay away from all potential dangers. If you try to get too close, you will scare the birds off.